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DRER BROADNAX of Louisiana,—and D who doesn't know and love this genial gentleman of the old school—(in medicine and deportment) speaks in the “Medical Summary" of his anti-fat cure. While he was up in the mountains last summer he met a fat clergyman who was beginning to breathe hard. Directed him to sponge his whole body night and morning with Epsom salts one part and water sixteen parts; also to take a teaspoonful three times a day. A year afterwards his weight had fallen from two hundred and thirty to one hundred and seventy-eight. This is doubtlessly a good “receipt"; but is defective in that it gives a fat man too much to do; and fat men as a rule are lazy. Think of nine months of double daily baths and thrice daily teaspoonfuls of Epsom salts!

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THE “Curantur-curentur controversy is DR. W. M. THOMPSON, in an Address to

I not like to die for lack of controversialists. D the students of the Chicago Homeopathic Dr. R. E. Dudgeon distinctly declares, in a Medical College, follows clearly and lovingly letter to H. P. Holmes, that Hahnemann in the footsteps of Park Lewis, who said that always wrote it curentur; and so, as Dr. Dud- Homeopathy had added nothing to the Proggeon is a recognized authority in homeopathy ress of Medicine; that it had the rather-says and allied interests, it ought to be final. And Thompson-stood at the door, hat in hand, yet, there was found on the body of Hahne- and taken what the other branches had

wrought out and made perfect! And this in even a quarter of a loaf of bread for each a homeopathic school before a homeopathic professional man. class in this closing year of the Hahnemann century. Scientific Homeopathy is what Dr. W e have just glanced over the list of quesThompson wants; a microscope-and-chemical- V tions which were given by the Pennsylanalysis homeopathy; a homeopathy which vania State Board of Registration and Examwill show indubitably the embryology of ination; and after pondering a few sections species, and the present condition of the of this wonderfully constructed formulary, we departed spirits. A something that can be would like to bet several of the hats we won touched and tasted and handled! And these on the recent election, that there isn't to-day be your gods! Will Dr. Arnulphy of Nice in the City of Brotherly Love a single practicplease note and ponder?

ing homeopathic physician who has been out of college fifteen years, not either on that

Board or a professor in college who could THE plea of the “Medical Century" for a pass that Board. Do we hear any takers? 1 greater laboring in the Southern pro. Yet every student just through with the fession for the upbuilding of the Southern bench-polishing process may slip under the Homeopathic Medical Association, and a wire with fair ease and success. And from consequent bettering of the condition of the this class the future doctors of the commonhomeopathic population of the Southern wealth will be made! A man, however, like States, appeals to all right-thinking medical Cowperthwaite, or Helmuth, or Dudley, or men and women. It is a singular fact that the Timothy Field Allen, or Kippax, or Walton, or graduates of our schools seldom, if ever, think Dewey, or G. J. Jones, or Leight Monroe, or of drifting to the beautiful South-land in search Biggar, would have to stay outside the sacred of possible locations. One would naturally preserves of that State because of his incomsuppose that the demand would influence the petency to properly practice medicine under supply. But not so. There is something in the Rules and Regulations of the State of a possible Southern location affrighting to the Pennsylvania, New York, and now, too, Ohio. intending locater. What is it? The examina. But it makes trade better in those States for tions in these States is no more difficult than the few who are in the State. For instance, in in the most of the Northern States; and a Ohio we shall after January 1, prox., be cutting student able to pass New York or Pennsyl. coupons instead of our rivals or patients, in vania or Ohio could as easily pass the board addition to drawing twenty per cent. dividends of any State in the South. Can it be that on pharmaceutical investments. politics keeps the young man away? A phy

* * sician should have no visible politics. His N England recently a woman sued a car combusiness is to attend to his business, and let I pany for damages, says the “Homeopathic others attend to theirs. His right to vote is Recorder," in consequence of a car running off sacred and can be exercised by him anywhere the track and giving her a severe shaking up, in the South or North without stump oratory which caused an incipient ovarian tumor to or transparencies. The new South is an ideal rapidly develop; six physicians testified to place for an enthusiastic young man, one this fact. The company's physician, like Brer properly prepared, first, with the necessary Rabbit, “he aint sayin' nuthin," but let the knowledge, and second, with the backbone case drag on until, at the appointed time, the with which homeopathic pioneers are usually woman was delivered of the tumor; a fine caparisoned. Far better go to these wide open healthy child. This ended the case, as the places, these points free from competition, attorney who was on the hunt for “damages" than settle in a community in the North so had not the nerve to charge the company with thickly populated with doctors that there isn't being the child's father.

ecific,"n, who hailk.com give

Materia Medica Miscellany. of ten drops every two hours, diarrheas of the

above described character will promptly subside. Conducted by J. WILFORD ALLEN, M. D., 110 West Active inflammation must be subdued before the 12th Street, New York.

