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ers of war is not regulated centrally by OKW, GBW and RAM, the District Labor Office will advise about the urgency of the request. The utilization itself will take place in close cooperation between the District Labor Office and the permanent camps.

4) The Reich Ministry for Economic Affairs will make suggestions about the regulations for labor conditions, etc.

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To the High Command of the Armed Forces
Attention: a) Col. Warlimont (Department L)
or Deputy in the Office.

b) Major General Thomas (War Economy Staff)
or Deputy in the Office.

I am forwarding herewith the foregoing copy for your information, with a request to keep my office informed of all negotiations.

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I enclose a copy of my letter of today to Reich Minister of Economics Funk.

Reich Minister

Berlin Charlottenburg 9

Baden-Allee 9

To the Reich Minister for Economics


17 October 1940

In order to avoid a working side-by-side, that is a working against each other of the German banks in the occupied western territories, you had assigned the German Bank the task of clearing the way for a closer economic cooperation with Holland, and you had entrusted the Dresden Bank with the same task for Belgium. This was founded on the provision, that it would be possible to obtain a voluntary close cooperative working relationship on the part of the economic systems of the occupied territories. This provision has not been fulfilled. There rather exists a basic reluctance in Holland as well as in Belgium to voluntarily enter into general obligations of the planned kind. This basic reluctance was increased by the Societe Generale which is dominating Belgium, because they apparently did not want to commit themselves in regards to a definite, sole German partner. At least this was reported by the German Bank as well as by the Dresden Bank. In order to now remove this difficulty, you, Herr Reich Minister, have declared yourself in agreement that the undersigned has followed the requests of the two banking houses for an objective expression of opinion in this question at hand.

I have subsequently talked over the situation with the two banks, and found it proven in the course of the conversation, that at present no tendency exists with the Dutch or Belgian financial institutions to enter into general obligations toward the German business friends, although they are well prepared to negotiate single transactions. Because of this reason it appeared the most simple to me to stop pursuing the question of general obligations any further, which would cause the argument between the two banks to come to an end, instead however to oblige the two banks to report all eventual, single larger scale transactions which are intended to deal with Dutch or Belgian institutions beforehand and in time to the Reich Minister, so that the latter will be able to mediate in case of disagreement.

After you declared yourself in agreement with this solution I have informed the both banks correspondingly, and I hereby confirm to you the agreement of the two banks with this procedure. Heil Hitler!

Dr. Hjalmar Schacht


No. 51. 17 December 1942.

An Eye for an Eye, A Tooth for a Tooth.

The London newspaper, The Times, of 16th September 1942 published a resolution which had been unanimously passed by the Board of Deputies of British Jews. This resolution expresses the grief and horror of the "Anglo-Jewish community" at the "unspeakable atrocities" committed by Germany and her allies and vassals against the Jews of Europe, atrocities which had only one aim to exterminate the whole Jewish population of Europe in cold blood.

Strange how the Jews of the "Anglo-Jewish community" suddenly begin to hear clearly! When the second World War began, the Fuehrer of the German nation warned the Jewish war-mongers against plunging the world into a blood bath again. And since then the German Fuehrer has warned and prophesied again and again that the second World War, instigated by World Jewry, must necessarily lead to the destruction of Jewry. In his last speech, too, the Fuehrer again referred to his prophecies.

And yet an "Anglo-Jewish community" now dares to express publicly its "grief and horror"!!-the same community which is responsible for the mass murders of past centuries and of our present times, and which frequently proclaimed that a coming world enemy must bring about the extermination of the German people.

The Book says "An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth."
And so said the Fuehrer, too.

[Initialled] "Str." [Streicher]


Leading Article in "DER STURMER."

No. 42. 15 October, 1942

Only the removal of all Jews from the non-Jewish nations, and their extermination can save humanity from destruction by the Jewish devils.




No. 36. 2 September 1943

The present war answers-in a way that no other event doesthe question as to the eternal bringer of all misfortune. From the very beginning the Jew has been the curse of humanity and he will remain its curse as long as he lives. Only the elimination of the Jewish war criminal will bring to the world the peace people yearn for.

[Signed] Ernst Hiemer



No. 43. 22 October 1942.


It will happen as the German Fuehrer prophesied: the Jews will be eliminated.



No. 46. 11 November 1943.

But Germany will win, because it has got to win. Germany has got to win, so that humanity should live and Juda die!

[Signed] "Str." [Streicher]


Leading Article in "DER STURMER"

No. 46. 12 November 1942

If the world wants to return to a peace of mankind in which every nation will get its due and just share, there is only one way: the extermination of the born Jewish world criminals.



Extracts from "DER STURMER"

No. 5. 28 January 1943

But the ghetto, too, which has today been re-established in nearly all European countries, is only an interim solution. For humanity, once awakened, will not merely solve the ghetto ques

tion, but the Jewish question in its totality. A time will come when the present demands of the Jews will be fulfilled: The ghetto will have disappeared. And with it Jewry!

[Signed] Ernst Hiemer

When, with the outbreak of the second World War, world Jewry again began to manifest themselves as warmongers, Adolf Hitler announced to the world, from the platform of the German Reichstag, that the World War conjured up by world Jewry would result in the self-destruction of Jewry. This prophecy was the first big warning. It was met with derision by the Jews, as were also the subsequent warnings. But now, in the fourth year of this war, world Jewry is beginning, in its retrospective reflections, to understand that the destiny of Jewry is finding its fulfillment at the hands of German National Socialism. That which the Fuehrer of the German people announced to the world as a prophecy, at the beginning of this second World War, is now being fulfilled with unrelenting inevitability. World Jewry which wanted to make big international business out of the blood of the warring nations, is rushing with gigantic steps towards its extirpation!

When Adolf Hitler stepped before the German people 20 years ago to submit to them the National Socialist demands which pointed into the future, he also made the promise which was to have the greatest effects in its results-that of freeing the world from its Jewish tormentor. How wonderful it is to know that this great man and leader is making action follow this promise also! It will be the greatest ever to take place amongst mankind. As yet we are too close to the events of the present time to be able to applaud in pious devotion the action that has been commenced. But the day will come when the whole of humanity will enjoy an international peace such as it has longed for for thousands of years.

[Signed] Julius Streicher



No. 15. 8 April 1943

The Jewish question is the key to world history. And because it decides the happiness or sorrow of the whole of humanity, it must be solved; and it will be solved in accordance with the words

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