The British Empire in the Nineteenth Century: Its Progress and Expansion at Home and Abroad : Comprising a Description and History of the British Colonies and Dependencies, Volume 5

Front Cover
Blackie, 1898 - 30 pages

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Page 340 - CE A Manual of Rules, Tables and / Data for Mechanical Engineers. Based on the most recent investigations. Illustrated with numerous diagrams.
Page 339 - The Carpenters' and Joiners' Assistant: being a Comprehensive Treatise on the Selection, Preparation and Strength of Materials, and the Mechanical Principles of Framing, with their application in Carpentry, Joinery and Hand-railing; also, a Complete Treatise on Sines; and an Illustrated Glossary of Terms used in Architecture and Building.
Page 279 - Uay after day, for a whole week, in a vessel of nearly 2000 tons, we threaded an interminable labyrinth of watery lanes and reaches that wound endlessly in and out of a network of islands, promontories, and peninsulas for thousands of miles, unruffled by the slightest swell from the adjoining ocean, and presenting at every turn an ever-shifting combination of rock, verdure, forest, glacier, and snow-capped mountains of unrivalled grandeur and beauty.
Page 113 - He was to act generally upon the advice of his Executive Council, and to receive as Members of that body those persons who might be pointed out to him as entitled to be so by their possessing the confidence of the Assembly.
Page 152 - Canada and the other British possessions in North America (now forming the Dominion), though apparently blessed with fewer physical advantages than the States to the south, contain a noble race, and are evidently reserved for a lofty destination. Everything there is in proper keeping for the development of the combined physical and mental energies of man. There are to be found at once the hardihood of character which conquers difficulties, the climate which stimulates exertion, and the natural advantages...
Page 338 - THE WORKS OF SHAKESPEARE. Edited by HENRY IRVING and FRANK A. MARSHALL. With a General Introduction and Life of Shakespeare by Professor Dowden. 600 Illustrations by GORDON BROWNE and other Artists. Complete in 8 vols. small 410, cloth, gilt top (in sets only), 4, 4s.
Page 122 - With the public men of British North America it now rests to decide whether the vast tract of country which they inhabit shall be consolidated into a state, combining within its area all the elements of national greatness, providing for the security of its component parts, and contributing to the strength and stability of the Empire, or whether the several provinces of which it is constituted shall remain in their present fragmentary and isolated condition, comparatively powerless for mutual aid,...
Page 111 - The importance of maintaining the utmost possible harmony between the policy of the legislature and of the executive government admits of no question, and it will of course be your anxious...
Page 5 - This cape is a most stately thing, and the fairest cape we saw in the whole circumference of the earth, and we passed by it the 18 of June.
Page 279 - ... of your province and communicates at points sometimes more than a hundred miles from the coast, with a multitude of valleys stretching eastward into the interior, while at the same time it is furnished with innumerable harbors on either hand, one is lost in admiration at the facilities for inter-communication which are thus provided for the future inhabitants of this wonderful region.

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