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vain? British Christians! God is conquering Ireland. He has greatly honoured your agents in giving a remarkable stimulus to the public mind. We are plainly on the eve of a mighty crisis. But, to take advantage of this, you must just now furnish much additional assistance. The breach must be entered in force, to do it with effect. He summons you to come up,” by your prayers and contributions, to hishelp.Remember the poor, perishing Irish. Ponder well the awful words above quoted. Our prayer is, that divine grace may so open your hearts and hands, that, instead of a blighting curse, you may inherit a rich and a lasting blessing.


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Extracts of a letter to Mr. Green :- by them) church of Rome, having some

January 3, 1844. vague and undefinable notions about purgaAfter another year of labour, it is plea- tory and transubstantiation, will not at once sant at the commencement of a new one, to abandon popery and unite with us. Surely know that, at least, we have lost no ground it is cause of great sorrow, that such persons in our attacks upon the kingdom of dark- should have imbibed, and in some measure ness; and much more pleasant to know that retain such errors; but is there not cause for we have made considerable progress, and gratitude and joy, that at the present time gained decisive advantages. Let our friends there are still in communion with Rome in England not suppose that none are bene numbers who love and read the Bible, and fited by us but the few whom we report, from depend solely upon the atonement for salvatime to time, as having been baptized. The tion? I rejoice to inform you, that for the reverse of this is the case. I am fully per- last month our meeting-house, both on Thurssuaded that many, shall I say, many thou- days as well as Lord's days, has been well sands, still in communion with popery and filled with hearers; the congregation is nearly episcopacy, have received lasting benefit doubled since November. May the Lord from your mission to Ireland; and that, in grant that it may continue só. On the mornthe great day of account, thousands of those ing of the new year we had a delightful meetaround us will unite with us in praising and ing for prayer and addresses; it was cheering adoring him that loved us, and washed us to me to witness the deep tone of piety, and from our sins in his own blood.' We often the fervency of the prayers presented on the are dispirited because enlightened Roman occasion. Most of the members of the Catholics, born, and educated, and impreg. church were present, and many other friends. nated with prejudice in favour of the aposto- Our meeting continued from ten till two lic, catholic, ancient, venerable, respectable, o'clock, and no anxiety was evinced to sepauniversal (at least so professed and believed rate.”

Subscriptions, fc. received up to the end of December, 1843. Leicester£ 8. d. | Newcastle-on-Tyne

£ s. d. Collected by Mr. Joseph Davis, of Arnsby.

By Mr. Stephen Davis.
Mr. Bayley

0 10 0
Mr. J. Fenwick

0 Mr. John Baynes ................

0 5 0
Mr. J. Grote

0 10 0 Mr. Beales..

0 10 0
Mr. W. Chapman.......

0 10 0 Mr. Bedells

0 10 0

Miss A. Richardson, for schools 0 10 0
Mr. William Bedells

0 10 0
Mrs. J. L. Angas.

1 0 0 Mr. Joseph Bedells

0 5 0
Mr. D. Flintoff..

0 10 0 Mr. C. Billson

0 10 0
Mr. C. A. Windeath

0 10 0 Mr. S. Billson

0 5 0

Collection, New Bridge Chapel 1 16 0
Mr. Carryer

0 10 0
Ditto, Tuthill Stairs

3 3 0 Mrs. Chapman

0 10 0

Ditto, New Court .............. 5 5 0 Mr. Collier. 0 10 0

18 19 0 Mr. James Cort

1 0 0

North Shields-
Ditto, donation

0 0
Mrs. Young

1 0 0 Mr. Ellingworth

0 0
Mr. J. Rennison

0 10 0 Mr. J. Fielding:

0 10 0
Mr. R. Pow

0 10 0 Mr. G. Goddard

2 6
Mrs. Clay

0 5 0 Mr. Gould...

0 10 0
Small sums ............

0 17 1
Mr. J. D. Harris
1 0 0

3 2 1 R. Harris, Esq.

2 0 0

South Shields-
R. Harris, Esq., jun.

1 0 0
Mr. Bell

1 1 0 Mr. H. Hull

0 10 0
Small sums

0 10 6
Mrs. Manning
2 6

1 11 6 Mr. Paddy.

0 10 0

Mr. Porter.

0 5 0
Mr. D. Crighton ..........

0 5 0 C. B. Robinson, Esq.

2 0 0
Mrs. Wright..

0 7 6 Mrs. Robinson..

