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ised him to take this matter up with Himmler, who okayed it. Since all details were taken care of by Lolling from then on, I do not know to what extent the cultivation of the plant was successful, and if mass production of the compound was ever accomplished, and if experiments were ever undertaken on human beings.

7. Lost. I do not remember if these experiments were ever conducted at all, because other agencies were also utilized for such experiments; but, naturally, it is possible. I do not know if the I.G. Farben Plant at Dyrrenfurt, near Breslau, filled the bombs, which I have seen there, with a gas manufactured in Lost. Dr. Ambros had invited me to inspect this plant.


To the best of my ability I tried to depict what has remained in my memory. I did not have any direct knowledge of most of the experiments. The prisoners who were used for them appeared in Lolling's monthly report with one number and were distributed among 40 experiments. I had that determined in 1944 by Lolling; if I am not wrong, about 350 to 400 prisoners were detailed at that time. I also tried to decrease that number, mainly, I confess, in order to make the prisoners available for work details, and this caused Himmler's intervention as for instance, in the case of Schilling who then ordered the detail impersonally.

My personal sentiment concerning medical experiments on living human beings is the same as that of each civilized person. But, as a layman, I have not understood the extent and degree of danger of these experiments. Deep inside of me I resented Himmler's methods.

/s/ OSWALD POHL Oswald Pohl

Sworn to and signed before me this 23rd of June 1946 in Nurnberg, Germany.

[blocks in formation]

Dear Comrade Brandt:

"Prof. Dr. HIRT's report, which you requested in your letter of 29/12/41-Journal No. AR/493/37, is submitted in the enclosure. I was not able to send it to you before because Prof. HIRT took ill some time later. He was stricken by bleedings of the lung (diagnosis: "Cyst-lung")-at least it is not TB. In addition he was afflicted by a weakening of the systemic circulation. At the present time he is still in the hospital but hopes that the doctor will release him in the near future so that he will be able to resume his work, at least to a small extent. Because of this Prof. HIRT was merely able to write a preliminary report which, however, I should like to submit to you. The report concerns

(1) his research in the field of the Intravitalmikroskopie (microscoping living organs), the discovery of a new method of examination, and the construction of a new research microscope. (2) his proposal for securing skulls of Jewish-Bolshevik Commissars."

Some special copies were enclosed as a supplement to the report (1) among which the two articles in the Zeiss-Nachriten No 10 (second series) and No 1-5 (third series) make possible the quickest orientation whereas the other publications are complicated individual scientific work.

Yours sincerely Heil Hitler! Yours [signature illegible]

"SUBJECT: Securing skulls of Jewish-Bolshevik Commissars for the purpose of scientific research at the Reichsuniversitaet Strassburg.

We have a nearly complete collection of skulls of all races and peoples at our disposal. Of the Jewish race, however, only very few specimens of skulls are available with the result that it is impossible to arrive at precise conclusions from examining them. The war in the East now presents us with the opportunity to overcome this deficiency. By procuring the skulls of the Jewish-Bolshevik Commissars, who represent the prototype of the repulsive, but characteristic subhuman, we have the chance now to obtain a palpable, scientific document.

The best, practical method for obtaining and collecting this skull material could be handled by directing the Wehrmacht to turn over alive all captured Jewish-Bolshevik Commissars to the Feld


polizei (Field M.P.). The Feldpolizei in turn is to be given special directives to inform a certain office at regular intervals of the number and place of detention of these captured Jews and to give them special close attention and care until a special delegate arrives. This special delegate, who will be in charge of securing the material (a junior physician of the Wehrmacht or even the Feldpolizei or a student of medicine equipped with a motor car and driver), has the job of taking a series of previously established photographs, anthropological measurements, and in addition has to determine, so far as is possible, the background, date of birth, and other personal data of the prisoner. Following the subsequently induced death of the Jew, whose head should not be damaged, the delegate will separate the head from the body and will forward it to its proper point of destination in a hermetically sealed tin can, especially produced for this purpose and filled with a conserving fluid. Having arrived at the laboratory, the comparison tests and anatomical research on the skull, as well as determination of the race membership of pathological features of the skull form, the form and size of the brain, etc., can proceed. The basis of these studies will be the photos, measurements, and other data supplied on the head and finally the tests of the skull itself."

[blocks in formation]

As you know, the Reichsfuehrer-SS has directed that SS-Hauptsturmfuehrer Prof. Dr. Hirt be supplied with everything needed for his experiments. For certain anthropological experimentsI already reported to the Reichsfuehrer-SS on them-150 skeletons of prisoners or Jews are required, which are to be supplied by the KL Auschwitz. The only thing that remains to be done is that the RSHA receive an official directive from the Reichsfuehrer-SS. This, however, can also be given by you, acting for the Reichsfuehrer-SS.

Kindest regards.

1 Encl. Draft of a letter to the RSHA.

Heil Hitler your SIEVERS

[blocks in formation]

For the attention of SS-Obersturmbannfuehrer Eichmann,
Berlin SW 11

Prinz-Albrecht-Str. 8

Subject: Establishment of a Collection of skeletons.

Referring to your letter of 25 September 1942, IV B 4 3576/42 Secret 1488 and the personal conversations which have since taken place on this subject, I wish to inform you that our associate, SS-Hauptsturmfuehrer Dr. BEGER who was in charge of the above special project, concluded his experiments in the KL Auschwitz on 15.6.1943 because of the existing danger of epidemics.

Altogether 115 persons were experimented on. 79 were Jews, 30 were Jewesses, 2 were Poles, and 4 were Asiatics. At the present time these prisoners are segregated by sex and are under quarantine in two hospital buildings of KL Auschwitz.

For the further experimentation on these selected prisoners it will be necessary to have them transferred to the KL Natzweiler. This transfer should be made as speedily as possible because of the existing danger of an epidemic at Auschwitz. A list of the selected people is attached.

We request that the necessary directives be issued. Since this transfer of prisoners presents a certain amount of danger, such as spreading the epidemic to Natzweiler, we request that immune and clean prisoner suits for 80 men and 30 women be sent from Natzweiler to Auschwitz immediately. At the same time lodging should be prepared for the women at Natzweiler in the near future.



copies to:

(a) SS-H'Stuf. Dr. Beger,

(b) SS-H'Stuf. Prof. Dr. Hirt,

(c) SS-Obersturmbannfuehrer Dr. Brandt.

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