Dynamics of Self-determination in Palestine: Protection of Peoples as a Human Rights

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BRILL, 1994 - Всего страниц: 271
The Arab-Israeli conflict has become an example of a total disregard for international law by all parties involved, including the United Nations, to the detriment of a regional and global lasting peace.
The conflict has contributed considerably to the erosion of the moral and legal authority of the United Nations, while the international community has failed to take prompt advantage of the East-West detente. Peoples with statehood - the Iraqis, Somalis, Yugoslavs - and even more those without - the Palestinians - have paid a high price for the international lack of decisiveness. Dynamics of Self-Determination in Palestine discusses the Palestinian conflict in the light of the protection of peoples under international law. Chapter One treats the fact that the Arab states and the Palestinians have overlooked the element of negotiation in the keeping of international order, Chapter Two discusses the International Bill of Rights, in which the UN included self-determination in order to protect peoples against oppression, while Chapter Three expounds on the fact that, in so doing, it shaped the framework for the settlement of conflicting territorial claims to Palestine. The final chapter sets forth the desired UN participation in the creation of Palestine.

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The Element of Negotiation in International Order
Protection Against Oppression
Conflicting Territorial Claims of Peoples to Palestine
the Creation
Annexes Basic Legal Documents on the IsraeliPalestinian
UNGA res on Conciliation Status of Jerusalem
The Palestine National Charter of 17 July 1968
Statement by the Israeli Government on the Status
Maps of Israeli and Palestinian Territory
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Paul J.I.M. de Waart, Doctor of Law (1971), University of Amsterdam, is Professor of International Law at the Free University of Amsterdam. He has published on international settlement of disputes, legal aspects of a new international economic order, principles of good governance, the right to development and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

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