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St. IvesMr. J. D. Paul Mr. Watts J. King Mr. J. Goodman Mr. Robert Knightly Mrs. Goodman Mr. James Wratten...... By Mr. Girling

BluntishamThomas Leigh, Esq. Mr. George Jewson Miss Maltman Mr. Alexander Feary Mrs. John Feary Mr. William Watts. Rev. J. E. Simmons Mrs. B. A Friend Mrs. Stacey


£ 8. d. 1 0 0 0 10 0 0 10 0 0 10 0 0 10 0 1 0 0 1 0 0 0 10 1 0 0 1 0 0 0 2 6 0 5 0 0 5 0 0 50 0 2 6 0 3 0 0 5 0 0 2 0 0 5 0 0 0 5 0

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17 7 0

Somersham C. Warner, Esq. A Friend Rev. William Orris..

IpswichMr. William Bayley Mr. S. Cowell Mr. Robert Lacy Mr. Tricket Mr. Pollard Friends Mr. H. Leverett Mr. S. Abbott Mr. Robert Thompson


J. S. Brewer, Esq.
J. Gooderson, Esq...
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Henry Culley, Esq..

Copeman, sen., Esq. William Harmer, Esq.... Robert Tiilyard, sen., Esq. Mr. Arthur Mackey... James Colman, Esq.

Bignold, Esq.....
James Cozens, Esq..
Mr. Robert French
Edward Willett, Esq.
H. M. C., Esq.
Miss Allen....
Mr. J. D. Smith.
Mr. J. Glendenning.
Mr. Josiah Fletcher
Mr. G. L. C..
Miss Cozens
A Friend
Mr. Thomas Potter
Mrs. Laing
Mr. James Newbegin
Mr. R. Norton
Mr. Hodds..
Mr. Venning
Miss Theobold...
John Culley, Esq.

£ s. d.

Charles B. Robinson, Esq........ 0 10 0

Whitmore, Esq. 0 5 0

James Cort, Esq. 0 10 0

Mr. Charles Bilson 0 0

Mrs. Palmer.. 0 5 0

Miss Hall, by Mrs. Mursell 0 5 0

C. Bedells, Esq... 0 4 0

Mr. W. Johnson
2 4 0 Mr. W. Atkins ....

Rev. John Brown... 1 0 0

Mr. Palmer 0 10

Mr. J. Baines 010

Mr. William Wilson 0 10

Mrs. Manning 0 10

Mr. T. Burton 05

Mr. Porter... 0 2 6

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Mr. Thomas Chapman 0 2 6

Mr. Samuel Viccars 3 12 0 Joseph Bedells, Esq

Richard Cooke, Esq.. 0 10 0

Mr. J. Thompson 0 5 0

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Mr. Beales. 0 17 6 A Friend

Mrs. Warner 0 10

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Mrs. Breward 0 10

Mrs. Hartless 0 1

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Mr. James Knott. 0 7 7

Miss Hull 0 10

Mrs. Peal 0 5

Mr. George Viccars... 0 5

Mrs. Thomas Viccars 2 16 1 Mr. Hull.....

Mr. Horspool...... 0 10 0

Mr. William Baines 0 10 0 0 10 0

Birmingham 0 10 0

Rev. Thomas Swan 0 10 0

Rev. Thomas Morgan... 0 10 0

W. and P. Room, Esqrs....... 0 10 0

Misses Griffiths and Hopkins 0 10 0

Mr. John Wright 0 10 0

B. Lepard, Esq. 0 10 0

Mr. J. Hopkins... 0 10 0

Mr. Horn 0 10 0

Rev. James Hoby, D.D.. 0 10 0

William Middlemore, Esq. 0 10 0

C. Landen, Esq...... 0 10 0

William Court, Esq. 0 10 0

Mr. J. R. Chirm 0 5 6

Mr. William Phillips 0 5 0

Mrs. Rudge 0 5 0

Mr. J. Hadley 0 5 0

Mr. Joseph Davis.. 0 5 0

Mr. A. Lawden 2 6

Mr. William Spires.... 0 0

Mr. Robert Batchellor 0 5 0

Mr. John Thomas 0 5 0

Mr John Wade 0 2 6

Mr. E. A. Butler 0 2 6 0 5 0

Manchester 0 5 0

Joseph H. Waters, Esq...... 0 10 0

E. H. Waters, Esq. 11 7 6

James Mills, Esq.

