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and Ford, be earnestly recommended to confer morning, by reading the Scriptures and prayer, respecting the cause at Aylesbury, and that, and Mr. W. Butler preached from Gal. iv. 15. if they agree to build a new chapel, this case be Mr. W. Butler read the report of the Home strongly recommended to the liberality of the Mission, which was adopted, and ordered to Churches of the Conference and Connexion.” be printed. He received the thanks of the

Brother Stevenson reported result of visit meeting for his valuable services during the to Downton,—That the property there had past year, and was desired to continue in been secured to the connexion, and that the office the year ensuing. present aspect of the cause there is encou- It was agreed that the interest, for another raging.

year, on the chapel, at Prospect Place, Brad. This being the time for the election of the ford, should be paid. Secretary, resolved,—" That the cordial Messrs. W. Crabtree, W. Butler, H. Holthanks of conference be presented to brother linrake, Jas. Hodgson, Francis Smith, and R. Underwood for his efficient services during Hardy, were nominated as a committee to the last three years, and that brother Steven- arrange the Conferences for a few years to son be elected secretary for the ensuing three years. R. HORSFIELD, Sec. pro tem. As Mr. Stubbins is expected to collect in

Sep. for the Foreign Mission in Yorkshire, WARWICKSHIRE CONFERENCE.—This Con

the pastors of Churches and representatives ference assembled at Wolvey, on Tuesday, are requested to fix on the times and places October 1st, 1844. The services of the day for the public services, that they may be were introduced with reading and prayer, by published. Mr. Smith of Hinckley, and Mr. Chamberlain

A new Home Missionary station was repreached from Phillippians i. 27.

commended, but the consideration of it was In the afternoon, at half past two, the deferred till the next Conference. brethren met for business; Mr. Shaw of Long- The following are the statistics of the ford, opened the meeting with prayer, and churches :-At Leeds the congregations are Mr. Knight, minister of the place, presided. It increasing; five have been baptized, and was resolved,

they have two candidates and many inquirers. 1. To receive the church at Wolverhamp- Two have been baptized at Bradford, and ton into this Conference.

they have a few inquirers. At Clayton and 2. That the following revised plan for Queenshead no visible change has transpired. the holding of the Conference be adopted. Two have been baptized at Halifax.

An 1845-January..

..... Wolverhampton. improved aspect presents itself at Birchescliff. May ......Coventry.

At Heptonstall Slack twenty one have been September...Cradley

baptized, and the church remains in a peace. 1846-January..... Longford

able state. They have baptized one at Shore, May ........ Austrey

and appearances do not suggest any apparent September...Birmingham

alteration there or at Lineholm. A revival 1847--January.....Longford, Union Place has taken place at Allerton, and they have May .........Netherton

admitted to church fellowship ten members by September...Wolvey

baptism. JAMES HODGSON, Secretary. The Conference to be he held the second

OPENINGS. Tuesday in every month. 3. That we thank the church at Hinckley

PINCABECK, Lincolnshire.—The friends con. for acceding to our request to hold the Cou

pected with the General Baptist cause in this ference there, and will avail ourselves of the

place have erected a large and spacious chapel, privilege granted when we have opportunity.

which was opened on August 25th, when Mr. 4. That the case from Hinckley church,

Matthews of Boston preached morning and requesting assistance for Nuneaton, be post

evening, from Matt. xvii 5, and Mr. Simons in poned until next Conference.

the afternoon, from Gal. vi 14; and on Lord's5. That the next conference be at Wol.

day, Sep. 1, Mr. Cameron, of Louth, preached verhampton, the second Tuesday in January, morning and evening, from Isaiah lvi 7, and and that Mr. Lewitt preach, on The present

John iv 23; Mr. C. also administered the position and duty of dissenters. This meeting Lord's supper in the afternoon. On the was but thinly attended. The verbal reports

Monday following a tea meeting was held, from the churches were unusually interesting.

