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I sat beside Funk and we talked among other things about the valuables, which I had seen in his vaults. On this occasion it was clearly stated that a part of the valuables which we had seen came from concentration camps.

Nurnberg, July 15, 1946

Read, approved, signed under oath.

Signed: Oswald Pohl


Dr. Robert M. W. Kempner
Office of U. S. Chief of Counsel
Walter H. Rapp

Office of U. S. Chief of Counsel
Edith Kirchholtes

Office of U. S. Chief of Counsel


The Chief of Security Police and SD
VCB No. 831/44 gRS

Berlin SW 11, December 30, 1944
Prinz-Albrecht-Strasse 8
Telephone 12 00 40

Express Letter-Secret Reich Matter

To: Reichsfuehrer SS

Field Command Office [Feld-Kommandostelle]

For the FS Command Staff Gmund No. 460 and

FS intermediate report of December 4, 1944


The discussions about the matter in question with the Chief of Prisoner of War matters and the Foreign Office have taken place as ordered and have led to the following proposals:

1. In the course of a transfer of 5 persons in 3 cars with army identifications, the escape incident occurs when the last car has a flat tire, or

2. carbon dioxide is released by the driver into the closed back of the car. The apparatus can be installed with the simplest means and can be removed again immediately. After considerable difficulties a suitable vehicle has now become available.

3. other possibilities such as poisoning of food or drink have been considered but have been discarded again as too unsafe. Provisions for the completion of the subsequent work in accord


ance with plans, such as report, abduction, documentation, and burial, have been made.

Convoy leader and drivers are to be supplied by the RSHA and will appear in army uniform and with pay books delivered to them.

Concerning the notice for the press, contact has been established with Geheimrat Wagner of the Foreign Office. Wagner reports that the Reich Foreign Minister expects to speak with the Reichsfuehrer about this matter.

In the opinion of the Reich Foreign Minister, this action must be coordinated in every respect.

In the meantime, it has been learned that the name of the man in question has been mentioned in the course of various long distance calls between Fuehrer Headquarters and the Chief of PW Matters; therefore the Chief of PW Matters now proposes the use of another man with the same qualifications. I agree with this and propose that the choice be left to the Chief of Prisoners of War Matters.

Please, instruct me.

Heil Hitler!
Obediently yours,

[Signed]: Dr. Kaltenbrunner



A. Methods.

For a

In Camp Koenigstein there are 75 French Generals. long time, it has been the intention officially noted in the files, to transfer these French Generals, as Koenigstein is required for other purposes. This plan has up to now not been carried out. The transfer will now commence in the following manner, that in the first draft 5-6 French Generals, each in a special automobile, will be brought to another destination. In each case, there will be a driver and a German attendant in the automobile. Each car will bear Wehrmacht markings. The two Germans will wear Wehrmacht uniforms. They will be specially selected people. During the drive, General Deboisse's car will have a breakdown in order to separate him from the others. This will provide the opportunity to have the General shot in the back "while attempting to escape." The time proposed is twilight. It will be made certain that no rural inhabitants are in the vicinity. To ensure against later investigation, it is planned to burn the body

and to send the urn to the cemetery of the fortress Koenigstein. A decision has yet to be reached whether or not the burial of this urn should be carried out with military honors. It must be made certain that medical report, death certificate and certificates of cremation are made out in the regular manner. Sketch of the spot where the incident occurred and detailed report will be prepared. There are no great objections to the fact that no cremation will take place. This question will be once more looked into by the SD.

B. Notice to the Press.

In any case, it will be conspicuous that the fact of an attempted escape of a French officer appears in the press at all. On the other hand, this serves to make certain that this measure, which is intended as a reprisal, shall be made public. The text of the notice to the press will first be laid down when the methods have been decided upon. Besides this, the characteristics of the French General will once more be examined. In addition, the communique will follow closely the Reuter dispatch.

C. Protecting Power Investigation.

It will be assured through the selection of the persons concerned and the preparation of all documentary evidence that in the event the Protecting Power is desirous of an investigation, the necessary documents are available for dismissal of a complaint.

[blocks in formation]

1. SS Oberfuehrer Panzinger reports that various changes have been made in the preparation for the matter discussed but that he has, nevertheless, spoken with Col. Meurer once more in order to clarify the modalities. He has promised us a plan for the execution of our proposed action.

Berlin, November 28, 1944

Submitted to Gruppenleiter In. II
(Initialed, November 28)

2. Submitted to Ambassador Ritter for information-Decem

ber 1, 1944

3. [Illegible]



Legation Councillor Dr. Krieger-R IV

Hildebrandstr. 5

With regard to the

telephone conversation

Strictly confidential!

A French prisoner of war General is going to die an unnatural death by being shot in flight or by poisoning. Subsequent matters, such as reports, post mortem examination, documentation, and burial have been taken care of as planned.

The Reich Foreign Minister's instruction states that "the matter is to be discussed with Ambassador Albrecht in order to determine exactly what legal rights the protective power could claim in this matter in order to make our plans accordingly."

I should be grateful therefore, if in confirmation of Ambassador Albrecht's promise, you draw up this information for me so that I can submit it to the Reich Foreign Minister.

In my opinion among other things, the legal rights of General Bridoux's Commission, those of the International Red Cross and other authorities would have to be considered; for example, exhumation, post mortem examination by a court physician, etc., also a notice to the Army Information Office, a report to Bridoux, questionnaires for the International Red Cross Committee in connection with the forwarding of possible effects, and the like. Berlin, January 12, 1945.

Group Inland II


Highly confidential!

Reference: French General (Through Obersturmbannfuehrer Oberregierungsrat Dr. Schulze 855456.)

SS-Oberfuehrer Panzinger stated for our information that the preparations in respect of the French Generals had reached the stage where a report concerning the proposed procedure would be submitted to the Reich Fuehrer-SS during the next few days.

The French General will be transferred together with four other younger Generals, from the Fortress Koenigstein to a new PW camp. The transfer will be carried out in three automobiles

whereby two of the younger ranking Generals will enter the first two cars, while the older ranking General in question will drive alone in the last car in order to give him the special attention due to his rank. The cars will be driven by SS-personnel in Wehrmacht uniform. The automobiles will bear Wehrmacht license plates.

The order will be carried out during the drive, in other words either

1. by shooting during escape-On the way, the automobile will stop at a suitable spot while the other two cars will continue the journey. The General will be killed "by well aimed bullets from behind." Examination of the body, even a possible later autopsy, will confirm the fact that the General was fatally hit while attempting to escape.

2. through poisoning by carbon monoxide gas. A specially built car is required for this purpose which has already been constructed. The General will sit alone in the back seat. The doors will be locked in order to prevent him from jumping out during the drive. The windows, on account of the cold winter weather, will be closed. The window between the back and the front seat, where the driver and the attendant will sit, will be closed. Possible air holes will be specially sealed. Odorless carbon-monoxide gas will be introduced during the drive, into the closed room through a special apparatus which will be handled from the front seat. A couple of breaths will suffice to ensure that he is killed. As the gas is odorless, the General should not become suspicious at the particular moment and break the window in order to let in fresh air. Cause of death is recognizable beyond question by the color of the skin as a typical characteristic. It will be established that through leakages from the exhaust pipe, gases from the engine entered the back compartment which lead unnoticed to his death.

A carbon copy of the report shall be placed at the disposal of the Reich Fuehrer-SS after transmissal to the Foreign Office. (1) Herewith

[blocks in formation]
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