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Stevenson, W. M. Baker, &c. From the col- 2. To sustain the arrangement of the sublections, tea, and collecting cards, £200. were committee in the appointment of Mr. J. realized, and the meeting engaged to liqui. Noble, of Belgrave, as treasurer, pro tem., date the £70. still remaining on the school, consequent on the resignation of Mr. J. &c., by Good Friday next. A very excellent Hodgson, on account of distance, feeble spirit pervaded the whole of the services, and health, and various engagements. from the account read by our pastor, it was 3. To confirm the following probationary evident that special prosperity had been students in the enjoyment of the privileges of vouchsafed during the past year, and that the institution; viz., Messrs. J. C. Sarjant, the various institutions had been liberally W. Greenwood, John A. Jones, and Caleb supported, and were in a thriving state. Springthorpe; in consequence of the favorable

report of the tutor as to their talents, conduct, SPALDING, Lincolnshire.—The anniversary

and application. services connected with the General Baptist

4. To receive the two missionary students chapel in this towo, took place Oct. 20th,

into the institution, subject to such charge on and 21st. On Lord's-day, the 20th, Mr.

the Foreign Mission funds as shall be agreed Hoe, Mr. Simons, and Mr. Strutt, (Indep. ),

on by the finance committee. preached, and collections were made. The

5. As several churches have not collected annual tea-meeting was held on Monday, for the Academy, or the special appeal, it was wben a very respectable company sat down

agreed to address them by circular on this to tea in the school rooms. The meeting

subject, soliciting their co-operation and was addressed by Messrs. Everard, Goldswor.

assistance. thy, Strutt, (Indep.) and Wilkinson, (Wes

6. That we request the sub-committee to leyan.) The meeting was much enlivened

take into their consideration what steps can by singing several pieces of sacred music.

be recommended as adapted to promote the Mr. Butters was called to preside, when he benefits and efficiency of the Academy. briefly stated that the Baptist interest at Spalding had continued nearly 200 years, the SINGULAR OPEN-AIR SERVICES.-Being first preacher's name was Denney,-in 1646; on a visit to the coast, at Hunstanton, Northe first chapel, built in the year 1689, cost folk, in July last, I was delighted, when £89; the second in 1716, £137. 188. 14d. ; walking on the sands, to meet Mr. Underthe third, 1811, £400.; the fourth, which is wood, from London, Mr. Pike, of Wisbech, the present, on the same site, in 1828, £800.; Mr. Pegg, of Derby, &c. Will it not add to considerable enlargement was made in 1842, the pleasures of heaven, to see first one and at a cost of £450.; also one built at Pinch- then another of our acquaintances that we beck, by the Spalding friends, in 1818, and have loved below? I persuade myself it cost £160. The proceeds of this interesting will; and I do expect to see many of my meeting were upwards of £70., leaving a relatives and friends, with whom I have often debt of £200., which we feel anxious to pay held sweet converse, and recount the love and off the next two years, which will complete mercy of Him who has brought us safely to the second centenary.

Canaan's happy shore. But I am digressing. WISBECH.–At the last anniversary, Nov.

There were some interesting services held 4th, a gentleman offered £100 towards the

here in the open air; and they excited con

siderable attention. Mr. Hamilton, of Lynn, £350 debt, providing the remainder should be collected in one year; upwards of £200

an Independent minister, preached one Lord'shas been already offered.

day evening, on the shore; a large rock served

him as a pulpit, and the surrounding rocks THE MIDLAND CONFERENCE will meet at were used as seats by a considerable audience. Loughborough, on Tuesday, Dec. 31st. Mr. Underwood preached on a piece of ground Brother Hudson is expected to preach. called “the butt land,” to a good congrega.

tion, on the week night; and, the following REMOVALS.

Lord’s day evening, the congregation met MR. J. LINDLEY has resigned the pastoral again on the rocks. A Wesleyan gave out care of the Church at Macclesfield. His the hymns; Mr. H. preached an excellent closing service was on Lord's-day, Oct. 27th. sermon, from, “Go up now, look toward the MR. W. GOODLIFFE has resigned his min

sea;” and two grey-headed deacons, one a istry at Kirton-in-Lindsay.

