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we shall love our brother also ; and every man, as a man, is OUR BROTHER.

You have received the doctrines and truths of the Lord's New Church ---in them you rejoice---but you look not down upon those who have not received them, with pride, contempt, or disaffection. No, you are taught to be humble, to esteem others better than yourselves, to be good, to be useful, and to devote your lives, your abilities, and all that you are and have, to the benefit of


fellow-men. So Live, and YOU CAN BUT BE HAPPY!

In the discourses now submitted to your perusal, I trust you will find some additional edification and pleasure. What you heard from the pulpit, with an approbation so grateful to the author, you will, I hope, read in the closet with peculiar pleasure and satisfaction to your own minds. And so far as these humble endeavors


are made useful to yourselves, and to others, you will unite with me in giving the praise to the Lord Jesus alone, who is your only God and MINE. To his divine protection and peculiar blessing I commend you--to him MY PRAYERS are directed for YOUR HAPPINESS in time and eternity ---and to your

service shall my time, and any talents I possess from the Lord, be willingly and cheerfully devoted.

Your affection and efteem will always be highly grateful to me; and your continuance in love, in use, and pure religion, will be the most pleasing proof that my poor labors are blessed. With the most cordial affection and esteem, I subscribe myself,

Your minister, your brother, and fellow fervant to my power,

J.P. BIRMINGHAM, Sept. 3, 1792-36.


F the doctrines, sentiments, and

, , observations, contained in the following discourses, were such as have frequently been discussed, and often laid before the public, I should not think myself justified in presenting them again to the view of mankind; well knowing what is generally called the christian system, both as to faith and practice, has been published by much abler hands, in this and other kingdoms. But I am free to acknowledge, that these Sermons now offered to the notice of the public, materially and essentially differ from any that have been printed for many ages past, except a few published by a minister or two of the New Church.

They are not founded upon the systems of divinity, which have been formed by councils, or fynods, or bishops of eminence, in a protestant land; but, it is humbly hoped, upon the pure genuine truths A


of the holy word: That word being now opened, in its internal spiritual sense, for the benefit of mankind in these last days.

An address to my readers, upon the truth and reality of the doctrines maintained by myself, and the members of the New Jerusalem, may for two reasons be" unnecessary—in the firit place, it is presumed this volume will chiefly be read by such persons as have already investigated thofe doctrines, and professed them; "as very few more are printed than what are subscribed for, and the subscribers are principally of that description. And, fecondly, addresses have already been offered to the public, and our doctrines vindicated - by some very judicious and respectable persons of the New Church ; as well as two or three publications have lately appeared in defence of them, occasioned by some letters addressed to us by Dr. Priestley. It is now well known in this kingdom, that we receive and esteem the Hon. E. SWEDENBORG as the scribe of the Lord that we consider him as a peculiarly illuminated feer, sent by the Lord to prepare the way for his second advent--and we are willing to



The congre

embrace every opportunity of recommending his writings to the serious and unprejudiced perusal of mankind; being convinced that every satisfaction a rational unprejudiced mind can require, as to the truth of the doctrines we espouse, will there be given.

In the choice of the sermons now offered to the public, I have chiefly considered usefulness : therefore I have selected such as peculiarly direct the mind to a found faith, and a good life: gations to which they were delivered, were composed of various descriptions of men; and therefore they are adapted to the different states of those persons who heard them, as far as the author's understanding and ability would admit. The leading fundamental do&trines of the New Church, are freely discussed--the spiritual sense of the holy word attended to and the science of correspondences frequently noticed; therefore it is expected that the doctrines themselves, the sense given to the holy word, and the manner in which the correspondences are opened, will be objected to by such persons as have not read the writ


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