1 0 0

Baptist church, Rattway-court 4 3 2
Mr. Thompson

0 10 0
Mr. A. Low

2 2 0 Mr. J. Whitmore...

0 10 0
Mr. Smith...

0 0
18 5 0
Mr. G. Rough

0 0 0

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Collection at the Baptist cha-

pel, Correction Wynd...... 0 0
Ditto, Silver Street

9 1 Ditto, John Street

50 0 A few females at John Street for a scripture reader

0 13 0 Dr. J. Walker, Tough..... .....

0 0 Church at Echt......

1 0 Two friends

0 0

28 12 1 PerthCollection at Rey. R. Thomson's

7 2 6

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£ 8. c. Mr. A. Anderson.....

1 0 0 Mr. B. Fleming

1 1 0 Mr. J. Bart

2 2 0 Mr. G. Smith and Sons

2 2 0 Dr Jeffray, College...

] 0 0 Messrs. J. W. Campbell & Co.

1 1 0 Mr. A. Abercrombie

0 10 6 Miss Ainsworth

0 10 0 J. and G. Burns

1 1 0 D. and J. Anderson

1 0 0 Mr. W. G. Mitchell.

1 1 0 Mr. J. Laurie

0 10 6 Mr. J. Creem

1 0 0 Mr. H. Brown

0 10 6 Mr. W. P. Paton..

1 1 0 Mr. W. Richmond

1 1 0 Mr. D. A. Cameron.

1 0 0 Mr. J. Mackintosh

1 1 0 Mrs. Dinwiddie

1 1 0 Mr. D. Johnstone

1 1 0 Principal of Macfarlane College 0 100 A friend...

0 10 0 Mr. J. Ewing...

1 0 0
Collection at Rev. J. Paterson's 15 0 0

Ditto, Rev. A. Macleod's 5 10 0
Ditto, Mechanics' Hall 12 3 6
Ditto, Brown Street

3 10 0
Miss Oswald, Leotstown

5 0 0 Messrs. A. Fullarton and Co... 1 1 0 Mrs. Sherriff, Rothsay

0 10 0
Miss Sheriff

0 10 0
A friend 38., and by sale of
trinkets, 218...

1 4 0
Mr. J. Henderson

1 1 0 Mr. A. Naismith.

0 10 0

77 17 0
Edinburgh, additional-
Collection at Rev. W. L. Alex-

90 0
Mrs. Bruce, by Mr. Dickie ..... 1 0 0
Mrs. Bruce, by Miss Haldane i 0 0
Miss H. Haldane...

05 0
Dr. Ransford..............

0 10 0

11 15 0 DunfermlineBaptist church, by Mr. D. Dewar

2 10 0

Mr. William Muir

0 10 0 Mr. Thos. Lang

05 0 Mr. D. Mcllwraith

0 10 0 Monthly missionary colls., by

Baptist friends, by Mr. J.
Mc I.

1 5 0 Mr. R. Muir

1 0 0 Mr. J. McIlvain

1 0 0 Mr. Boyd

0 10 0 Mr. W. Macfie..

1 1 0 Mr. R. Angus

0 10

0 Mr. A. Farrie

0 10 6 Mr. W. Martin

1 0 0 Mr. A. Muir

0 10 0 Mr. G. Dalgleish ....

0 5 0 Mr. J. Wright

0 5 0 Coll. at the Baptist chapel...... 2 8 0

Ditto at the Free church (Rev. Mr. Smith's)

4 19 3

16 8 Glasgow Mr. D. Smith

2 2 0 Mr. J. Wright

1 0 0 Mr. R. Knox..

1 0 0 Mr. A. J. Duncan

1 1 0 Mr. A. Mitchell

1 0 0 Mr. W. Brown...

0 10 0 Mr. S. Wilson

1 0 0 Mr. A. Morris

0 10 0 Mr. J. Anderson

1 0 0


Norwich, by the Secretary, in part

47 5 8 S. M. Peto, Esq. annual

10 0 0 A village friend. P.....

1 0 0 Mrs. Goodman, Flitwick, Beds.

2 0 0 Mr. Bowser, annual

1 0 0 Mr. Hearne, by Mr. Bowser

1 1 0 Mrs. Barrow, Ramsgate, by Mr. Burls, don. 1 0 0 Weston-by-Weedon, Northamptonshire ... 1 15 0 Sevenoaks, by Rev. T. Shirley, including subscriptions, school, &c.

