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those who know your former work. I think the mode of arrangement you have adopted will be a very helpful

; for although it is no punishment to us to wander through all our garden-paths and pluck the flowers, yet we like to know the exact spot where we may find our lilies and roses, our myrrh and cassia. The profits I was sure, before you told me, would go to your Orphan Homes. You know with what deep interest I have watched from year to year the success and extension of your Family System, and how abundantly I have seen the promise confirmed that, the Lord careth for the

orphan and the fatherless." I can well remember some of the poor little squalid, down-trodden creatures which you picked up, as it were out of the mire of the streets,—truly homeless, helpless, hopeless ones,-and then, after awhile, seeing them again with their rosy, beaming, trustful little faces turned up to you, expecting all things glad and happy. I could never have a doubt that the Family System, as carried out by you, with the blessing of God, was the most powerful and efficient means to succour the friendless ones, and to develope the best dispositions of childhood while it repressed the worst. May these little hospitable arks of refuge be found in all the needy places of our country; and may your's, dear friend, continue to gladden your heart, and to animate the hearts of others to follow in the same


Yours always with true affection,


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