when large parties of friends connected with Forty-one persons had been baptized and there the General Baptist causes at Bourn, Spalare now twenty-six candidates. Mr. Lewitt ding, Boston, Gosberton, and Sutterton, preached in the evening, from Psalm lxxxvii. 3. attended; several ministers were present, and F. CHAMBERLAIN, Secretary.

the choir of singers, connected with the cause

at Boston, sang several pieces of sacred THE YORKSHIRE CONFERENCE

music. It was an excellent meeting, and at bled at Clayton, August 13th, 1844. Mr. H. all the services the chapel was crowded. The Hollinrake opened the public worship in the large sum of £60 was collected. The ground,


and a handsome donation, were given by J. maining on this place of worship. On Mon. West, Esqr., of Pinchbeck. The chapel is day evening, Oct. 14th, a tea-meeting was large and capacious, and substantially built; held, which was appropriately addressed by and two thirds of its cost have been raised, viz, Messrs. Winks, Wallis, Hunter, Wood, of by contributions £160, proceeds of old chapel Melbourne, Goadby, and Wigg. It is pleas£65, collections at the opening £60. Con- ing to add, that about eleven months ago sidering the size of the village, it is perhaps this place of worship was enlarged, with the one of the best village chapels in the Connex- addition of new school-rooms, at an expense ion ; it will hold, without galleries, about of about £225, and that the collections at 400 persons, and it is built sufficiently high the opening, and subsequent subscriptions, for galleries when needed. The cost, inclu- with the present anniversary, have raised sive of lamps, baptistry, iron gates, wall, trust nearly half the money. The congregations deeds, &c, is £460; though many friends, and school are improved; and the chapel, who are accustomed to the building of chapels, which presents a very neat appearance, is computed it to have cost £600 or £700. *

likely to prove a great blessing to the poor A little more than twelve months since, but populous neighbourhood in which it is (when Mr. Simons, their present minister, located. May the “ little one become a came to Pinchbeck,) the old chapel was nearly thousand !” deserted, as not more than about twenty persons attended; since then the old chapel

London, Praed Street.- On Lord's day, became far too small— this large chapel was

Oct. 13th, the annual sermons for the reduc.

tion of the debt on the Tabernacle, were needful—a church is formed, several have

On the been baptized, great good is doing. Mr.

preached by Rev. W. Underwood. Simons is much esteemed and loved. May

following evening about 200 friends partook the Lord bless and prosper him and his charge.

of tea in the schoolroom, the provisions for F. M.

which were gratuitously furnished by various

members of the church. Wolvey.—The General Baptist chapel,

The collecting

cards were called in, when the tea was over, Wolvey, having been closed for three weeks, for painting, coloring, and other improve

which together with the collections on Lord'sments, was re-opened for divine worship on

day, and the product of the tea tickets, re

alized the sum of £147. Lord's-day, Aug. 18th, when two very appro.

The debt, which priate and impressive sermons were preached

three years ago amounted to £2,000, is now reduced to a little below £1,200.

At seven by the Rev. J. G. Pike, of Derby; the collections after which amounted to the liberal sum

o'clock, a public meeting was held in the of £30. 10s. 6d. This, with some former

Tabernacle. The pastor of the church pre. contributions, and donations since received,

sided, and interesting addresses were delivered enables us to defray the whole of the expence

by Messrs. T. H. Bissil, Joseph Wallis, B. A., incurred, which was upwards of £40.

of the Baptist college, Bristol ; J. Stevenson,

M.A., Borough Road; and H. Wileman, the SHEPHERD's Bush, near London.—A new treasurer of the church. The latter speaker school-room, equal to many village chapels, proposed that at the next anniversary we has been erected here by our liberal friend, should endeavor to bring down the debt to Mr. Wileman, of Praed-street, at an expense

£1000. This proposition, accompanied by a of £200. An infant school is conducted in liberal offer, having been moved and seconded it during the week, and a branch Sabbath. was put to the meeting, and carried with school on Lord's-days. It was opened for acclamation. worship, Sep, 29th, 1844. The Rev. Mr.