Particular Baptist, from Lynn, and the other

a General Baptist, from Nottingham, raised MISCELLANEOUS.

the tunes. The sun shone in all his glory, THE ACADEMY, LEICESTER.–At a com. while the ever-moving sea rolled at our mittee meeting held in Leicester, Oct. 29th,

feet with all its solemn grandeur. These it was resolved :

interesting services, of course, somewhat dis1. To sanction and approve the engage

turbed the equanimity of certain clerical digment of Mr. J. Lewitt with the church at

pitaries in the place. Coventry.

JAMES Smith.



opportunities as a specimen ? It shall be MADRAS.

the first. After en treating Divine assistance, [We are exceedingly delighted to receive the I went forth, scarcely knowing how to begin, following letter from our dear brother Buckley. and fearing that I should not be able to The voyage was very prosperous, performed in

adapt myself to the class of minds with little more than eleven weeks. Our brother re

which I had to deal. On seeing a number gards his pleasant and safe voyage as an answer to prayer.-Ed.]

of sailors smoking their pipes under the Madras, Sep. 10th, 1844. forecastle, I went and sat by the side of My VERY DEAR BROTHER,-I rejoice, one, and began to tell him that I felt in commencing my first letter to you from myself to be in the sight of God on a level this idolatrous land, that the information I with him, that his soul was as precious as have to communicate is such as constrains mine, or as the captain's—that I felt that me to say to all my dear friends, “ Come I was a sinner born to die, and in danger magnify the Lord with me, and let us exalt of the wrath of God, but that I hoped through his name together.” I have had a remark- Christ I had obtained mercy-that I was ably propitious voyage; it is, with one ex. going to tell the poor idolaters of India of ception, the quickest voyage ever made. Jesus Christ, who came into the world to We lost sight of dear Old England's shores save sinners, and that I was glad of an on Friday, June 14th, being then within a opportunity of directing him, and his commile of Eddystone light house, and seventy- panions, to the same blessed Saviour. eight days after, Aug. 31st, we anchored in Others soon gathered round, and all that Madras roads. In this respect, then, of all could read eagerly received the tracts, with the thousands who have gone to India by which I was favored by the Religious Tract way of the Cape, none haye been more Society, many of which I have no reason favored than we, and only one ship's com. to doubt were attentively read. I found, pany equally so. We have had much less from the answers wbich some of them re. rough weather than usual, though it is turned to my questions, that they were singular that most of our Sabbaths were deplorably ignorant and indifferent: they rough. With captain Toller I was a good needed line upon line-here a little, and deal pleased, and my fellow passengers were

there a little. I had, also, a lengthened for the most part agreeable and intelligent, conversation with one of the soldiers ; a goodly number of them were truly de- several others sitting or standing by as voted to the Lord. For three or four days listeners. I asked him what his mother after the pilot left us, I suffered considerably said when he enlisted, which I found he had from sea-sickness;—but afterwards I bore but recently done. He was startled ; and the motion so well that I was as able to though he tried to suppress emotion, was read and study as on land. Indeed often obviously touched by the question; he conwhen in smooth water I could scarcely fessed that he had run away from home, and realize being at sea, it seemed as if I was that she did not know what had become of pacing to and fro in the study, instead of him. I expostulated with him- told him being in a floating habitation, thousands of that I was surprized and shocked at his miles distant from that land which, with all conduct, as well as grieved for his poor its faults, I shall always ardently love. I broken-hearted mother. Could

not but frequently regretted, especially during the think that I had proof, in this instance, that former part of the voyage, that I had not there is no readier way of arresting the atthe opportunity of preaching to my fellow- tention, and of getting at the stopy heart passengers. The clergyman who was with us of a thoughtless youth, than by reminding was very friendly, -was warmly attached to him of his best earthly friend. On learning evangelical doctrines, but not sufficiently that this youthful trifler was a Roman catholic to unite in conducting service with Catholic, and that he placed great depena dissenting minister. The captain ex. dance on the apostle, who, according to the pressed his regret that it could not be ar. Papists, keeps the keys of the kingdom, I ranged for us to preach alternately, and I told him that I had two of Peter's letters in expressed mine more strongly, believing, as my pocket. He looked amazed ; but I Philip Henry says, that

candles were assured him that my statement was permade to burn, and ministers made to preach.” fectly correct, and then taking out the Holy I regularly devoted a part of the Sabbath Book, I read some select portions from the to the soldiers and sailors, and could not but first letter, on Christ “ bearing our sins in hope that these exercises were a good pre- his own body on the tree;" and on the awful paration for my future work. Shall I fur. “ end of those who obey not the Gospel of nish you with a description of one of these God.” Altogether, it was to me an interest