10 1 0

Subscriptions and Donations thankfully received by the Secretary, Rev. SAMUEL GREEN, 61, Queen's Row, Walworth; by the Rev. Joseph Angus, at the Baptist Mission Rooms, 6, Fen Court, Fenchurch-street; and the Rev. STEPHEN Davis, 92, St. John-street-road, Islington; by ROBERT STOCK, Esq., 1, Maddox-street, Regent-street, Treasurer; Mr. J. SANDERS, 104, Great Russell-street, Bloomsbury; at the Union Bank, Argyle Place; by the Rev. C. ANDERSON, Edinburgh; the Rev, Mr. INNES, Frederick-street, Edinburgh; by the Rev. C. HARDCASTLE, Waterford ; Rev. F. TRESTRAIL, Rock Grove Terrace, Strand-road, Cork; by Mr. J. HOPKINS, Cambridge Crescent, Birmingham; Rev. George Gould, 1, Seville Place, Dublin; Rev. W. S. ECCLEş, Coleraine ; Rev. R. Wilson, Belfast ; Rev. G. NEWENHAM WATSON, Limerick; and by any Baptist Minister, in any of our principal towns.

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Continued from page 38. We have seen that the Scriptures lish Establishment, whose ministers represent true christian ministers as are required solemnly to declare, that raised up by God, and describe their they believe themselves moved by the qualifications. The office they sustain Holy Ghost to enter on the ministry. needs these qualifications. Their In a second and subordinate sense, business is to preach the Gospel, true christian ministers may be repre(Mark xvi. 15) to take care of, and sented as led by God into the min“ feed the Church of God, which he istry, as they are directed by the hath purchased with his own blood." guidance of his providence. (1 Tim. iii. 5; Acts xx. 28.) They must be supposed, that whenever are further described as bishops, or Christ puts a man into the ministry, overseers; (Acts xx, 28; Phil

. i. 1) the events of providence will be so as pastors, or shepherds, that have ordered as to set before him an open to watch over the Saviour's flock. door. (1 Peter v. 4.)

When an individual is found to Persons who have to occupy such possess the character and qualifications an office, having received from God requisite for the ministry, when he is qualifications for its discharge, and moved by the Holy Ghost to devote being the gift of God to his Church, himself to the sacred office, and when must evidently be led into the ministry the leadings of God's providence by God. All christians who take the unite with these things to evince that Scriptures as their guide, adopt this he is called of God for that work, the principle. True christian ministers Scriptures sanction the solemn setting may be represented as led into the apart or ordination of him to his ministry by God in a twofold view; sacred office. This is doing all things first, and principally, by the prompt- decently, and in order. When Barnaings of his Spirit, disposing them to bas and Saul were going to the Genconsecrate themselves to the Gospel tiles, the Holy Ghost directed that ministry. This doctrine is maintained they should be solemnly separated to not by dissenters only, but is fully re- the work to which he had called them. cognized in the formularies of the Eng. (Acts xiii. 2.) On this subject the VOL. 6.-N.S.


New Testament is our guide ; yet tolical succession. Carries it not abthere are passages in the Old that surdity and falsehood in its face? No may have a bearing on it. When passage in God's Word gives it the Joshua was to be appointed, that he slightest sanction. In no list of might afterwards take the place of qualifications that fit an individual for Moses, “the Lord said unto Moses, the ministry is even a hint given about Takethee Joshua the son of Nun, a man the ordination on which so much in whom is the spirit, and lay thine hand stress is laid, and on which, according upon him ; and set him before Eleazar to popery and puseyism, every thing, the priest, and before all the congre- as to the validity and efficacy of the gation; and give him a charge in their ministry, depends. The line of sucsight. And thou shalt put some of cession cannot possibly be traced. thine honour upon him, that all the The consequences of a single failure congregation of the children of Israel in the line are tremendous to those may be obedient.”

who hold the doctrine. What then Ministers who can offer such proofs is the vaunting claim but gross and as those mentioned, that they are despicable imposition? called by God, have ample evidence Protestants, who have been deluded of the validity of their ministry. For by the vauntings of the successionists, their claim to be considered true min- should further consider, that, if a line isters of Christ, they want no resting- could be traced, it must be through place on the quaking quagmire of the filthy channel of the Church of apostolical succession, but can rest it on Rome.

