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President of Deutsche Gold-Discont Bank; NSFK-Brigade

fuehrer. LEY, ROBERT

Reichsleiter; Chief, Party Organization; Leader of the German Labor Front; Reich Housing Commissioner; SA-Gruppen


Generaloberst; C.-in-C. Denmark beginning of 1945. LINDEMANN, KARL

President of the Reich Chamber of Commerce; Stattsrat; Chairman Board of Directors, Atlas Werke AG. and Norddeutscher


Generaloberst der Luftwaffe; C.-in-C. of an Army Group in the


Gauleiter, Oberpraesident, and Reich Defense Commissioner Schleswig-Holstein; Reich Commissioner "Ostland"; SA-Ober

gruppenfuehrer; President of the Nordic Society. LUETZOW, FRIEDRICH von

Vice-admiral; Radio Commentator on Naval matters.


Generalfeldmarschall, Army Group South (early 43-April 44). MEISSNER, DR. OTTO LEBRECHT

Staatsminister; Chef der Praesidialkanzlei, curator of Political Academy (Berlin); president of Italo-German Society; member

of the Academy of German Law. MEYSSNER, AUGUST

Hoeherer SS and Polizeifuehrer Serbia ; SS-Obergruppenfueh

rer; Generalleutnant der Polizei; member of People's Tribunal. MILCH, ERHARD

Generalfeldmarschall; Staatssekretaer and permanent deputy to the Reich Minister of Air; Inspector General of the Air Force;

member of the Armaments' Council. MODEL, WALTER

Generalfeldmarschall; G. in C. of an Army Group in the West. MUELLER, HEINRICH

Heap of Amt IV (Gestapo), Reichssicherheitshauptamt

(RSHA); SS-Gruppenfuehrer; Generalleutnant der Polizei. MUSSERT, ANTON

Founder of Dutch Nazi Party in 1931; in December 1942 received the title of “Leader of the Dutch people" from Hitler. NEUHAUSEN, DR. FRANZ

General Plenipotentiary for Economics in Serbia (under the Four-Year Plan); Consul-General; Chairman of the Board of the Yugoslav Bank; head of Military Administration in the

South East.

Reichsminister without Portfolio (formerly Reichsminister of Foreign Affairs 1932, 1933, 1938); President of the Secret Cabinet Council; Member of Reich Defense Council; Reich Pro

tector for Bohemia and Moravia, 1939-1943. OHLENDORF, OTTO

Head of Amt III, SD (Security Service) of Reich Main Security Office; permanent deputy to the Staatssekretaer Reich Ministry

of Economics; SS-Gruppenfuehrer; Generalleutnant d. Polizei. OHNESORGE, DR. WILHELM

Reich Post Minister. PAPEN, FRANZ von

Vice-chancellor and member of Cabinet (Feb. 1933-July 1934); Commissar for Saar District Plebisicite; Minister to Austria; Ambassador with special mission 1936-1938; Ambassador at

large; Ambassador to Turkey after 1939. PAULUS, FRIEDRICH

Generalfeldmarschall, captured at Stalingrad. PEUCKERT, RUDI

Head of Labor Division, Reich Ministry of Occupied Eastern Territories; in charge of Agricultural Manpower under the

Plenipotentiary for Manpower. PFEIFFER, HANS

Personal Adjutant to the Fuehrer; SS-Hauptsturmfuehrer. POHL, OSWALD

Chief of Administration and Economic Main Office of SS; Ministerialdirektor Reich Ministry of the Interior; SS-Obergrup

penfuehrer; General der Waffen SS. RAEDER, ERICH, DR. h .c.

Grossadmiral and Chief of OKM until 1943; thereafter Admiralinspecteur of German Navy; wearer of Golden Party Badge of Honor; Member of Cabinet with rank of Reichsminis

ter; Member of Secret Cabinet Council. RAINER, DR. FRIEDRICH

Reichsstatthalter, Gauleiter and Reichsverteidigungskommissar of Kaernten; head of Zivilverwaltung, North-West Yugoslavia; Supreme Commissioner "Adriatisches Kuestengebiet"; SSObergruppenfuehrer.


Hauptsturmfuehrer in the Air Forces, later transferred to the SS; in charge of experiments on human beings at Dachau Con

centration Camp. REINECKE, HERMANN

General der Infanterie; Chief of the General Department of OKW(Allgemeines Wehrmachtamt); Chief of the NS Political Guidance Staff OKW; honorary member of the Special Senate

of the People's Tribunal. REINHARDT, FRITZ

Staatssekretaer and head of Abteilung V, Reich Minister of Finance, Berlin; expert on Labor Problems, Finance and Taxation in the Party Chancery; SA Obergruppenfuehrer; Member

of Reichstag; Hauptdienst-leiter of Party. REINHARDT, GEORG HANS

Generaloberst. RIBBENTROP, JOACHIM von

Minister for Foreign Affairs (1938-1945); Ambassador to Great Britain (1936–1938); Ambassador at Large (1935 1938); Special Delegate for Disarmament Questions (19341937); Member of the Secret Cabinet Council; Member of the Fuehrer's Political Staff at General Headquarters (1942–1945);

