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Military Posture

February 5, 2002


Rumsfeld, Hon. Donald H., Secretary of Defense; Accompanied by Hon. Dov

S. Zakheim, Comptroller, Department of Defense 10

Myers, Gen. Richard B., USAF, Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff 27

Service Secretaries

February 12, 2002

White, Hon. Thomas E., Secretary of the Army 109

England, Hon. Gordon R, Secretary of the Navy 119

Roche, Hon. James G, Secretary of the Air Force 136

Results Of The Nuclear Posture Review

February 14, 2002

Feith, Hon. Douglas J., Under Secretary of Defense for Policy 320

Gordon, Gen. John A, USAF (Ret.), Administrator, National Nuclear Security

Administration 330

Ellis, Adm. James O., Jr., USN, Commander in Chief, United States Strategic

Command 341

Unified And Regional Commanders On Their Military Strategy And
Operational Requirements

MARCH 5, 2002

Blair, Adm. Dennis C, USN, Commander in Chief, United States Pacific Command 399

Schwartz, Gen. Thomas A, USA, Commander in Chief, United Nations Command, U.S. Forces Korea, Combined Forces Command Korea 421

Speer, Maj. Gen. Gary D., USA, Acting Commander in Chief, United States Southern Command 441

Service Chiefs

MARCH 7, 2002

Shinseki, Gen. Eric K, USA, Chief of Staff, United States Army 509

Clark, Adm. Vernon E., USN, Chief of Naval Operations 520

Jones, Gen. James L., USMC, Commandant of the Marine Corps 529

Jumper, Gen. John P., USAF, Chief of Staff, United States Air Force 544


Atomic Energy Defense Activities Of The Department Of Energy

MARCH 14, 2002

Abraham, Hon. Spencer, Secretary of Energy; Accompanied by Dr. Everett Beckner, Deputy Administrator for Defense Programs, National Nuclear Security Administration; and Ambassador Linton F. Brooks, Deputy Administrator for Defense Nuclear Non-Proliferation, National Nuclear Security Administration 688




U.S. Senate,
Committee On Armed Services,

Washington, DC.


The committee met, pursuant to notice, at 9:32 a.m. in room SH216, Hart Senate Office Building, Senator Carl Levin (chairman) presiding.

Committee members present: Senators Levin, Kennedy, Byrd, Cleland, Landrieu, Reed, Akaka, Bill Nelson, E. Benjamin Nelson, Carnahan, Dayton, Bingaman, Warner, Inhofe, Santorum, Roberts, Allard, Hutchinson, Sessions, Collins, and Bunning.

Committee staff members present: David S. Lyles, staff director; Christine E. Cowart, chief clerk; and Gabriella Eisen, nominations clerk.

Majority staff members present: Daniel J. Cox, Jr., professional staff member; Madelyn R. Creedon, counsel; Kenneth M. Crosswait, professional staff member; Richard D. DeBobes, counsel; Evelyn N. Farkas, professional staff member; Richard W. Fieldhouse, professional staff member; Creighton Greene, professional staff member; Gerald J. Leeling, counsel; Peter K. Levine, general counsel; Michael J. McCord, professional staff member; Arun A. Seraphin, professional staff member; and Terence P. Szuplat, professional staff member.

Minority staff members present: Judith A. Ansley, Republican staff director; Charles W. Alsup, professional staff member; L. David Cherington, minority counsel; Edward H. Edens IV, professional staff member; Brian R. Green, professional staff member; William C. Greenwalt, professional staff member; Gary M. Hall, professional staff member; Carolyn M. Hanna, professional staff member; Mary Alice A. Hayward, professional staff member; Ambrose R. Hock, professional staff member; George W. Lauffer, professional staff member; Patricia L. Lewis, professional staff member; Thomas L. MacKenzie, professional staff member; Ann M. Mittermeyer, minority counsel; Suzanne KL. Ross, research assistant; Joseph T. Sixeas, professional staff member; Carmen Leslie Stone, special assistant; Scott W. Stucky, minority counsel; and Richard F. Walsh, minority counsel.


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