ing opportunity, and, though what was done spend upon earth. In musing, as I often must not be dignified with the name of did, on the arduous but most blessed work preaching, it was much more adapted to those to which infinite grace has called me, Joshua addressed than any regular sermon would i. 7-9, was much in my thoughts,-a text have been. As most of the soldiers were which clearly teaches that if the servants of Irish Roman Catholics, and as I could not God enter on his work with holy courage, but hope that I gained their confidence, I exercising strong confidence in him, and was favorably circumstanced for judging as with an humble determination to make his to the influence which popery exerts over word the chosen theme of their meditation its deluded votaries. My previous impres. and discourse, he will bless them in all that sions of its being essentially mischievous they do, and attend them whithersoever they were very decided, and they have been abun- go. My prayer is, that my missionary dantly confirmed. I was especially struck career, which I cannot but feel has been with the influence which the belief of purga- auspiciously commenced, may be marked by tory has. It at once destroys the hope of an adherence to these grand principles. heaven and the fear of hell. They had not Henceforth, I only wish to live to promote the most distant expectation of being with the kingdom of Christ in this idolatrous Christ as soon as they departed, nor were land. they alarmed by fears of being consigned to

I wish I could describe the scene witnessed endless misery. They expected, as a matter as soon as we anchored, but it would require of course, that at death they should go to a much more practised pen,—the strange “ limbo,” as they usually designate purgatory; appearance of the boats, the swarms of and that they should be released at the day natives, their being almost naked, and their of judgment, if not previously delivered by responsive singing while conveying us to the prayers of the priest; and this belief the beach, presented a scene which beggars emboldened them in sin. One of the men description, and which produced strange lent me the Douay version of the New Tes. emotions; it is as common, however, as the tament, and I carefully looked it over. arrival of a vessel. I could not but be There was more scriptural truth in some of thankful on seeing my degraded brethren in the notes than might have been expected—a human nature, that “honor all men,” was circumstance which reminded me of an old a part of the divine word. And then, how remark, that Satan generally mixed truth peculiar the feelings realized on landing! with his lies, that they may be more readily How afflictive the thought, “ In this land believed ; but, in other places, the impudeuce satan has probably done more mischief than of the statements (I use that ugly word any where else!” But O how cheering, that adrisedly) was amazing. I have entered at the divine faithfulness is pledged, that some length into the matter in my journal, India, which is now “the hold of every foul which I hope to forward to Mr. Pike by the spirit, and the cage of every unclean and overland next month.

hateful bird,” shall be wrested from the We had evening worship in Mrs. Gordon's malignant grasp of the great adversary, and cabin. Mrs. G. is the wife of one of the become one of the brightest gems in ImIndependent missionaries at Chicacole. With manuel's crown! It must be so, it will be so; many of these opportunities I was a good and it is to my present circumstances, a deal pleased. By request of the ladies, I most animating consideration that my expounded. Our number was usuully ten humble labors, by the blessing of the eteror eleven, a very gratifying number indeed, nal Spirit, may accelerate the glories of that when it is considered what a ship's company day when bright spirits of light, bending too often is, and when it is added, that all from their thrones, will see every idol banwho united with us were Episcopalians, and ished from India, and her millions uniting that none were invited.

in the

song, Worthy is the Lamb that was I paid considerable attention to the lan. slain.”

But I am digressing. I must proguage, not, I hope, without making some ceed, then, to inform you that I was introimprovement, though scarcely so much as duced on landing to Mr. Van Someren, (who I expected. I often pleased myself with is a Baptist, but as there is no Baptist the thought that the peculiar mercies of church in Madras, he is connected with the this propitious voyage were vouchsafed in Independents,) and was soon conveyed to the answer to the prayers of many dear friends hospitable abode of this gentleman; and in England, and some in India; but I do while enjoying a refreshing cup of tea, I not imagine that any of my friends sup. found to my surprize and pleasure that one posed that I was so happy as I really was. of the company, (a missionary's wife), was I have never enjoyed, in the same length intimately acquainted with Harboro' and of time, so much of that “calm and heavenly its vicinity. At once I felt myself at home; frame,” which is so desirable and welcome. and when the evening had been agreeably Happier hours than many spent in the and profitably spent with christian friends Wellesley I neither expect nor desire to who I had not previonsly seen. As Mr.

