Ibn Khallikan's Biographical Dictionary, Volume 2

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Oriental Translation Fund of Great Britain and Ireland, 1843

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Page 639 - ... and they were led in distinct bands, (18) until they came unto the valley of ants. And an ant, seeing the hosts approaching, said, 0 ants, enter ye into your habitations, lest Solomon and his army tread you under foot, and perceive it not. (19) And Solomon smiled, laughing at her words, and said, 0 LORD, excite me that I may be thankful for thy favour wherewith thou hast favoured me, and my parents ; and that I may do that which is right and well-pleasing unto thee : and introduce me, through...
Page 346 - ... of which there is no doubt; and every soul shall be paid that which it hath gained, neither shall they be treated unjustly? Say, O GOD, who possessest the kingdom; thou givest the kingdom unto whom thou wilt, and thou takest away the kingdom from whom thou wilt: thou exaltest whom thou wilt, and thou humblest whom thou wilt: in thy hand is good, for thou art almighty.
Page 546 - How should I not weep? and who has more reason to weep than I? Would to God that for every question decided by me according to my own opinion I had received so many stripes! then would my accounts be easier. Would to God I had never given any decision of my own...
Page 231 - Moslem having murdered another, the doctrine of the orthodox juris consults is that the murderer is not an infidel, because the act itself is not an act of infidelity, but of disobedience (towards God). It may also happen that the murderer repent before he dies. And if an infidel be converted from his infidelity, it is not allowable to curse him ; how much the less...
Page 633 - Pronounce not thy prayer aloud, neither pronounce it with too low a voice,' but follow a middle way between these : and say, Praise be unto GOD, who hath not begotten any child ; who hath no partner in the kingdom, nor hath any to protect him from contempt: and magnify him by proclaiming his greatness.
Page 633 - Koran, and hath not inserted therein any crookedness, but hath made it a straight rule : that he should threaten a grievous punishment unto the unbelievers from his presence ; and should bear good tidings unto the faithful, who work righteousness, that they...
Page 599 - The descent is intelligible ; the manner how is unknown ; the belief therein is obligatory, and the asking about it is a blamable innovation.
Page 228 - Quran was created,, that the eyes (of men) shall not see God, and that we ourselves are the authors of our evil deeds ; now, I have returned to the truth : I renounce these opinions, and I take the engagement to refute the Mutazilites and expose their infamy and turpitude.
Page 521 - I said to myself when I wavered at the sight of the warriors: " Shame upon thee! Fear not! Werst thou to ask the delay of a single day above the term prescribed to thy existence, thy request would not be heard; be firm then in the career of death! Be firm! To obtain an everlasting life is a thing impossible. The robe of existence is not so precious that the heartless dastard should fold it up (to preserve it). The path of death must be trod by every mortal; the inhabitant of the earth must all listen...
Page 156 - And behold, it shall come to pass that my servants shall be sent forth to the east and to the west, to the north and to the south; 64.

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