Gender and American Politics: Women, Men and the Political Process

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Routledge, 16 сент. 2016 г. - Всего страниц: 334
Studies of gender and American political life most often focus only on women. This book fills the gap by examining and comparing the roles and behavior of both men and women in political decision-making, public policy, and political institutions. Now updated and expanded, the book presents a full complement of empirical studies of real and imagined gender gaps. New to this edition are chapters on the media, legislative behavior, foreign policy, and the future of the gender dimension in American politics. The book is structured to parallel the typical course on the American political system.

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List of Tables and Figures
Gender Sex and American Political Life
Gender and Political Knowledge
Gender and Political Participation
A Tougher Road for Women? Assessing the Role of Gender
Are Moral Voices Gendered? Care Rights and Autonomy
Hegemonic Masculinity
Welfare Reform Abortion
Gender Social Construction and Policies for LowIncome
Gender Health
Cabinet Nominations in the William J Clinton and George
Gender and the Federal Judiciary
The Status Significance
Gender Bias? Media Coverage of Women and Men
Gender and the Future of American Political Life

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Sue Tolleson-Rinehart, Jyl J Josephson

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