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Gau Baden, Kreis Leadership Villingen, The Kreisleiter

To the NSDAP Gauleitung Baden

The leader of the Gau Staff Office


Re: Employment of Foreigners. Circular letter No. 79/44 secret

An exact statement on the cases of pregnancy that have already occurred is no longer possible, as these cases have not been registered at any office. As far as I could find out up to now, there have been about 21 pregnancies, of these 4 abortions are said to have been carried out, during which 2 of the women died. Of the remaining 17 births, 5 were stillborn. Welfare by the NSV has not taken place anywhere.

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Subject: Employment of foreign labor.

I send below the report due on the 1st May 1944 of the pregnancies of foreign female workers which have occurred up to now in the district area.

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For your enthusiastic letter of September 22, I thank you heartily. I was quite particularly pleased about it. This wonderful campaign in Poland was a grand opening for this hard and

decisive struggle and has brought about for us an unusually favorable point of departure politically as well as militarily. The most difficult part for the people as well as the Army is naturally still ahead. But the Fuehrer and his associates are full of the greatest confidence; for the sanctimonious British will not succeed in throttling our economy, and militarily we are without worry. Decisive is the will of the people to stick it out, and this the many strong-willed and devoted men who are today at the head of the districts and in other responsible posts will take care of. This time we will show that we have the better nerves and the greater unity. That you, Police President, will contribute your weighty share to keeping the Czechs at it and to not letting them perk up, of this I am convinced.

I was very pleased about the high recognition granted the troops of the Ostmark (Austria) for their courageous behavior. The youngest of the fourteen officers who were awarded the Ritterkreuz personally today by the Fuehrer was also an Austrian, a Lieutenant Scholz.

Thanking you once more heartily for your words of appreciation which exceed by far my modest contribution in the shadow of the powerful personality of our Fuehrer.


I am with Heil Hitler

Enveloped addressed to:

Police President

Dr. Karl Schwabe

Bruenn (Moravia)

Police Presidency.

your always devoted,


Extract from Admiral Assmann's Headline Diary

12-14 May 1943.

[Sheet 318]

Report to the Fuehrer in person. The Fuehrer does not share the Duce's opinion that Sicily is the enemy's next objective. (Anglo-Saxon order which has been found indicating Sardinia and the Peloponnesus).

C. in C. Navy does not believe that the Italian supreme commanders (Duce, Supreme Command, Naval Command) have fully understood the Idea "stress on supplies" including increasing the capacity of the ports for unloading. He underlines the

fact that the Italian Naval Command's demand for air attacks on the African supply ports is right, but that the stress lay oǹ protecting supply, using small vessels as well and even the tiniest harbors. He says that the Sea Transport Chief, Italy (Engelhardt) had already done good preparatory work in this direction. There follows a report by the Sea Transport Chief Italy, about transport requirements-200,000 tons per month for Sicily, 80,000 tons per month for Sardinia-and how they are to be covered, particularly by small vessels. C. in C. Navy stresses, and the Fuehrer agrees, that the Sea Transport Chief must be independent in the employment of shipping space and that intervention by the home staff Overseas, OKW, is harmful. The Fuehrer asks whether C. in C. Navy has the impression that the Duce is determined to hold out. The C. in C. Navy replies that he "assumes this to be certain but naturally does not know." The Italian's main weakness, he says is lack of initiative. UK C. in C. Navy points out that "owing to the Mediterranean now being free the Anglo-Saxons are gaining 2 million gross registered tons of shipping space." The Fuehrer interrupts: "which the brave U-boats must sink again now." C. in C. Navy: And we are at present in the biggest crisis of the U-boat war because the enemy has for the first time made fighting impossible by new means of determining position and is inflicting heavy losses on us (15-17 U-boats per month). Fuehrer: "The losses are too high, we can't go on like that!"

C. in C. Navy goes on to say that the Bay of Biscay is also our only narrow exit, to get through which is extremely difficult and already takes 10 days. C. in C. Navy sees the best strategic solution in the occupation of Spain and Gibraltar. To this the Fuehrer says that this was still possible in 1940, carrying Spain along with us, but that our forces are not sufficient for this purpose now and against Spain's will: the question of supplies is therefore to be embarked upon as proposed by the Sea Transport Chief.


Report of the 23rd September 1944.

Kreis leadership making the report: TANN of the NSDAP or office

Subject: Foreigners

Polish youth in the Kali mining area, which has always shown an endeavor to stick particularly closely together, is being watched with especial care.

The Ortsgruppenleiter Wittelsheim reports that he noticed 13 young Poles who had left Buggingen without permission and who were in possession of medical certificates. He had 11 of these Poles arrested and taken to the Gestapo at Muelhausen for reexamination.


[rubber stamp]

The Kreisleiter of the Kreis Tann


[(4a) (1)]

Communal leader of the NSDAP


Erfurt, the 4th April 1938.

Security Service of the Reichsfuehrer SS.
Branch Office Erfurt.

Top Secret.

Special Order


Strictly Confidential

To all Heads of Sections (Referent) and Stuetzpunkleiter.

Stuetzpunkleiters are to report not later than 1800 hours on the 7th April 1938 all persons in their district about whom it is safe to assume (with 100% probability) that they will vote "No" at the impending plebiscite. (Don't forget the International Jehova's witnesses!).

Heads of Sections are to support the Stuetzpunkleiters locally as much as possible in this matter.

This matter is also to be carried out in closest collaboration with the Ortsgruppenleiters of the Party. The Ortsgruppenleiters will be instructed by the Aussenstellenleiter [Head of the Branch Office] personally after 1800 hours on the 5. 4. 1938.

The list of persons must contain the following details: Name, christian name, exact address, and a short explanation why the person concerned is expected to vote "No" and which members of these person's families who are entitled to a vote, share the same views.

The tremendous responsibility which the Stuetzpunkleiters have -in particular with regard to this report-is stressed once more: the Stuetzpunkleiters must clearly understand the potential consequences for the persons contained in their report. It must be particularly strongly considered whether the persons who impart such information to the Stuetzpunkleiters and from whom the

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