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Van Someren had another visiter on the agreed that the designating services conMonday following, he transferred me, re- nected with Mr. Jarrom should take place luctantly, as he said, to the Rev. A. Leitch, at Wisbech. The addition of Mr. Jarrom an estimable missionary of the London to the China mission is generally considered Society, to whose christian kindness, as well most important and valuable; as his vari. as to that of his brethren with wbom I have ous learning, and other mental and moral enjoyed daily intercourse, I am deeply in. qualities, cannot fail to be of essential debted. At first I regretted that we should service to an infant missionary enterprize. be detained at Madras as much as ten days, Applications for engagement in missionary but now rejoice that this has been the case, labor were received from Mr. W. Bailey, as it has furnished a good opportunity of son of Mr. J. Bailey, of Woodhouse; and obtaining much information respecting mis. from Mr. W. Millar, of Staley Bridge. sionary operations in Southern India. I Various testimonials were read respecting should like to communicate much of what I these two enterprizing and devoted young have seen and heard, but have not time; hope brethren, and it was determined that they be to do so on a future occasion. Have been accepted as candidates for missionary lagratified with the kind manner in which our bor, with a view of ascertaining if they may dear mission band are always spoken of. be qualified to go out with Mr. Stubbins Have preached twice for Mr Porter, (pastor in June or July next; and that they be of the English Independent church), and placed under the care of Rev, J. Wallis, have addressed his Bible class. Last even.

tutor of the General Baptist academy ing I had the pleasure of meeting with ten Leicester, in order to receive such instrucmissionaries: the subject discussed was the tion as the period will admit. Both these character and success of popish missions brethren go out unmarried, and will reside in India. Much important information was severally with a missionary after their arrival elicited.

in Orissa, that they may be there assisted The ship will leave the roads early to. and prepared for missionary labor.

It is morrow morning, and all my overland letters probable one will be stationed at Cuttack must be finished this evening. We expect

with brother A. Sutton, and the other at to reach Vizagapatam on Friday or Satur- Berhampore, with brother Stubbins. day. Brother Wilkinson will meet me A pious lieutenant being stationed near there. Berhampore is 150 miles from to our brethren, and having displayed a Vizagapatam, but travelling in India is a zealous disposition to labor in the work of very different affair from railway travelling the mission, it was resolved that, in the in England. I have only in conclusion to event of lieutenant becoming identified say that I feel as deeply desirous as ever with our body, and being likely to be rethat my dear friends will, “ for the Lord moved by his superiors into a distant part Jesus Christ's sake and for the love of the of the country, that the Orissa conference Spirit, strive, (agonize, you know is the should be empowered to engage him as a original word), together with me in their regular missionary for the Society. prayer to God for me." With kind re- A communication having been received gards to Mrs. G.,

from Mr. Wilkinson, as to three young men, Yours, very affectionately, Oreah converts, who display considerable

John BUCKLEY. talents for the ministry, it was agreed, that P. S. Tuesday-night, Sep. 10. Have they be employed and trained under the just heard from Berhampore. All is well. direction of the Orissa Conference, and that Farewell.

the Conference receive instructions to sup

port and train, at the expense of the Society, GENERAL BAPTIST MISSIONARY

any such persons as possess suitable quali. SOCIETY.

fications; it being considered of the highest RECEPTION OF ADDITIONAL MISSION- moment, that the raising up of an effective ARIES.—At a meeting of the committee, held native ministry should be encouraged. in Dover Street vestry, Leicester, Oct. 29th, 1844, the treasurer, Mr. W. Stevenson, in EXTRAORDINARY CONVERSIONS. the chair, a considerable amount of very Religious Herald for this month, published important business was transacted.

in the Burmese language, by the American It had been ascertained by the secretary, missionaries, contains an account of the that Mr. W. Jarrom, of Northampton, was conversion to Christianity of about two willing to engage in the service of the so- thousand Karens, in the province of Arrakan, ciety, and to devote himself to the China the result of the missionary labors of the mission, -the committee, after serious de- Rev. Mr. Abbot, within less than a year liberation, agreed, nem. con., to invite Mr. past. Truly on such a subject as this, the Jarrom to commit himself to this important friends of christian missions may well rework, and accompany brother Hudson at a joice, and derive from it encouragement to period early in the spring. It was also persevering exertions.---Patriot,


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