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report would naturally have to be addressed to the Fuehrer and the Supreme Commander in chief of the Armed Forces.

(C) The chief of the OKW agrees to the aforesaid matter but is ready if necessary to provide the treaties with an indorsement of about the following contents:

Enclosed synopsis of evidence is being transmitted which heavily incriminates Belgium and Holland for its attitude with regard to the matter of neutrality.

Therefore I deem it to be imperative that Germany acts before the opposite side acts, or imperative to draw the necessary political conclusions.

The chief for Foreign Affairs section defense counsels urgently omit the final sentence.

The question remains unsettled for the time being.

(D) Conveyed attitude taken by the Chief of the OKW Undersecretary of State Gaus by the Chief for Foreign Affairs, 3 May 1940 19-30 hrs.



Dept. National Defense (IV/Qu.)

Fuehrer H. Q. May 12, 1941

Affair for Chief!

By commissioned officer only!

Subject: Treatment of political and military Russian officials.

Report notice

I. Army High Command presents a statement of the instruction from March 31, 1941, concerning "Directives regarding treatment of political representatives, etc., for uniform execution of this mission," enclosed as Annex 1.

This draft provides:

1. Political representatives and commissars are to be eliminated.

2. Insofar as they are apprehended by the troops, decision rests with an officer of disciplinary power whether that person is to be eliminated. Identification as political functionary is sufficient proof.

3. Political commissars of the Army are not recognized as Prisoners of War and are to be liquidated at the latest in the transient prisoner of war camps. No deportation to the rear



[blocks in formation]

Subject: Establishing of currency for the countries to be occupied.

[blocks in formation]

In the Ukraine and in the Caucasus however it would become necessary to maintain the present currency the Rubel; at least until a Ukrainian and or Caucasian National Bank has been formed. Plans would have, to be made to provide sufficient Rubel bills by printing new ones in Germany, as well as by manufacturing printing dies to be used also over there, these Rubels to be used for purchases as well as for troops.

Reichbankdirektor Wilhelm asks that the Reich Bank not appear in the new printing of Rubel bills under any circumstances. The Reich Bank should not be accused in any case that it has counterfeited bills. For this purpose a special organization must be created.



[Handwritten note] 10.6.41.

[Handwritten note] H.Gs.



The following remarks should be made with regard to today's debate on the position of the Chief Commissars in the occupied Eastern territories:

The Chief Commissar is provided because the General Commis


constant and effective contact with the communities, since otherwise his instructions are not carried out.

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Chief of the Political Operational Staff, Pers. Ref.

MICHENDORF, 27 October 1944

[pencilled] P 1051a/44 secret (1) To: Ministerial Bureau

[stamp] SECRET

Att: Standartenfuehrer Dr. MARQUART

Inter-office Memorandum

[pencilled] 31 Oct. [illegible marking.]

Inclosed I transmit to you report by Hauptbannfuehrer [-Brig. Gen. Hitler youth] NICKEL concerning the activity of the Bureau, with the request that it be shown to the Reich Minister and then be returned after due note has been taken.

1 Inclosure

(2) To: Operational Groups P 1, P 2, P 3 for attention & kind return.


Berlin, 19th October 1944 [stamp] SECRET!

The Reich Minister for the Occupied Eastern Territories

Office of Hauptbannfuehrer NICKEL

Berlin C 2, Klosterstr. 79

[in ink] No. 717/44 secret.

To: The Reich Minister for the Occupied Eastern Territories MICHENDORF

Subject: Report on the activity of the office of the Haupbannfuehrer NICKEL in the Reich Ministry for the Occupied Eastern Territories.'

On 5th March 1944 I received the order to open Office for the

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