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The termination of another volume of this periodical, affords us an opportunity of congratulating its friends and supporters on its success during the past year. Its circulation has not only been sustained, but has decidedly increased; and we trust, if suitable efforts are made, that the number of its subscribers will be multiplied in future years. As this miscellany is the accredited organ of our body, it is exceedingly desirable that every member of our Churches, who is really zealous for our unity and progress, should feel an interest in its prosperity, and be ready to use every laudable means to improve its character and extend its sale.

We are thankful to receive, from various quarters, expressions of approbation and assurances of support. We are happy if any efforts of ours have deserved commendation, and shall be exceedingly grateful to enjoy, in every way, continued assistance. May we be permitted respectfully to remind our friends, that the commencement of a volume presents the most suitable period for the obtaining of new subscribers ? Let us try, at least, if the circulation of the Repository cannot be doubled for the coming year; and let us aim at securing for our own periodical that place in the affection and regard of our people, that it is most desirable it should maintain.

To the esteemed ministers, and others, who have favored us with their contributions ; to our agents and friends, who who have forwarded to us intelligence of the movements and proceedings of the Churches—their pleasing additions, their zealous efforts, their interesting seasons ;

or who have transmitted to us memorials of their worthy dead, or in any way encouraged and aided us in our labors, we tender our heartfelt acknowledgements; being assured that while their communications have adorned our pages, they have instructed, edified, and cheered our readers.

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