Worship with One Accord: Where Liturgy and Ecumenism Embrace

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Oxford University Press, 1997 M06 12 - 288 pages
The historical course of Christianity in the twentieth century has been strongly marked by the Ecumenical Movement and the Liturgical Movement, and often these currents for the recovery of the Church's unity and the renewal of its worship have flowed together. In this new book, author Geoffrey Wainwright draws on his three decades of active participation in both movements to offer a theologically informed account of what has been at stake in them, what their achievements have been, and what tasks remain for them to accomplish. He shows how the two movements have engaged such issues as the authority and function of scripture and tradition as well as the nature of the Church and sacraments. In this last connection, Wainwright illuminates the convergence represented by the widely received Lima text on "Baptism, Eucharist and Ministry," in the writing of which he played a prominent part. The linguistic and anthropological turns that characterize twentieth-century thought are reflected in the attention given to the language and ritual of worship. The social location of the Church is addressed in chapters that look to liturgical practices for common Christian perspectives on ethics, politics, and culture, so that discords and conflicts may be resolved and reconciled. The book makes its own contribution to the symphony of praise to which the apostle Paul summons Christians and the churches when they will "with one mind and one voice glorify the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ."

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1 Where Liturgy and Ecumenism Embrace
2 The Church as a Worshiping Community
Daniélous Work Revisited
4 Tradition as a Liturgical Act
5 The Lima Text in the History of Faith and Order
6 Sacramental Theology and the World Church
7 The Sacraments in Wesleyan Perspective
The Recovery of Classical Patterns
9 Divided by a Common Language? A Comparison and Contrast of Liturgical Revision in the United Kingdom the United States of America and Aus...
A Witness to the Gospel
Irish and Ecumenical
12 Eucharist andas Ethics
The Place of Human Rulers in the Divine Plan of Salvation
14 Trinitarian Worship
15 Canons Cultures and the Ecumenically Correct

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