If they have any claim of the rock, that God has qualified them succession, they have it through that for their work, and, by his Spirit and Church, which God represents as a his Providence, has put them into the ' blasphemous harlot, with a cup full of ministry.

abominations and filthiness; a harlot In direct opposition to these Scrip- drunk with blood, the blood of God's tural views stand those connected with saints; and whose progeny are like apostolical succession. According to herself, for “ she is the mother of harthe Romish Church, and the popish lots, and abominations of the earth.” part of the Episcopalian, every man (Rev. xvii. 5, 6.) Who like may who has been regularly ordained by claim connection with her, a christian an Episcopalian bishop, is a true min- minister desires it not. If others ister of Christ ; is qualified to dispense choose to be linked with her as her his ordinances, and communicates sons, he has no wish to be one of saving benefits by this ministration ; them. Many of the popes were monand this he does spective of his sters of vice; but, if the fancied character, and how unholy soever he unction connected with succession

While he is reputed a exist, it has descended through their true minister, the most holy and line. Is this credible ? Can Satan most devoted who have not been thus communicate the gifts of God? If ordained, are no ministers at all. Dr. God declared it, we should be bound Dodd, who was hung for forgery, and to believe it, but not till then; yet others who have been so for much many of the popes have borne as much worse crimes, but who were not of the image of the wicked one as degraded from their office, were, ac- human beings can do in the present cording to this theory, true ministers world. Has God made them the of Christ, even under the gallows; but channel of invaluable blessings, and Baxter, and Watts, and Doddridge, yet given no hint of such an arrangeand many others like them, were pre- ment? Impossible! sumptuous intruders into the sacred The absurdity of apostolical succesoffice. This is the doctrine of apos- sion is extreme. To suppose thata cere

may be.

mony performed by one person can answer some of the same important transform another, who has no qualifi- ends, as ordination among dissenting cations for the Christian ministry, into a Churches. It derives its value, not minister of Christ, is ineffably absurd. from the fact that he who ordains is Similar absurdity would be tolerated on recognized by the state as a bishop, no other subject-in no line, profession, but because he is a minister of Christ; or trade. Can a physician make an and, on the same ground as that ignoramus a physician by ordination ? which would attach value to the sancCan a shoemaker qualify an ignorant tion given by his ordaining, any pastor youth for a shoemaker by performing of standing and experience in the some ceremony upon him ; or a farmer Established Church might, if pertake an inhabitant of London, and mitted to do so, ordain also. qualify him by ordination to become a The doctrine of apostolical succesfarmer? Such a notion would be sion is not absurd only, but wicked, received with universal contempt and being entirely opposed to Scripture in laughter. Can something equivalent reference to what is requisite to form to this be done in religion, a subject of a christian minister. On its principles, infinitely more consequence than any men that are destitute of all the qualiprofession or trade? Does God sanc- fications Christ requires, may, by tion a mode of making ministers, another man, be made his ministers. which men would laugh at, if it were This is evidently a wicked position. adopted for making tailors or shoe- It carries with it this contradiction to makers ? Religion is a reasonable divine truth, that a man can make service, and far more reasonable would another a true officer of Christ, who it be to suppose that a bishop, by the is not yet a servant of Christ, and imposition of hands, could transform involves the absurdity and wickedness copper into gold, than to suppose that of supposing, that the devil's servants anything which man can perform can can be made Christ's officers. It transform an unholy man into a true directly contradicts his express

declaminister of Christ. A physician of ration, that the teachers who serve standing and experience may acknow- him are to be known by their fruits. ledge a junior brother, may give him to this, his solemn declaration, it testimonials, and put some honor virtually offers a daring denial. It upon him ; but, to be a physician, he in effect says, You cannot know who must first have the qualifications of a are ministers by their fruits, you must physician. Thus a christian minister know them by their ordination. It may, by ordination, acknowledge, as equally opposes the Scriptural statea fellow-labourer, a junior brother. ments respecting the characters and He may give him a sanction, and put qualifications of christian pastors. The honor upon him; but, that he may Scripture asserts, a bishop must have be a true minister of Christ, he must certain qualifications, and of course first have been called by Christ, and implies, that without them he cannot have those qualifications for his office, be a bishop. This doctrine in effect without which, to suppose that ordi- says, No: he may be without all those nation would transform him into a qualifications, and yet he may be a minister, would be perfectly absurd. true minister, because, by ordination, It may be enquired, Is ordination, then, he has been brought into the line of received from a state bishop, of no apostolical descent It goes beyond value? The answer is brief. In this in absurdity and wickedness, as it many cases, where the man was not a supposes that such a person may not christian, it is of none at all. In other only be a true minister of Christ, but, cases, where such bishop is a man of if an Episcopalian bishop, he may God, it has the same value, and may convey to others, and they again to

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