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further prosecution of the plan. Several gentlemen, on whose aid and encouragement we were authorized particularly to depend, have been hindered by ill health or an uncommon press of parocial duty, from preparing their manuscripts in season. To remedy this evil, we have in a few instances inserted some of their sermons possessing uncommon merit, which had been before published only in pamphlets, and therefore not generally read.

This volume is aided by the talents of but a small proportion of the great number of Clergymen of eminence in the United States. Should gentlemen of talents in the ministry see fit generally, to aid hereafter in the undertaking, we hope to gratify the public with a succession of American sermons, and to make our readers acquainted with a larger circle of preachers of distinguished eminence.

The discourses in this volume, the Editor thinks, are calculated to be useful, and will be received by all lovers. of gospel truth, as a very valuable acquisition. He acknowledges himself under great obligations to an able, and pious gentleman in the ministry, who has rendered him aid, and earnestly hopes, that he may find his reward in the good this volume may effect in the hands of that God who works by the instrumentality of means.

That it may be read with candor, and be useful to the world, is the sincere wish of the Editor


CATSKILL, July, 30, 1808..

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