Member of Reichstag; SS-Obergruppenfuehrer. RICHTHOFEN, WOLFRAM, Frhr. von

Generalfeldmarschall. RIECKE, HANS-JOACHIM

Head of Food and Agriculture Division, Reich Ministry of Occupied Eastern Territories; Staatssekretaer in Reich Ministry

of Food and Agriculture; SA-Gruppenfuehrer. RINTELEN, EMIL von

Minister (Gesandter) (for special duties); deputy head of the

political division, Foreign Office. ROEHM, ERNST

Reichsminister, Staatskommissar, Staatssekretaer, Staatsrat,

Stabs chef der SA; Shot June 30, 1934 for alleged conspiracy. ROSENBERG, ALFRED

Reich Minister for the Occupied Eastern Territories; Reichsleiter; head of RL Departments for Foreign Policy and for

Ideology; SS-Obergruppenfuehrer; SA-Obergruppenfuehrer. RUNDSTEDT, KARL RUDOLF GERD von



Reich Prussian Minister of Science and Education; SA-Ober

gruppenfuehrer. SAUCKEL, FRITZ

Reichsstatthalter, Reich Defense Commissioner and Gauleiter of Thuringia; Plenipotentiary-general for Manpower (Four Year Plan); SS-Obergruppenfuehrer; SA-Obergruppenfuehrer;

member of Reichstag. SCHACHT, HJALMAR

Reich Minister without portfolio until 1943; formerly Minister of Economics, President of the Reichsbank, and General Pleni

potentiary for the War Economy. SCHELLENBERG, WALTER

Chief of Security Service, Occupied Territories (Amt VI) in Reich Main Security Office; Chief of Military Office RSHA; SS

Brigadefuehrer. SCHIRACH, BALDUR von

Reichsleiter for Youth Education; Reichsleiter; Reich Defence
Commissioner; Reichstatthalter; Mayor and Gauleiter of
Vienna; Member of Reichstag; SA-Obergruppenfuehrer;
Leader of Hitler Jugend, and Leader of Youth in the German


Chief of the Bureau of the Reich Foreign Minister with the rank of Gesandter; Ministerialdirigent; attached to Foreign Office, acted as Hitler's personal interpreter in all diplomatic

negotiations. SCHMUNDT

Chief of Army Personnel Dept., Generalleutnant, later Hitler's

adjutant. SCHULZ, ERWIN

Head of Amt I (Personnel) of Reich Main Security Office

(Reichssicherheitshauptamt); SS-Brigadefuehrer. SCHWARZ, XAVER FRANZ

Reich Treasurer of the Party; Reichsleiter; SS-Oberstgruppen

fuehrer; SA-Obergruppenfuehrer. SCHWERIN von KROSIGK, LUTZ GRAF

Reich Minister of Finance; Reich Minister for Foreign Affairs

(since May 1945). SELDTE, FRANZ

Reich Labour Minister; Labour Minister for Prussia; SA


Reich Commissioner for the Occupied Netherlands; Reich Minister without portfolio; SS-Obergruppenfuehrer; member of

the Reichstag; Minister in Austrian Cabinet. SIMON, GUSTAV

Chief of Civil Administration, Luxembourg; Reichsstatthalter,

Reichsverteidigungskommissar and Gauleiter of Moselland. SPEER, ALBERT

Reichleiter; Reichsminister for Armaments and War Production; head of the Organisation Todt; General Plenipotentiary for Armaments in the Four Year Plan; head of Armaments Office of German High Command; member of Reichstag; member of Central Planning Board; wearer of Golden Badge of

Honor of Party. SPERRLE, HUGO

Generaldfeldmarschall, Third Air Fleet. STOEHR, WILHELM

Reichsstatthalter and Gauleiter, Westmark. STRASSER, GREGOR

Leader of Storm Troops (SA) in Lower Bavaria; Reich Organ

ization Leader until 1932; executed on June 30, 1934. STREICHER, JULIUS

Gauleiter of Franconia; Editor and Publisher of Der Stuermer;

SA-General; member of Reichstag. STUCKART, DR. WILHELM

Leading Staatssekretaer in Reich Ministry of Interior Terri

tories; Head of the Abteilung II in this ministry. STUDENT, KURT

Generaloberst; G. in C. of Army Group "H" on Western Front. STUMPFF, HANS-JUERGEN

Generaloberst; C.-in-C, of Air Fleet "Reich"; member of the

People's Tribunal. TERBOVEN, JOSEF

Gauleiter Essen; Reich Commissioner for Occupied Norway;


Reich Minister of Justice; SS-Brigadefuehrer; SA-Gruppenfuehrer; President of the Academy for German Law; Head of

NS Lawyer's League.

General der Panzertruppen.

General der Infanterie; head of Economy and Armaments Division, OKW (until Oct. 1944); member of the Armaments Council.

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