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38-and of a conviction of the fact that Weddell (Captain), Voyage towards the
the body naturally floats, ib. 39--advan- South Pole, 378-outline of his voyage,
tages of an upright position in swimming, 392-394-remarks on its results, 395–
40-outline of Bernardi's plan of swim- 597—the non-existence of the islands
ming, 41–44-its suecessful practice, called the Auroras, ascertained by him,
44-results of an investigation of his S98, 999.
method of swimming, 45.

Wellington (Lord), campaign of in 1813,

408, 409-defeat of the French at the
Tasso's Gerusalemme, translated by Fair- battle of Vittoria, 410 - storms the

fax, character of, 6m-specimens of Mr. fortress of St. Sebastian's, 411–413–
Wiffen's translation, with remarks, 9 amusements while the British army were
14-important requisites in a translator in cantonments, 415.
of this poet, 15--19.

Westmacott's sculpture, character of, 129
Tenures, observations on the nature of, 546. 131.
Testator, plan proposed for enabling one to Wiffen (J. H.) Jerusalem Delivered, trans-
devise, prospectively, whatever property

lated from the Italian of Tasso, 1-ge-
; he may be possessed of at the time of neral character of his work, 12, 13–
his decease, 565—-570.

specimens of it, 11, 12-remarks on his
Theatre, pleasure of, fairly estimated, 197 alliterations, 13, 14-important requi-

---199—its important influence on the sites in a translator, 15-19.
morals and manners of the countr 200 Wihtræd, notice of the laws of, 259.
-202 -- observations on the increased William of Malmesbury's History, character
extent of Drury Lane and Covent Gar- of, 284.
den Theatres, 235--237-O. P. riots at William the Norman, confirmed the laws
the latter theatre, 238, 239.

of the Anglo-Saxons, 260-extract from
Tithes, curious anecdote respecting, 346. one of his laws, in Norman French, 261
Townsend (Charles), anecdote of, 202. -remarks on it, ib.--comparison of it
Translation by equivalent expressions, dif- with the style of the Anglo-Saxon laws,

ficulty of, i-Dryden's theory of trans- 262, 263.
lation, 2-defects of Pope's translation Willis, (Browne) anecdotes of, 309_notice
of Homer's Iliad, 3, 4-and of Cesa- of his Survey of Cathedrals, ib.
rotti's version, 4, 5_character of Har- Wilton's sculpture, character of, 129.
rington's translation of Ariosto, and of Windsor, notice of the improvements carry-
Fairfax's Tasso, 6-translation of a son- ing on at the castle, 187, 188.
net of Petrarch's, 7-extract from Mr. Witenagemot of the Anglo-Saxons, notice
Carey's Dante, with remarks, 7, 8-Mr. of, 265.
Rose's translation of Berni, 9-obser- Women, condition of, in France, under the
vations on Mr. Witfen's translation of old regime, 441–443—contrast of Eng-
Tasso's Gerusalemme, 9–14-requisites lish women and English society with
in a translator, 15-19.

those of France, 446-454.
Trench (Colonel), Sketch of the North Woollen manufactures in England, account

Bank of the Thames, &c. 180-its plan, of, 59–61-contrasted with those of

France, 62, 63-their superiority to the
Trusts, observations on, 547-549.

latter accounted for, 63-amount of the
Turner (the late General), the slave-trade English woollen manufactures in 1818,
checked by the vigorous conduct of, 607 compared with the value of the French,
beneficial results therefrom, ib. 608.

Wyvile, (Robert de, Bishop of Salisbury)
Uses, in law, remarks on, 546, 547.

character of, 331, 332.
Volcanoes, geological influence of, 519. Yorkshire Philosophical Society, not f,

170, 171.
Ward (Seth, successively Bishop of Exeter Young Rifleman's Adventures, notice of,
and Salisbury), munificence of, 347. | 416.


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Bell-yard, Temple-bar.





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