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corresponds to the truth, and that it was drawn up to the best of

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The Fuehrer's decision in connection
with report of the 27th September 1940
-No. 11. 663/D, Pol. 2 Secret.

Regarding the reception of the Reich Protector and Secretary of State Frank by the Fuehrer, I have learned the following from authentic sources:

To begin with, the Minister of Justice, Guertner, gave a report. on the Czech resistance movement, during the course of which he maintained that the first trial of the four chief ring leaders would shortly take place before the People's Court.

The Fuehrer objected to this procedure and declared that execution squads were good enough for Czech insurgents and rebels. It was a mistake to create martyrs through legal sentences, as was proved in the case of Andreas Hofer and Schlageter. The Czechs would regard any sentence as an injustice. As this matter had already entered the path of legal procedure it was to be continued within this form. The trials were to be postponed until after the war, and then amidst the din of the victory celebrations the proceeding would pass unnoticed. Only death sentences could be pronounced, but would be commuted later on to life imprisonment or deportation.

Regarding the question of the future of the Protectorate, the Fuehrer touched on the following three possibilities:

1. Continuation of Czech autonomy, in which the Germans would live in the Protectorate as co-citizens with equal rights. This possibility was however, out of the question, as one had always to reckon with Czech intrigues.

2. The deportation of the Czechs and the Germanization of the Bohemian and Moravian area by German settlers. This possibility was out of the question too, as its execution would take a hundred years.

3. The Germanization of the Bohemian and Moravian area by germanizing the Czechs, i.e., by their assimilation. The latter would be possible with the greater part of the Czech people. Those Czechs against whom there were racial objections or who were anti-German were to be excepted from this assimilation. This category was to be weeded out.

The Fuehrer decided in favor of the third possibility; he gave orders via Reich Minister Lammers, to put a stop to the multitude of plans regarding partition of the Protectorate. The Fuehrer further decided that, in the interests of a uniformed policy with regard to the Czechs, a central Reich authority for the whole of the Bohemian and Moravian area should remain at Prague. The present status of the Protectorate thus continues. The Fuehrer's decision followed the lines of the memoranda submitted by the Protector and Secretary of State Frank. [Signed] Dr. ZIEMKE.

To the Foreign Office in Berlin.

F 17 031 & F 17 032



born on 1.6.1907 at WESSELBUREN at present at ALTONA. 1. At the time at which I took up my appointment as Commandant of the Concentration camp NEUENGAMME in November 1942, all personnel were Waffen SS. Later, in summer 1944, single men and small units came from the Army and Airforce, who were taken over by the Waffen SS. They were issued with new paybooks and clothed by the Waffen SS.

In summer 1944 the camp also got SS auxiliaries and female warders [Aufseherinnen], who did not belong to the SS.

2. In cases where camp inmates worked for the Navy, the guards were provided by the Navy, if they worked on the removal of debris in the City of Hamburg, the guards were provided by the police. Likewise the Airforce provided guards for the outposts at Porta, Helmsted and Hanover which worked for the SS Sonderinspektion I.

3. The total strength of the SS in NEUENGAMME amounted to approximately 500-600 men in November 1942. In summer 1944 this figure had increased to approximately 2500 and at the time of

the capitulation the number of SS troops employed in NEUENGAMME and its outposts [Aussenkommandos] may have been 2500-3000.

4. Replacements for NEUENGAMME came from all units of the Waffen SS, from 1944 onwards a great number were Volksdeutsche from Slovakia, the Banat, Danzig-West-Prussia, etc. Personnel were posted from all Trainings and Holding units of the Waffen SS; to name any specific unit is, therefore, impossible. 5. Due to the increasing demands of the field units of the Waffen SS an exchange of personnel took place, younger age groups were replaced by older ones. The replacement affected approximately 500-1000 men. During my term of duty from November 1942 to April 1945 approximately 4000 SS men have served at one time or another at NEUENGAMME and its outposts.

6. There was no difference in the employment of personnel, be it in the camp or as guard. A man could be transferred from the Camp staff to guard battalion at any time and vice versa, which occurred continuously.

[sgd.] Max Pauly.

Sworn before me this 15th day of March 1946 at the Mil. Gov. Prison at ALTONA.

[sgd.] A. R. Frisby, Major, RCASC, SO II, Fin/Int, HQ Mil. Gov., Hansestadt Hamburg.



No. 8, 24th February 1944.

[Extract from an article signed by Streicher.]

Whoever does what a Jew does is a scoundrel, a criminal. And he who repeats and wishes to copy him deserves the same fate, annihilation, death.



No. 9, 2nd March 1944.

[Extract from an article signed by Ernst Hiemer.]

We do not know whether the Jew Steinbeck is right when he phophesied to the Jewish people that for them the moon has gone

down. But we know all the more certainly that the sun will go down for the Jews. Eternal night must come over the born criminal race of the Jews, so that eternal day may make the awakening non-Jewish mankind happy.



No. 21, 25th May 1944.

[Extract from an article signed Ernst Hiemer]

Whose fault is it that millions of men are separated from their wives and children? The Jews! Who is responsible for the people having to go without so many of life's comforts and having to do the hardest work? The Jews! Whose fault is it that our towns and villages are being destroyed by enemy bombers? The Jews! Who is responsible for the heroic death of the best of our people and for the murder of countless women and children? The Jew! Yes, the Jew is the germ that has thrown the world into a disease which irrevocably leads to death unless humanity rises at the last moment after all.

But how can we overcome this danger and restore humanity to health? Just as the individual human being is able to defend himself against contagious diseases only if he proclaims war against the cause of the disease, the germs, so the world can be restored to health only when the most terrible germ of all times, the Jew, has been removed. It is of no avail to battle against the outward symptoms of the world disease without rendering the actual cause of the disease innocuous. The disease will nevertheless break out again sooner or later. The cause and bearer of the disease sees to this itself—the germ. But if the nations are to be restored to health and are to remain healthy in the future, then the germ of the Jewish world plague must be destroyed root and branch.



No. 32, 10th August 1944.

[Extract from an article by Ernst Hiemer.]

Today it is a question of the existence or non-existence of the entire Jewish race. If Judaism wins, then it gains the domination

over the entire world, which it has striven for from the very beginning. But if it loses this struggle, then Judaism will be ruined. Then the Jew will be extinguished! Then Judaism will be annihilated down to the last man!



No. 37, 14th September 1944.

[Extract from an article by Franz Axmann]

Bolshevism cannot be defeated, it must be destroyed. And neither can Judaism be defeated, disarmed or made defenseless. It must be exterminated.


The Reich Foreign Secretary,

[Initialled] 'L' [Lammers]

"Tho' [Thomsen]

Berlin, 2nd April, 1933.

[In handwriting] Submitted to the Reich Chancellor

Dear Reich Chancellor,

The Italian Ambassador telephoned me last night and informed me that Mussolini had declared himself prepared to deny, through the Italian delegations abroad, all news about the persecution of the Jews in Germany that had been distorted by propaganda, if we should consider this course useful. I thanked Herr Cerrati, also on your behalf, and told him that we should be glad to accept his offer.

I regard this friendly gesture of Mussolini's as important enough to bring it to your notice.

As I am unfortunately so hoarse, that I can only make myself understood with difficulty on the telephone, I am having to recourse to this written channel.

With best greetings I remain, dear Reich Chancellor,

Yours faithfully,

[Signed] NEURATH

To the Reich Chancellor,

Herr Adolf Hitler,

Reich Chancellery.

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