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UNDER most of the pages of this little volume, the author could write, with great truth, (independently of the religious sentiments which are contained in them, which he hopes are all correct,) the event narrated here is a fact, which came immediately under the notice of the writer.

The writer not only wishes to enforce just religious sentiments on the youthful mind, but also to create such a taste for the works of God, as shall impart, even in a common excursion, pleasure and instruction.

He is persuaded that the wide and beautiful creation is a vast mirror, every where reflecting the goodness, the power, and the wisdom of God; and he thinks, that no one can perform a greater kindness to a young man, than to awaken his attention to Him on whom the whole family of being waits, who openeth his hand, and satisfieth the desire of every living thing."

That this may be the blessed effect of the berusal of the following pages, is indeed his very earnest prayer.






MR. Howard laboured in the ministry of the Gospel, in a parish in one of the midland counties in England. He was much and deservedly respected, and was very useful in the great work in which he was engaged.

His lady was very pious, and she exerted herself for the welfare of the poor and the afflicted.

After they had been married about ten years, she was taken ill, and died very happily.

She left a little boy, whose name was Edwin: he was the picture of his dear mamma. His


sweet countenance, his blue and sparkling eyes, and his auburn hair, constantly reminded his papa of the painful loss which he had experienced. Mr. H. devoted his hours of leisure to the education of his motherless boy. He was, indeed, tenderly concerned to “train him


in the nurture and admonition of the Lord.”

He sometimes amused himself by writing simple, verses: his best wishes for Edwin were often thus recorded. The following is a little specimen.


Pretty little smiling boy,
Once a tender mother's joy;
To the Saviour thee I bring,
Place thee underneath his wing*;
Jesus! take him to thy care,
Let him every blessing share.

Oft mayst thou, delighted, look
O'er God's hallow'd, honour'd book;
With the morn's first dawning rays,
May thy soul expand in praise ;
O may He, whose gracious word
Israel's infant prophet heard t,
Call thee from his seat above,
Look on thee with eyes of love;

Malachi, iv. 2.

+ 1 Samuel, 3.

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