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Extract from top secret notes of meeting with Funk

regarding establishment of currency for countries

to be occupied. (USA 844)

Memorandum by Braeutigam, 10 June 1941, re-

garding the position of Chief Commissars in the

occupied Eastern territories

Report on the activity of the Office of Hauptbann-

fuehrer Nickel in the Reich Ministry for Occupied

Eastern Territories, 19 October 1944. (USA 870)

Memorandum 20 February 1942 on Lecture of

Ministerial Director Dr. Mansfeld, Deputy General

for Mobilization of Labor on general questions re-

garding the mobilization of labor commitment

Memorandum by Warlimont 15 October 1942, with

appendices, regarding Treatment of enemy sabo-

tage troops

Directives, 13 and 15 October 1942, regarding

treatment of prisoners of war with particular ref-

erence to reprisals, shackling and sabotage units.

(GB 487)

Directive by Canaris, 13 October 1942, and memo-

randum by Lehman 15 October 1942, on treatment

of prisoners of war with particular reference to

reprisals, shackling and sabotage units. (GB 486)

Report by Sauckel to Hitler regarding Slave Labor

program for year ending 31 March 1943

Report by Sauckel, 27 July 1942, concerning em-

ployment of foreign labor in Germany from 21

March 1942 to 27 July 1942. (GB 325)

Directive from the High Command concerning con-

fiscation of raw materials, half finished and fin-

ished manufactured goods not in possession or

property of the enemy

Memorandum by Henning, 13 January 1943, con-

cerning the second Sauckel project and a directive

by Weigand, 16 January 1943 regarding establish-

ment of screening commissions for Sauckel project

for January-March 1943

Memorandum of conference of Milch, Witzell, Leeb,

23 March 1942, in Speer's office. (USA 903)

Memorandum on Political Police of Bavaria, 27

March 1935 enclosing file regarding occurrences

in Freising. (GB 535) ...

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Teletype No. 85 from Schirach to Bormann, 15
August 1941, on premilitary training. (USA 867)
Teletype message No. 1516 from Axmann to
Schirach, 30 March 1942, concerning decree of
Fuehrer on war commitment of German youth.
(USA 868)

Excerpts from notes prepared by Schacht for an
army interrogator concerning his views on Hit-
ler and Goering. (USA 836)

Excerpts from "Reports from Occupied Eastern
territories", May 1942, June 1942, January, Feb-
ruary, March and April 1943, concerning operation
of Security Police and SD against Jews and
guerillas. (USA 864)

Affidavit by Emil Puhl, 3 May 1946, concerning
deposit of gold, jewels, banknotes etc with Reichs-
bank by the SS and knowledge of Funk, Himmler
and Pohl of same. (USA 846; USA 851)
File of letters, certificates and memoranda, 1939 to
1943, in regard to special funds allocated by Lam-
mers to von Neurath for obtaining diplomatic in-
formation. (GB 518)

Memorandum signed by Kropp, 31 March 1944,
subject: Utilization of jewels, etc. acquired by offi-
cial agencies in favor of Reich. (USA 850)
Itemized list of jewelry and silverware submitted
to Municipal Pawn Brokerage Office, 15 September
1942, by Deutsche Reichsbank for conversion into
Reichsmarks. (USA 847)

Memorandum by head cashier of Deutsche Reichs-
bank, 19 September 1942, concerning conversion
of notes, gold, silver and jewelry into Reichsmarks
in favor of Reich Minister of Finance. (USA 848)
Statement of Albert Thoms, 8 May 1946. (USA
852) ...

Extract from testimony of Walter Funk, 19 Octo-
ber 1945, regarding war with Russia. (USA 875)
Excerpt of interrogation of Walter Funk, 22 Octo-
ber 1945. (USA 876)









Affidavit of Franz B. Wolf, 29 April 1946. (USA










Affidavit of Captain Sam Harris, 9 May 1946, re-
garding movie and still photographs taken in
vaults of Reichsbank at Frankfurt. (USA 878) ..
Series of letters, 1941 to 1945, between Reich Chan-
cellory and office of von Neurath regarding pay-
ment of air raid shelter cost and administrative
and personal expenses of von Neurath from Reich
treasury. (GB 519)

Affidavit of Lloyd Louis Garnell, 13 May 1946, re-
garding pictures taken in vaults of Reichsbank in
Frankfurt. (USA 879)

Excerpt from testimony of witness in case against
Dr. Guido Schmidt, 19 March 1946. (USA 882)
Letter from Lutze to Rosenberg, 30 January 1939.
(GB 612)

Newspaper article by Dr. Friedrich Rainer, 12
March 1939, "Hours of Historical Decision", con-
cerning seizure of power in Austria. (USA 883) .
Speech of Dr. Friedrich Rainer, 11 March 1942,
concerning National Socialism in Austria from
July 1934 to seizure of power 11 March 1938.
(USA 890)

Excerpts from "Bulletin of Reich Minister for
Armament and Munition" 1942, 1943, 1944 rela-
tive to labor commitment, appointment of
Sauckel, distribution of raw materials and dis-
cipline and transfer of workers. (USA 902)
Letter from Koerbel to Rosenberg, 21 April 1938,
regarding publication "Der SA-Mann". (GB 614)
Letter from Der SA Mann office to Rosenberg, 13
August 1936 and reply of 20 August. (GB 613).
Third report regarding activity of the SA in war-
time. (GB 596)









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