A. Walton, Esq. 0 5 0

J. Barton, Esq.... 0 5 0

James Cheetham, Esq. 0 5 0

Mr. Groom. 02 6

Mr. Shaw
0 17 6 Mrs. Caldicoot

D. P. 1 0 0

Mr. Hall... 0 10 0

Mr. Evans 0 10 0

A Friend 0 10 0 0 10 0

Nottingham 0 10 0

John Heard, Esq.. 1 0 0

John Rogers, Esq......

0 5 0 0 10 0 1 0 0 1 0 0 0 10 0 1 0 0 0 10 0 0 10 0 0 10 0 0 10 0 1 0 0 0 10 0 0 5 0 0 5 0 0 2 6 0 5 0 0 5 0 0 5 0 0 5 0 0 5 0 0 5 0 05 0 5 0

10 7 6

Bury St. EdmundsMr. H. Quant Mr. T. Ridley Mr. T. Ridley, jun. Mr. C. Beard

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Leicester Richard Harris, Esq. J. D. Harris, Esq. R. W. Harris, jun., Esq.. John Carryer, Esq. John Parley, Esq.... Mr. R. Paddy Rev. J. P. Mursell...

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$ d. A Friend

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4 15 0 Liverpool John Cropper, Esq.

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1 0 0 John Coward, Esq..

2 0 0 K. R. Johnson, Esq.

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0 10 0 Rev. J. Lister

0 5 0 Mr. Samuel Cutter

0 5 0

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J. Haddon, Printer, Castle Street, Finsbury

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CHRISTIAN FRIENDS, -It is cus- predecessors than liberty, or even life tomary on such interesting occasions itself; they stand identified, we feel as the present to say a little in expla- assured, with the glory of our adorable nation and defence of our leading Saviour, with the freedom and peace principles as Protestant Dissenters, of the British empire; yea, with the and to specify some of the reasons evangelization and redemption of all why we do not and cannot conform to the world. Such being our honest the Church of England as by law convictions, then, we could not be established. This custom, we con- easily prevailed upon to give those ceive, is judicious and commendable, principles up; nor can we be satisfied since it may materially tend, with the without putting forth some positive blessing of God, to fortify the minds endeavours, especially on occasions of our friends to rectify the mistakes like the present, with a view to their and repel the accusations of our ene- more extensive promulgation. miesto display the rocky firmness In addressing you for a few minutes of that foundation on which our cause longer this morning, I beg permission is erected, and from which we have to direct your attention briefly, in the no apprehension of it ever being first place, to the name by which we removed by all the force, whether are commonly called, and to show in legitimate or unlawful, which can by what sense that name is really appliany means be brought to bear cable unto us. We are usually deagainst it.

nominated dissenters; and such an Our principles as Protestant Dis- appellation is deemed by some of our senters are directly derived, we verily opponents one of the most opprobrious believe, from “the Oracles of God;' or reproachful which could by possi. they were dearer to many of our bility be awarded to us.

When they

MR. EDITOR,—This was delivered at the Ordination of the Rev. C. Mills over the General Baptist Church, Bourne, Lincolnshire; September 19th, 1843. Several who heard it thought it might be advantageously circulated through the medium of the Repository.

VOL. 6.-N.S.

If you concur in that opinion, please insert it
at your convenience. Wishing you increasing
encouragement and success in your editorial
I remain, very fraternally yours,

Y. F.

have said we are dissenters, some of tigation, we differed in some religious them seem to imagine that scarcely opinions and practices from a number anything more need be added to vilify of our fellow-men, whose capacities our character, to display our ignorance and circumstances were in nowise and contumacy, or to prove our iden- superior to our own ; who never had tity with infidels, libertines, and almost any better means for ascertaining every class of persons who deserve what was true and proper than those to be avoided and abhorred. Many which were also vouchsafed to us,others, who know us better, have a Where would be the sin and disgrace higher opinion of us by far, and enter- of dissent then ? We should only tain more charitable and appropriate differ from them in the same way and feelings toward us. We have no objec- to the same extent as they differed tion whatever to the above appellation, from us; consequently it would be provided it be rightly understood. a question for grave consideration, We rather rejoice in it as creditable to whether they were in the right or we, our discrimination, complimentary to and whether all the guilt and ignominy our conscientiousness, and as connect- of dissent did not belong to them ing us in honorable association with rather than to ourselves? Well: Is not multitudes of the wisest and best of this precisely the position in which we men in