BARROWDEN. - The anniversary services Stoughton, successor to Dr. Vaughan, of

connected with the ancient cause in this Kensington, preached in the afternoon, and

place, were held on the 29th and 30th of the Rev. W. Underwood in the evening.

September. Appropriate and eloquent serThe place was crowded at both services. It

mons were preached by the Rev. J. Wallis, will accommodate about 200 people. А

president of the Baptist academy, Leicester. gentleman, a member of Paddington chapel,

On Monday a public tea was provided in the (Indep.) kindly offered to give the timber for

school-rooms, which were tastefully decorated the forms, which have backs, and pulpit.

and liberally furnished with provisions by the ANNIVERSARIES.

ladies of the congregation. After the entertain

ment, several pleasing and animating addresses

On Lord's.
LEICESTER, Carley Street. -

were delivered. At the close of these services it day, Oct. 13th, 1844, two sermons were

was found to the surprise of many that a sum delivered in this place by the Rev. H.

not less than £55. 178. had been collected. Hunter, of Nottingham, when collections

This more than twice exceeded the sum ob. were made towards liquidating the debt re

tained on the previous year, and it is confi

dently expected that at the next anniversary * The builders of the chapel have erected a

the chapel debt, which has long been a heavy convenient vestry, and have in the handsomest manner made the friends a present of it.

incumbrance, will be entirely removed.


" old

ILKESTON.-On Lord's-day, Oct. 13th, the ters who intended to present. Altogether, second anniversary of the re-opening of this considering the holy feeling and gratitude exchapel was commemorated by two excellent cited, and the sum of money obtained, (besermons being preached by Mr. Owen, of tween £50, and £60.) this is considered the Castle Donington. Collections, £5. 5s. On best anniversary we have had. Monday evening a social tea-meeting was

BOURNE.-Interesting services were held, which was attended by the Ilkeston choral society, and several pieces of music cently held at Bourne, on the occasion of the

ninth anniversary of the new chapel. Rev. were sung.

It had been stated, that only £13. remained of the expence incurred by morning of Lord’s-day, Sep. 22nd, from

W. Underwood, of London, preached in the improving the chapel, and the propriety of its

Psalm xxvi. 8, and in the evening from Jer. removal was urged upon the audience; but,

li. 50, middle and last clause. Rev. T. on a debt of £50. being found in some dusty book,” it was “thought scorn ” to lay

Yates, of Fleet, preached in the afternoon,

from Heb. xi. 16, first clause; and again on hand upon the smaller debt. Mr. Owen and Mr. Moore, of Castle Donington, urged the

Monday evening, from Acts xxi. 13. Pre.

vious to the latter meeting, numerous friends people to sweep away the whole in another

assembled for tea in the old chapel, and enyear. In imitation of the different classes in

joyed an agreeable interview. The sum of railway travelling, the various sums were

£48. lls, 8d. was collected. engaged to be given, or collected, from £5., £3., £2., to 2s. 6d., amounting to £44. 10. SMEETON.-On Lord', Aug. 25th, two The meeting was of an interesting character. sermons were preached by Mr. J. Beales, of Happy day! when every church and every Leicester, in behalf of the Sabbath-school christian shall obey the Divine command, connected with that place. On Monday “ Owe no man any thing."

Aug. 26th, about 120 friends and teachers

partook of tea, and addresses were delivered SAARDLOW.—The anniversary sermons in by brethren Cook, Sutton, Challaton, and W. this village were preached on Lord's day, Deacon. Our Sabbath-school is in a very Oct. 6th, by Mr. Peggs, of Ilkeston, from, flourishing state.

