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properties, the surrender of claims, especially mortgage
claims, and reductions in buying price.
"The payment allowed the Jews was basically 10% of the
nominal value or nominal sum of the claim. As a justification
for these low prices, Holz claimed at the Berlin meeting of
the 6th of February 1939, that the Jews had mostly bought
their property during the inflation period for a tenth of its
value. As has been shown by investigating a large number
of individual cases selected at random, this claim is not true.”

(1757-PS) The second part of this report, which contains the findings of the commission, reads in part as follows:

Gauleiter Streicher likes to beat people with a riding whip but only if he is in the company of several persons assisting him. Usually the beatings are carried out with sadistic brutality. "The best known case is that of Steinruck, whom he beat bloodily in the prison cell, together with Deputy Gauleiter Holz and SA Brigadier General Koenig. After returning from this scene to the Deutscher Hof he said: 'Now I am relieved. I needed that again!' Later he also stated several times that he needed another Steinruck case in order to 'relieve' himself. "In August 1938, he beat Editor Burker at the District House together with District Office Leader Schoeller and his Adjutant Koenig. "On the 2nd of December 1938 he asked to have three youthful criminals (15 to 17 years old) who had been arrested for robbery brought to the room of the director of the Criminal Police Office in Nurnberg-Furth. Streicher, who was accompanied by his son, Lothar, had the youths brought in singly and question them about their sex life and in particular, through clear and detailed questioning, he laid stress on determining whether and since when they masturbated. * *

The last one of these three boys he beat with his riding whip, with blows on the head and on the rest of the

body." (1757-PS) A later passage shows the authority and power which Streicher held in his Gau:

"According to reports of reliable witnesses Gauleiter Streicher is in the habit of pointing out on the most varied occasions that he alone gives orders in the district of Franconia. For instance, at a meeting in the Colosseum in Nurn




berg in 1935 he said that nobody could remove him from
office. In a meeting at Herkules Hall, where he described
how he had beaten Professor Steinruck, he emphasized that
he would not let himself be beaten by anybody, not even by
an Adolf Hitler.
"For, this also must be stated here, in Franconia the Gau
acts first and then orders the absolutely powerless authori-

ties to approve.(1757-PS) That report shows the kind of treatment and persecution which the Jews were receiving in the Gau over which Streicher ruled. It further shows the absolute authority with which Streicher acted in his district.

As a result either of that investigation or of some other matter, Streicher was relieved of his position as Gauleiter in February 1940, but he did not cease from propaganda or from control of his newspaper. In an article written in "Der Stuermer," on 4 November 1943, Streicher declared :

"It is really the truth that the Jews, so to speak, have disappeared from Europe and that the Jewish reservoir of the East, from which the Jewish plague has for centuries beset the peoples of Europe, has ceased to exist. However, the Fuehrer of the German people at the beginning of the war

prophesied what has now come to pass.” (1965-PS). That article, signed by Streicher, shows that he had knowledge of the Jewish exterminations which were going on in the East. Streicher's article was written in November 1943. In April 1943 the Warsaw ghetto was destroyed. Between April 1942 and April 1944 more than 1,700,000 Jews were killed in Auschwitz and Dachau. It seems clear from this article that Streicher knew what was happening, perhaps not the details, but the fact that Jews were being exterminated.

(4) Perversion of Youth.

Streicher paid particular attention to the instruction and perversion of the children and youth of Germany. He was not content with inciting the German population. He started to poison the minds of the children at school at the earliest possible date. He continually emphasized the need for teaching children antisemitism. In a speech as early as June 1925 Streicher said:

“I repeat, we demand the transformation of the school into a national German institution of education. If we let German children be taught by German teachers, then we shall have laid the foundations for the national German school. This national German school must teach racial doctrine."

“We demand, therefore, the introduction of racial doctrine

into the school.” (M-30) The "Fraenkische Tageszeitungof 19 March 1934 reports Streicher's address at a girls' school at Preisslerstrasse:

“Then Julius Streicher spoke about his life and told them about a girl who at one time went to his school and who fell

for a Jew and was finished for the rest of her life.” (M-43) Every summer in Nurnberg a youth celebration was held. At this pagan rite the youth of Nurnberg were rallied, organized, and incited, encouraged by Streicher. Streicher's speech to the Hitler Youth on the “Holy Mountain" near Nurnberg on 22 June 1935 contained the following statements:

“Boys and girls, look back to a little more than 10 years ago.
A great war-the World War-had whirled over the peoples
of the earth and had left in the end a heap of ruins. Only
one people remained victorious in this dreadful war, a people
of whom Christ said its father is the devil. That people had
ruined the German nation in body and soul. Then Adolf
Hitler, unknown to anybody, arose from among the people
and became the voice which called to a holy war and battle.
He cried to the people for everybody to take courage again
and to rise and get a helping hand to take the devil from the
German people, so that the human race might be free again
from these people that have wandered about the world for
centuries and millenia, marked with the sign of Cain.
"Boys and girls, even if they say that the Jews were once
the chosen people, do not believe it, but believe us when we
say that the Jews are not a chosen people. Because it can-
not be that a chosen people should act among the peoples as

the Jews do today.” (M-1). A report of Streicher's address to 2,000 children at Nurnberg at Christmas-time, 1936, states:

'Do you know who the Devil is,' he asked his breathlessly listening audience. "The Jew, the Jew,' resounded from a

thousand children's voices." (M-44). Streicher was not content with writing and talking. He issued a book for teachers, written by one Fink and published from the “Der Stuermers offices, called “The Jewish Question and School Instruction." This book emphasizes the necessity of anti-semitic teaching in schools, and suggests ways in which the subject can be introduced and handled. The preface, written by Streicher, reads in part as follows:

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“The National Socialist state brought fundamental changes
into all spheres of life of the German people.
"It has also presented the German teacher with some new
tasks. The National Socialist state demands that its teach-
ers instruct German children in social questions. As far as
the German people is concerned the racial question is a Jew-
ish question. Those who want to teach the child all about
the Jew must themselves have a thorough knowledge of the
"Those who take to heart all that has been written with such
feeling by Fritz Fink, who for many years has been greatly
concerned about the German people, will be grateful for the
creator of this outwardly insignificant publication.” (M-46).
The preface is signed by Julius Streicher, City of the Reich

Party Rallies, Nurnberg, in the year 1937.
The introduction to this book reads as follows:

“Racial and Jewish questions are the fundamental prob-
lems of the National Socialist ideology. The solution of
these problems will secure the existence of National Social-
ism and with this the existence of our nation for all time.
The enormous significance of the racial question is recog-
nized almost without exception today by all the German
people. In order to attain this recognition our people had to
travel through a long road of suffering.
“No one should be allowed to grow up in the midst of our
people without this knowledge of the monstrous character

and dangerousness of the Jew.(M-46).
A later passage in the book contains this statement:

One who has reached this stage of understanding will inevitably remain an enemy of the Jews all his life and will

instill this hatred into his own children." (M-46). "Der Stuermer" also published some children's books. Although Streicher himself did not write the books, they were published from his publishing business, and they are on the same line of everything else published and issued from that business. Among these books was one entitled “Don't trust the Fox in the green meadow nor the Jew on his oath.” It is a picture book for children. The pictures all depict Jews in an offensive light. And opposite each picture there is a little story. For instance, opposite one picture, which portrays an unpleasant-looking Jewish butcher cutting up meat, there appears the following comment:

“The Jewish butcher: he sells half refuse instead of meat. A piece of meat lies on the floor; the cat claws another. This doesn't worry the Jew butcher since the meat increases in weight. Besides one mustn't forget he won't have to eat it

himself.” (M-32). The story opposite another picture reads as follows:

"Jesus Christ says "The Jew is a murderer through and through'. And when Christ had to die the Lord didn't know any other people who would have tortured Him to death so he chose the Jews. That is why the Jews pride themselves

on being the chosen people." (M-32). Other pictures in this book portray: a girl being led away by an evil-appearing Jew; Streicher smiling benignly at a children's party, greeting the little children; children looking at copies of "Der Stuermer posted on a wall; Jewish children being taken away from an Aryan school by an unpleasant-looking father, with all the Aryan children shouting and dancing and enjoying the fun very much (M-32).

Another book, called “The Poisonous Fungus,” is very similar in character and appearance, and likewise calculated to poison the minds of readers. One of the pictures in this book shows a girl sitting in a Jewish doctor's waiting room. The story that goes with this picture is not a very pleasant story, but it is only by adverting to these matters that it becomes possible to believe the kind of education which German children received from Streicher. The story reads as follows:

“Inge sits in the reception room of the Jew doctor. She has
to wait a long time. She looks through the journals which
are on the table. But she is much too nervous to read even a
few sentences. Again and again she remembers the talk
with her mother. And again and again her mind reflects on
the warnings of her leader of the League of German Girls:
'A German must not consult a Jew doctor. And particularly
not a German girl. Many a girl that went to a Jew doctor
to be cured, found disease and disgrace!'
“When Inge had entered the waiting room, she experienced
an extraordinary incident. From the doctor's consulting
room she could hear the sound of crying. She heard the
voice of a young girl: 'Doctor, doctor, leave me alone!'
“Then she heard the scornful laughing of a man. And then,
all of a sudden, it became absolutely silent. Inge had lis-
tened breathlessly.
'What may be the meaning of all this?' she asked herself
and her heart was pounding. And again she thought of the
warning of her leader in the League of German Girls.
“Inge was already waiting for an hour. Again she takes the

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