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Ých habe dieses Buch auf Deutsch gelesen und möchte dem Author din großes Danke Schön sagen.

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The book is not geared for general readership, and should not be treated as such. As a student of international relations, I found this source quite useful for my research.
Because the book's
subject matter deals with an ongoing ethnic conflict, it is normal to see widely differing opinions on works such as these, No author has ever succeeded in satisfying all of the "lay" readership in matters like these. It is the nature of such subjects, both sides consider themselves fully justified, and their opposition made up of entirely evil doers.
So, my advise to those who would apply a scholarly approach is to ignore both parties, including the scholars belonging to both parties, just deal with the content of the work.
In that regard, this book is quite satisfactory, however, I think it treats historical background in a bit too detail, especially the parts that have lost legal relevance, such as the early settlement, or population movements in previous centuries. He should have touched the pre-Soviet period only slightly, as it carries minimum legal significance today, which is the main subject of the book.
On this question however, author builds a convincing case, using clear examples of why and when the right of self determination applies, and why Nagorno-Krabakh is still legally considered and should be considered as part of Azerbaijan.

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This is a revolting example of state-supported propaganda pushed by Azerbaijani petro-autocracy. A KGB-style vehicle for fooling and brainwashing the public. I am surprised it is offered in Google Books.

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Heiko Krüger's book is the product of a deeply troubled phenomenon known today as Azerbaijan's "caviar diplomacy" – the efforts of the Azerbaijan's chauvinist oil autocrats to buy off Western academics and use them as advocates of their policy of ethnic hatred and domestic repression. The "caviar diplomacy" was well described in the seminal paper by the European Stability Initiative, entitled: "Caviar Diplomacy - How Azerbaijan Silenced the Council of Europe." Calling this piece of forgery "analysis" is a transgression against commonsense. Krüger's biography suggests he is a failure who sold his soul for a bowl of Caspian caviar. The text is a poorly written piece of Azerbaijani propaganda that uses almost exclusively Turkish and Azerbaijani sources, manipulates references, and misrepresents well-known facts. After his failed attempt at public speech at the George Washington University in 2010, it is not clear at all if the book was indeed written by this man.  

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Deeply analysed , purely neutral, trustworthy and objective work. I found answers for too many complicated issues especially arisen from legal aspects of conflict.
To addition of legal aspects
, author also gave brief information about history of region in order to easy understand the roots of problem.
Overall brilliant work!
thanks for great work, hope this work will stop endless and groundless argues and speculations.

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