G. H. “ Go ye into the vineyard,” &c., and,“ My son, give me thine heart.” Collections, £3. Os. 2d. TickNaLL.-On Lord's-day, Sep. 22nd, It is hoped another year a tea-meeting on the 1844, two impressive sermons were preached Monday evening will add to the interest and in the Baptist chapel, Ticknall, by Mr. John efficiency of the anniversary services. The Richardson, of Derby, formerly of Wirksdebt on the chapel is still £80.

worth, after which the sum of £6. Js. 1d. was BARTON - IN-THE-Beans. Anniversary of collected, to assist the friends in paying off

the entire debt on this place of worship. day school. — Perhaps the oldest inhabitant

The friends of the Redeemer's cause here in this village does not remember a more

have for some time felt anxious to remove the interesting day than Oct. 3rd, 1844. After

chapel debt, and have been making a strenuous singing and prayer, the children appointed

effort for this purpose during the past year. for examination, arranged in classes on platform below the pulpit, were examined

They are happy to state, that, with the collecin reading, mental arithmetic, geography,

tions on this occasion, they have enough, and to spare.

With the surplus, the friends inscripture history, &c., very much to the

tend to make some repairs that are necessary delight of the assembled audience. After

to the chapel. On Monday afternoon, Sep. tea had been taken by both the children and friends, they again assembled, when

23rd, there was a tea-meeting in the chapel, addresses

when about 100 sat down. At seven o'clock were given, detailing the rise and progress of the school, its various claims

there was a meeting for prayer and thanks. to support and encouragement.

giving to the Great Head of the church, that

this branch of the church have been enabled blessing,” our correspondent adds, “it would be to the rising race of the poor, if such

to discharge all their responsibilities in conschools were attached to all our chapels.”

nection with the chapel, and that it is now free

from encumbrance. The meeting was well Boston, Lincolnshire.--The anniversary

attended, and addresses were delivered by services connected with this chapel, took place

Mr. Stanion, our minister, and Mr. Wood, of on Sep. 22nd and 23rd. On the 22nd, brother

Melbourne; also by Mr. T. Banton, Wesleyan, Burns, of London, and brother Mathews,

and J. Brooks, of Ticknall. This was an preached, when the collections amounted to interesting opportunity.

J. B. £32. On the Monday the annual tea-meeting

BAPTISMS. was held, when about 600 sat down to tea. The meeting was addressed by brethren WOLVERHAMPTON.—The Lord continues Burns, Mathews, Golsworthy, and Man, to smile upon us as a church. On the first (Baptists,) and Flather, (Methodist;) and Sabbath in October, four more persons were notes of apology were read from other minis- added to us by baptism, one of whom was in


What a

his eighty-first year.

Mr. Shore preached, the academy, preached from 1 Pet. iii. 21. from Mark i. 9, and then administered the In the afternoon Mr. Wallis gave the newly sacred rite in the presence of a respectable baptized the right hand of fellowship, in the and deeply affected assembly. Several more name of the church, and administered the are asking the way to Zion, with their faces Lord's-supper. Truly, “it was good to be thitherward.

there." BIRMINGHAM.-On Lord's day, Oct. 6th, STAMFORD, Lincolnshire. — Mr. Mathews, five persons were baptized by Rev. G. Chea.

of Boston, baptized on September the 25th, tle, at Lombard-street chapel. Amongst one person, and on the 26th, tbree persons, these were a son, and a daughter, and

two of whom where acceptable local preachers daughter-in-law, of the pastor. We are happy

among the Wesleyans. There are others to state, that, potwithstanding the trials

who have offered themselves as candidates. through which our brother has recently passed, the cause wears a decidedly improving Boston, Lincolnshire. The ordinance of aspect.

A FRIEND. baptism has been administered five times London, Praed Street.—Five persons

since June. During the past month Mr. were baptized by the pastor, Rev. W. Under

Matthews bas baptized five persons. wood, on Lord's day, Oct. 6th, after a sermon

SHEFFIELD.-On Lord's day, September on baptism.

