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John Davis was a tutor, a novelist, poet a traveler and above all things a literary man. Very much a man of his time he frequently inserts Latin quotes into his text and makes frequent references to various personages in Greek mythology. Many modern readers will not understand these references unless they know Latin and are well versed in Greek Mythology. I found the book to be very read able and well written. I live close to or have visited many of the places he travel through, which, makes the book all the more interesting to me. He provides a glimpse of what the planter class was like, both, good and bad. He likewise provides a view into the lives of the enslaved. He worked as a tutor to provide most of his living. At one time he worked for Mr. Drayton who owned Drayton Manor on the Ashley River outside of Charleston South Carolina. You can visit Drayton Manor tour the building and see the magnificent gardens. He also inserts several poems he wrote into the book. His poetry is quite good. I think this work would be of interest to anyone wanting to learn about what life was like in American at the end of the 18th century. The Latin and references to Greek Mythology may hold some back but I think this book is worth 5 stars.  

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