ages that are past. The term are actually placed ? With whom do dissenter simply signifies one who we disagree as Protestant Dissenters ? disagrees with others in opinion or in With the inspired and infallible apostles practice; one who takes views of any of Jesus Christ? By no means ! We subject different from those which some admire their character; we reverence of his fellow-creatures have taken, and their office; we believe in their comconsequently pursues a different line petency; we espouse their doctrines ; of conduct. It is easy to perceive, and we conform to their directions. then, that while this appellation may With whom, then, do we disagree? be extremely reproachful in some Why, simply with a number of our cases, it may be equally honorable fellow-mortals, whose natural ignoand praiseworthy in others, according rance and depravity are as complete to the nature and claims of the subject as our own, who have no other means concerning which the division of for acquiring spiritual illumination or opinion takes place, and according to conformity to the will of God than the degrees of conscientious care those which are equally available for which the parties have exercised in ourselves, and who have no more making up their minds on the matter. authority for calling us to their tribuSuppose, for example, that any of us nal than we have for calling them to should disagree with the general sen- ours. To disagree, then, with such timents and practices of the Redeemer's persons, cannot surely be so very preapostles ; men who were filled with sumptuous, while it may be, as we divine inspiration, and invested with confidently believe it is, the part of the attribute of infallibility for the wisdom, of integrity, and of peace. very purpose of promulgating the holy Taking the apostles as the will of Jehovah! In such a case, dissent thorized expounders and promulgawould be exceedingly discreditable tors of the will of God, we conceive it and reprehensible; it would display a can be easily made to appear, that measure of ignorance and carelessness, those are in fact the dissenters who or a spirit of pride and presumption, sanction and advocate the national which could not be justified, but must establishment of religion ; while those be peremptorily condemned. But who uphold and promote congregasuppose, on the other hand, after a tional nonconformity are so far at course of serious and prayerful inves- least conservators of the primitive


faith, and true conformists to the connected with the secular govern. original standard of ecclesiastical ment in the first age of its existence, Christianity.

most certainly. The Redeemer and Not to dwell longer upon the name his apostles received not the sanction by which we are called, let us now and support of earthly princes and proceed to specify a few of our reasons parliaments. On the contrary, "The for disapproving of national religious kings of the earth did set themselves, establishments in general, and then a and the rulers took council together, few additional reasons for not con- against the Lord, and against his forming to the Church of England in anointed, saying, 'Let us break their particular.

bands asunder, and cast away their We entirely disapprove of national cords from us.'But the Gospel religious establishments in general, bade defiance to their opposition, and without regard to their name or their gloriously triumphed, despite all their nature, whether they be Popish or combined and strenuous endeavours to Protestant, Lutheran or Arminian, obstruct and destroy it.

And was Episcopalian or Presbyterian ; we ut- there ever a period when its doctrines terly disapprove of them all. But on were more pure, or its spirit more what is our disapprobation founded ? lovely; when its progress was more Have we any sufficient reasons for it? rapid, or its conquests more complete ? We have such reasons as satisfy our- But we need not take you back to the selves, and such as must, we feel first age of Christianity to justify our assured, command the respect at least conviction in this particular; you need of all who fully understand and can only cross the Atlantic, and see what didly consider them.

is going forward there at the present 1st, Then, Not a single sentence moment.

moment. Religion is not incorporated is to be found in the Scriptures in with the state in America ; the civil favor of the national establishment of government of that country wisely our holy religion. Such an institution leaves it to itself to prove its own is nowhere acknowledged in this sacred divinity, to display its own importance, book as legitimate and useful. We to achieve its own conquests, and to make these assertions in the most diffuse its own blessings. And what unhesitating manner, and we respect is the result? Is not America, in fully call upon our opponents to prove proportion to its age and its advanthem incorrect. We do not deny tages, at least as religious a nation as that Judaism was established among our own ? Yea, is it not very likely ere the ancient people of God; but Judaism long to outvie us completely in every was not Christianity; it was a local thing that is noble, and charitable, and and temporary system, a system of divine? We are aware of its slavery, types and shadows, and was utterly and we abhor it; we are aware of its abolished “when the fulness of the fanaticism, and we deplore it; but, time was come.” Until it can be notwithstanding every drawback, we shown, then, that the establishment of are decidedly of opinion that America Christianity derives some direct and is as religious a nation as our own. decisive sanction from the New Testa. Now it has been affirmed, that “if ment writings, our objections to it there were no religious establishments, will continue, and will be exemplified there would soon be no religion at in our habitual conduct.

all;" but we regard such assertions as 2nd. We are fully persuaded that impeaching the intrinsic excellence Christianity can be supported and and the paramount utility of “the glopropagated quite as well, to say the rious Gospel;" as reflecting most least, without being connected with unwarrantably upon Jesus Christ, the the secular government. It was not “ Head over all things to the Church ;"

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