8th, 1844, the infant cause at this important LYNDHURST, Hants.Two persons were

Home Mission station was further strengthadded to this church by baptism, on Lord's- ened by the addition of six individuals, four of day, Oct 6th, 1844.

whom were baptized during the morning KIRKBY WOODHOUSE.

service, by the Rev. J.J. Owen, of Castle

On Lord's-day, Donington, the other two having previously Oct. 2nd, the ordinance of baptism was ad.

undergone the sacred rite. The services were ministered to five persons, three males and

very appropriate and encouraging. two females, at Kirkby lane end, when our respected minister, E. Sienson, late of Congle.

QUENIBOROUGH AND THRUSSINGTON.-On ton, preached from Mark xvi. 15, 16. One or

Lord's day, October 13th, the ordinance of two of these converts present interesting evi- believers' baptism was administered to seven dence of the great power of divine grace. We candidates in the Baptist chapel at Syston, have several inquirers, of whom we hope well.

whicb was lent to us for the occasion, four Since brother Stenson came amongst us, the males and three females. Mr. Jones preached cause of religion has advanced, and the con.

in the morning from Gal. iii 17. Mr. Hawgregations have increased, T. Ellis.

ley, from Leicester, administered the ordinance NottinGHAM, Stoney Street -On Lord's

of baptism; in the afternoon preached at day, Oct. 6th, sixteen persons, one of whom

Queniborough and administered the Lord's was sixty-six years of age, were baptized and supper. The newly baptized candidates were added to the church. Mr. Hugh Hunter

received into the church, by giving them the preached, and Mr. James adminstered the

right hand of fellowship. It was a refresbing sacred rite. The venerable senior pastor,

time. Mr. Pickering, presided at the Lord's-table,

ORDINATIONS, &c. but was so feeble and tremulous as not to be able to pour out the wine. The body of

LONGFORD. Ordination of Rev. W. Chapthe spacious chapel was filled with com.

man.—The solemn and very delightful sermunicants. It was a solemn and interesting

vices connected with the ordination of Mr. W. Chapman to the pastoral office over the

first General Baptist church, Longford, took LEICESTER, Dover Street. On Lord's

place October 8th. Mr. F. Franklin, (P. B.) day, Oct. 6th, two young persons of Coventry, opened the meeting, after which baptized by Mr. Goadby, and added to the

Mr. I. Stubbins, missionary from India, read church. What rendered this baptism pecu- suitable portions of Scripture, and offered up liary interesting, was the fact, that one of



the general prayer. Mr. J. Goadby, of Leicesthe candidates was the eldest son of the

ter, delivered a very argumentative and powerpastor, and the other, the grandson of the late

ful introductory discourse on the nature and Rev. J. Deacon. An affectionate discourse

constitution of a chrlstian church, from Rev. was delivered in the morning from 2 Tim.

iii. 22; after which he proposed to the church ii. 2, being the same that the pastor's own and minister the usual questions, the answers father took at his ordination charge. May to which were listened to with thrilling instrong in the grace that is in Christ

terest, many being deeply affected at the Jesus!"

rehearsal of the way in which the Lord had QUORNDON. On Lord's day morning, led both minister and people. The desigOct. 6th, one male and three females were nating prayer, by Mr. J. G. Fike, of Derby, baptized at this place. Mr. Wallis, tutor of was most solemn, deep, and comprehensive,

they be "

and was accompanied by the imposition of Wednesday evening, the 25th, ult.,—after a hands. Mr. J. Stevenson, A. M., of London, very appropriate address by Mr. Staddon, on gave an eloquent charge, from Acts xiv. the nature of a christian church, and the duties 1. Dr. Hewlett, of Coventry, concluded with and privileges of its members ; and on reprayer. In the evening, Mr. J. Lewitt, of ceiving a satisfactory statement as to their Coventry, engaged in prayer, after which, separation from Lombard Street, and their Mr. J. Wallis, tutor of the General Baptist desire to be constituted a society on the college, addressed the people in a very appro- principles of the christian religion,—he gave priate discourse, from Luke iii. 10,“ What to each the right hand of fellowship. After shall we do then ?" Mr. J Knight, of Wol. which, Mr. Barnes, who had spent the prevey, concluded with prayer the exercises of vious Sunday in Birmingham, delivered a this interesting day. In the evening the short address, and administered the ordinance chapel was filled, but in the morning it was of the Lord's-supper. Birmingham, which crowded to excess, and, though the service is often denominated the midland metropolis, continued four hours, scarcely an individual contains upwards of 200,000 inhabitants, moved from his seat during the whole of the with an increasing population, and has in it time. Nearly thirty accredited ministers of but one General Baptist chapel.

