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phy of the human voice. It is intended strictly for the youngest pupils who can be brought with any advantage to the study. The Grammar is designed for pupils more advanced. Dr. Rush's work should be read and studied by those who design to teach. J. B.


Page 109, 1. 12 from top, for | 7 till | thy' &c. read | 7 7 | till thy &c.


149, 1. 15 from bottom, after the word 'interest' insert a comma.



[ocr errors]

154, 1. 18 from bottom, for 'results' read reverts.

157, 1. 2 from bottom, for our dissensions, through this black' &c. read our dissensions. Through this black &c.

66 bottom line, for 'have collected over us. I see the' &c. read have collected over us, I see the &c.

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