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and it is in response to that questionnaire that I mentioned that wi sent out to all of our young lawyers that they feel they need profesi sional status, and we certainly are in a very bad situation currently with respect to recruiting that we not only need to build but we need to have that as an inducement for career service just as soon as we can

Senator Ervin. It appears on pages 3 and 4 of the House repori that the number of law specialists in the Navy has increased from 471 in 1960 to 555 at the present time, but the number of the careerd officers in the same period of time has decreased from 332 to 217.

Admiral HEARN. Yes, sir; and the charge referred to in that repori is attached to my prepared statement.

I might just say that it has been an additional recognition of need beginning with fiscal year 1969, our authorization has been increased by a total of 35. So you see that the great growth in legal requirements is requiring additional people which we need to recruit.

Senator ERVIN. And is that not attributed to in part by the fact that the Navy is now and for the future so far as we now anticipate operating in units dispersed all around the earth?

Admiral HEARN. Yes, sir; very much so.
Senator ERVIN. That is all.
The CHAIRMAN. Senator Thurmond?
Senator THURMOND. Thank you, Mr. Chairman.

Admiral, what is asked here in this legislation, as I understand it is to just place the Navy on the same basis as the Army and Air Force are at present?

Admiral HEARN. That is correct, sir.

Senator THURMOND. In other words, you are just asking that the Judge Advocate General's Corps be established in the Navy as you! now have in the other services?

Admiral HEARN. That is correct, and to give us staff status as is enjoyed by the other professional groups in the Navy.

Senator THURMOND. You are not asking anything superior to that. You are not asking any favoritism, but just for the Navy to be on an equality with the other services so far as the lawyers are concerned? Admiral HEARN. That is correct, sir.

Senator THURMOND. In other words, you want to give the lawyers in the Navy a standing and a prestige that is now enjoyed by the lawyers in the Army and the Air Force?

Admiral HEARN. That is correct, sir.

Senator THURMOND. And you feel that this bill improves the quality of legal work, because it would be more attractive to lawyers than to go into the service on a career basis or to encourage those who are in service to participate to a greater extent, because they are doing legal work. They are being recognized for doing legal work rather than just being assigned now to do legal work but really not being a part of the legal corps?

Admiral HEARN. Of course, our lawyers today perform legal work exclusively. We are called law specialists, which makes us a part of a restricted line. But it will give them agreater professional prestige. It will give them a feeling of strength within their own organization, within their group, and by reason of that professional status, we feel that we can recruit into the regular service more lawyers. We can have a more experienced group, and as a consequence give to the Navy a higher professional performance.

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Senator THURMOND. In other words, they are assigned now to legal work? H Admiral HEARN. Yes, sir.

Senator THURMOND. But they are not assigned to a corps like you would have in the Army or the Air Force?

Admiral HEARN. That is correct, sir. 1 Senator THURMOND. And so it is hardly recognized as the high caliber legal work that the Army and Air Force give to the situation?

Admiral HEARN. Well, I must say I think we do a pretty good job.

Senator THURMOND. I am not criticizing your work. I say it is not recognized though among the lawyers as a legal corps, as you have in the Army or the Air Force?

Admiral HEARN. That is correct, sir. Senator THURMOND. Otherwise you would not be asking for this bill now, would you?

Admiral HEARN. That is correct; yes, sir.

Senator THURMOND. It seems to me it is completely justified. I thought I had introduced a bill on this several years ago. I am not sure. But at any rate, it is something to me that should have been rectified years ago, and I am very pleased to support the bill.

Admiral HEARN. Thank you, Senator.
The CHAIRMAN. If there are no further questions, we thank you.
Admiral HEARN. Thank you.
The CHAIRMAN. The committee will now go into executive session.

(Whereupon, at 11:55 a.m., the committee proceeded to executive session.)

(Subsequently, in executive session, the committee voted to report H.Ñ. 12910, with amendments, as covered by S. Rept. 748.)

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