L. different denominations were present; and

ILKESTON BRITISH SCHOOLS.-On Monwhat added greatly to the interest of our

day, Oct. 7th, the erection of the schoolmeeting, was, that five of the senior students

rooms, for the accommodation of the British favored us with their company, three of whom, with Mr. Hudson, missionary to China, gave

schools recently established in this town, was

commenced. The estimate for the building out the hymns. Long may this day be recol.

is £489., exclusive of the land. A liberal lected as one of the most important con. nected with this little hill of Zion. May He

subscription has been commenced by the

committee, and those friendly to the instituthat wąlketh amidst the golden candlesticks

tion, which has been aided by subscriptions bless us with peace end prosperity, and grant that his servant, whom he hath sent among

from W. Evans, Esq., M P., £20., and E.

Strutt, Esq., M. P., £50. The government us, may be the honored instrument of turning many from darkness to light, from the power

grant is £200. These schools, almost

from their establishment, have been selfof satan to serve the living and true God.

supporting. The children are divided into “High heaven that heard the solemn vow, three classes, as it respects payment of 2d.,

That vow renew'd shall daily hear, 'Till in life's latest hour we bow,

3d., and 4d., per week. Two or three of a And bless in death a bond so dear."

family pay a half-penny each less. The mas.

J. WRIGHT. ter and mistress have been sent to London, to MORCOTT AND BARROWDEN. Mr. W.

the Borough Road schools; and the former Orton, late of the General Baptist academy,

receives one guinea per week, and the latter, Leicester, has accepted an invitation to serve

who is a young female member, £30. per

annum. These facts are mentioned to stimuthe ancient church assembling in these places.

late the friends of education in every town to It is pleasing to add that since Mr. Orton

commence these invaluable institutions. went to labor amongst this people, the congregations have greatly improved, and the Kirton, Notts.— The resignation of Mr. church assumes a promising aspect.

Stubbings of his pastoral charge over this

church, occasioned much grief. As a tesMISCELLANEOUS.

timonial of their respect for his gratuitous FORMATION OF A NEW GENERAL BAPTIST labors, the members have commenced a subCHURCH IN BIRMINGHAM. About three scription, for the purpose of tendering to him months ago, a few of the members of the

a suitable present.

W. H. General Baptist church, Lombard Street, withdrew from their connection with that

IPSWICH.-Cannot the General Baptists

We church; and as they could not conscien.

have even yet a cause at Ipswich ?

once had a church there. See G. B. His., tiously unite with the other religious denominations in the town, they entered into an

Vol. II., p. 446. There is now

a good engagement to form a separate church on

chapel. seventy feet by forty-five, to be let for General Baptist principles. Since that time,

£30 per annum, and a steadfast brother on

the spot who will give £20 per annum, they have met for Divine worship in a school. room, and have conducted the services princi

towards assisting to make the attempt.

Have we no zealous and devoted brethron pally among themselves.

As the congre

who will come forward and assist ? gations and Sabbath-school continue to

QUERIST. increase, and having a candidate for baptism, they were desirous of being organized as a THE FREE-WILL-BAPTISTS, in America, christian church, and invited Mr. Barnes, of

have now

1201 churches; 797 ordained Austrey, and Mr. Staddon, of Burton-on- ministers; and 60,735 communicants. Trent, to visit them for this purpose.


Morning Star, Sep. 4th, 1844.

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