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Previous Ref:-R.S. 205, 294 and 295.

Subject: Sinking of S/S "Deptford," "Thomas Walton," and "Garoufalia".

It is proposed in replying to Norwegian notes, to admit only the sinking by a German U-boat of the S/S "Deptford", but to deny the sinking of the two other steamers. According to the data attached to the notes presented by the Norwegian Government, the grounds for suspecting a torpedo to have been the cause of the sinkings do in fact appear to be equally strong in all three cases. According to the Norwegian Foreign Minister's speech of the 19th January, the suspicion in Norway of torpedoing by a German U-boat appears, however, to be strongest in the case of the S/S "Deptford", whereas in the other two cases it is at least pretended that the possibility of striking mines has to be taken into account; this is considered improbable in the case of the S/S "Deptford" anyhow because other vessels had passed the same spot.

The assumption that the S/S "Thomas Walton" struck a mine may be supported, since the torpedoing occurred towards evening and nothing was observed and since furthermore several explosions took place in the same area owing to misses by torpedoes. In the case of the S/S "Garoufalia" a denial appears expedient, if only because a neutral steamer is concerned, which was attacked without warning. Since it was attacked by means of an electric torpedo (Eto), no torpedo wake could be observed.

II. To the Foreign Office.

Berlin W. 8.

Previous Reference R.S. 205, 294 and 295

Subject: Sinking of the Steamships "Deptford", "Thomas Walton" and "Garoufalia".

It is suggested that the Norwegian notes regarding the sinking


of the Steamships "Deptford", "Thomas Walton" and "Garoufalia" be answered somewhat in the following manner:

As a result of the communication from the Norwegian Government, the matter of the sinking of the steamships "Deptford", "Thomas Walton" and "Garoufalia" has been thoroughly investigated. The following facts have thus been ascertained:

The steamer "Deptford" was sunk by a German U-boat on the 13th December, as it was recognized as an armed enemy ship. According to the report of the U-boat Commander, the sinking did not take place within territorial waters, but immediately outside. The German Naval Forces have strict instructions not to undertake any military operations within neutral territorial waters. Should the U-boat Commander have miscalculated his position, as appears to be borne out by the findings of the Norwegian Authorities, and should Norwegian territorial waters have been violated in consequence, the German Government regrets this most sincerely.

As a result of this incident, the German Naval Forces have once again been. instructed unconditionally to respect neutral territorial waters. If a violation of Norwegian territorial waters has indeed occurred, there will be no repetition of it. As far as the sinking of the steamships "Thomas Walton" and "Garoufalia" is concerned, this cannot be traced to operations by German Uboats, as none of them were in the naval area indicated at the time of the sinkings.

III. Copy of II to OKW Foreign Dept.
IV. Carry forward I ia

1st Naval Operational Staff Ia Iu Ic


I i. I ia.

Naval Operation Staff

1st Naval Operational Staff I i 2569/39 secret.

1. To the Foreign Office.


O.K.W. Foreign Dept. (for information)

Previous reference R.S. 1105 of 26.12.1939.

Subject: Sinking of the Greek steamship "Garoufalia."

It is suggested that a reply be sent to the Greek note to the effect that nothing is known to the German authorities about the sinking of the steamship "Garoufalia" by a German U-Boat.

If, either through communications made to the Norwegian Government as a result of the letter 1st Naval Operational Staff 23808/39 secret of 21.12.39 or through the testimony of witness, the presence of a German U-Boat in the area in which the "Garoufalia" was sunk has already become known, it is suggested to answer the Greek note to the effect that a blacked-out ship bearing no illuminated neutrality markings was sighted by the U-Boat in the area concerned and was therefore not regarded as a neutral ship. It may therefore be possible that the steamship was mistaken for an enemy auxiliary warship.

II. Copy of I to Military Attache 3rd Naval Operational Staff. III. Copy of II to 1st Naval Operational Staff.

Io, Iu.

Iu Ic Ii
for I ia.



No. 4, p.3. January 1939

[Article "Jewish Cry of Revenge" by Ernst Hiemer.]

The Jewish problem is not yet solved, nor will it be solved when one day the last Jew will have left Germany. Only then, when world Jewry has been annihilated, will it have been solved.



No. 17, p.6. April 1939.

[Leading Article "Twelve Suggestions" by Karl Holz.]

This is the effect of the 12 suggestions which the wisest of the Jews gave to the members of their race 50 years ago. And when once again 50 years will have passed, then the Jews will not come together and announce that they are now 'the sovereigns of the world.' Then, perhaps, their graves will proclaim that this people of murderers and criminals has after all met its deserved fate.



No. 18, p.3. May 1939.

[Leading article "The Case of Budenko."]

The Sturmer takes and always did take the same stand towards Bolshevism. But the Sturmer is not of the opinion that one should turn away from Bolshevism. The world must occupy itself with Bolshevism. These Jewish gangsters and general criminals must again and again be pointed out to the world in all their dangerousness and vileness. A punitive expedition must come against the Jews in Russia. A punitive expedition which will provide the same fate for them that every murderer and criminal must expect. Death sentence and execution. The Jews in Russia must be killed. They must be exterminated root and branch. Then the world will see that the end of the Jews is also the end of Bolshevism.



No. 18, p.9. May 1939

[Article "The Old Complaint" by Dr. H. E. (Hans Eisenbeiss)]

The Jewish problem will only then be solved completely when the Jews have completely disappeared from amongst all nations.



No. 21, p.4. May 1939.

[Leading Article "Jews Emigrate" by Ernst Hiemer.]

Everywhere self-sacrificing men will rise against Jewry. Thousands will educate the masses. One day all peoples will rise up against the world's enemy. Then the Jew can get no more steamer tickets nor immigrate into another country. Then the Day of Judgment will have arrived. Then will the criminal

Jewish race be forever eradicated.

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No. 21, p.9. May 1939.

[Article "The case of Taussig."]

The "Taussig Case" shows us once again with fearful clarity that the Jew is the deadly enemy of non-Jewish mankind. The world will only then be saved when Jewry is completely eradicated.



No. 38, p.9. September 1939.

[Letter of Karl Friedrich to the Sturmer.]

The Jewish people ought to be exterminated root and branch. Then the plague of pests would have disappeared in Poland also at one stroke.



No. 49, p.8. December 1939.

[Article "Prostitution in Lodz."]

The immorality in the city is hardly describable. It will only end when Jewry is wiped out root and branch.



No. 51, p.4 December 1939.

[Article "Secrets of Parisian Love Life."]

The day will come some time when the French will awake. Then they will slay the Jews in masses.

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January 1940, Issue No. 1

The time is near when a machine will go into motion

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