agent will act readily. It is the remedy for the References in this department are made by number, as above relaxation of the gastro-intestinal tract follows: Critique,' ; Chironian,' ; Clinique,3 ; Hahn. Adv., 4;

in childhood with contracted diarrhea. ExHahn, Mo.,5; Envoy, 6; Jour. of Obs.,' ; Am. Med. Mo., 8; Recorder,' ; Med. Student, 10 ; Clin. Reporter," : Arena,"? ;

treme activity or hyperactivity of the liver must
Minn. Hom. Mag., 13; Century,+; Counsellor, 15; Era, 16 ; be corrected, and this agent will usually do the
Visitor, 17 ; N. E. Med. Gaz.,18 ; Times, 19 ; N. Am. Jour.,; rest.)
Pacific Coast Jour.,''; Eye, Ear, and Throat Jour., 9; Hom.
News, 23 ; Jour, of O., O., and L., 24; Argus, 25 ; Revue

Phosphorus in Rickets.
Homéo., 26; Arch. für Hom.,"; Allgem. Hom. Zeit.,' ;
Zeitschrift für Hom.,29; El Prog. Homeo.,30 : L’Art Méd.,31;
L'Homéo.,3? : Hom. Maed.,33 ; Hom. World, 34 ; Hom. Re-

An extensive literature is quoted by E. Kossoview,35 ; Jour. Br. Hom. So.,86 ; Indian Hom. Review, 37; witzi to support his view that with the inForeign Journals, not Hom.,38 ; Am. Journals, not Hom., 39.

troduction of phosphorus a new era in the treat

ment of rachitis has begun. Most authors are An African Remedy for Dysentery.

unanimous in the opinion that phosphorus aids Lulus make use of the root of the progress of ossification, and that the convulthe geranium, of which there is said to be a sions, laryngospasm, insomnia, and restlessness number of varieties, all, however, of equal thera are better benefited by this than any other drug. peutic efficacy, in South Africa, in the treatment

The records of over a hundred thousand teach

the author that phosphorus is the specific in of dysentery. They simply chew the root, but

rickets. He recommends it dissolved in codthe British army surgeons give it in the form of liver oil, in which form it keeps well for months. a decoction in milk. The remedy is reported Why not give the remedy in homeopathic by those who have employed it to be a real doses and under homeopathic indications? specific, no failure to cure within thirty-six or forty-eight hours being recorded.

Pneumonia, Therapeutics of, Though the geranium root has not, so far as According to Gatchell. we are aware, been used in medicine, the only proving that has been made of it, and that a Aconite.—To be of service aconite must be very slight and partial one-recorded in the given early. Its place is in the treatment of Ohio Medical and Surgical Reporter, by Dr. E.

acute, uncomplicated pleurisy. Indications: C. Beckwith-seems to show that it has a distinctly homeopathic relation to dysentery. For

Acute pleurisy, coming on with chill, followed example, we find that “the most marked symp by fever; thirst; quick and rapid pulse; skin hot tom noticed was a constant desire to go to stool; and dry; rapid respiration; great nervous restthis symptom attended each attempt at proving lessness; stitching pains in the chest; dry cough. geranium: went to stool often, and each time Bryonia.—This is the leading remedy for found myself unable to pass the least fecal mat- plastic pleurisy; it is no longer of use after ter; one powder of the second would produce serous effusion has begun. Indications: Plasthe continued desire for stool; this symptom tic pleurisy, with acute, stitching pains, greatly continued for some time, and, after the effects aggravated by breathing, or the slightest mopassed off, the bowels would move without pain tion; respirations short and rapid. Also, for the or tenesmus; the stool natural and well lubri- “dry ” pleurisies accompanying pneumonia and cated. I should say, however, that one powder phthisis. required hours for a passage."

Cantharis.—This is the most efficient remedy, A more complete investigation of its proper- following bryonia, when there is serous effusion ties, when taken in physiological doses, instead or sero-fibrinous exudation. Sensation of heat of in such as are therapeutic, might result in our and burning in the chest; characteristic urinary acquiring an accurate knowledge of a valuable symptoms. remedy.

Apis.-For the stage of effusion, to promote [Ellinwood in his new “Materia Medica” reabsorption, especially when the effusion is of says, “In some acute diarrhea geranium exer- recent origin; also, in pleurisy following scarcises an immediate influence, a single full dose latina. Absence of thirst; dark and scanty producing a marked impression and improving cirine; ædema of the chest wall; severe, burning the tone of the entire gastro-intestinal tract from pain in a circumscribed spot. the first. In chronic diarrhea, no matter how Colchicine.-Acute, general pleurisy, in rheustubborn, it may be given with confidence, and matic or gouty subjects. A peculiarity of the if the specific conditions are present. In doses condition calling for this medicine is often:

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