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petuate those advantages under regulations Dr. Latham, and Professor Forbes, presuited to the permanent character of the sented the band-books of the several deIndustrial Exhibition. As in 1851, the partments, each being introduced by a doors will be thrown open freely for the short speech from Mr. Laing. This being products of all nations ; and the presence over, her Majesty descended from the of so many distinguished representatives throne, and a procession was formed in of foreign governments, on this occasion, the following order :affords a gratifying proof that enlightened Superintendants of Works and Principal men throughout the world are alive to the

Employés. advantages of such common centres of

Contractors. friendly union, both to the arts of industry Architects of Industrial Courts. and to the higher interests of peace and of Principal Officers and Heads of civilization."

Departments. After Mr. Laing had presented this ad.

Directors. dress to her Majesty, the Queen made

THE QUEEN; the following most gracious reply :- H.R.H. the Prince Albert, the King of

" I receive with much pleasure the loyal Portugal, the Royal Family, the Duke of and dutiful address which you have pre- Oporto, and their respective suites. sented to me upon the present occasion. The Archbishop of Canterbury. “ It is a source of the highest gratifica

The Cabinet Ministers. tion to myself and to the Prince, my The Foreign Ambassadors and the Foreign Consort, to find that the Great Exhibi

Ministers. tion of 1851, which was so happily in- The procession passed round the southern augurated under our auspices, suggested limb of the nave, re-entered the transept, the idea of this magnificent undertaking, and, winding slowly round its east side, which has produced so noble a monument paraded along the east and west sides of of the genius, science, and enterprise of the nave, when her Majesty and the Royal my subjects.

visitors again took their seats on the dais, “ It is my carnest wish and hope that the ministers, ambassadors, &c. occupying the bright anticipations which have been the same places as before. The orchestra formed as to its future destiny may, than gave forth the solemn strains of the under the blessing of Divine Providence, 100th Psalm ; at the close of which his be completely realized ; and that this won- Grace the Archbishop of Canterbury, derful structure, and the treasures of art standing forward on the left of the throne, and knowledge which it contains, may offered up a prayer composed for the oclong continue to elevate and instruct, as casion. This concluded, the Marquess of well as to delight and amuse, the minds Breadalbane came forward, and said in a of all classes of my people.”

loud voice, “I am commanded by her Mr. Francis Fuller, the Managing Di.' Majesty to declare that this Palace is now rector, introduced by Mr. Laing, then opened." This was followed by the had the honour of presenting to her Ma- grand strains of the Hallelujah Chorus, jesty a series of commemorative medals ; after which her Majesty took her deafter which Sir Joseph Paxton, Mr. Owen parture during a second performance of Jones, Mr. Digby Wyatt, Mr. Samuel "God save the Queen." Phillips, Mr. Ferguson, Professor Owen,

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Hussar Yeomanry, Major G. W. Blathwayt May 27. William Henry Wright, esq. to be to be Lieut.-Colonel. - Perthshire Militia, H.M. Chief Commissioner of the Gold fields, and Drummond, late Capt. +2d Highlanders, to be Frederick Armand Powlett, esq. to be Chief Major.--6th West York Militia, F. J. Bayly, Commissioner of Crown Lands for the colony late 91st Foot, to be Second Major. of Victoria.-Alan Ker, esq. to be Chief Justice June 1. Captain Peter Richards, C.B. to be for the Island of Nevis.- Thomas T. Watt, one of the Lords Commissioners of the Admi. esq. to be Landing-Surveyor at the port of ralty. - William Walter Cargill, esq. to be Hobart Town, Van Diemen's Land; and Lieut. one of the Corps of Gentlemen-at-Arms, vice William P. Jamison, R.N. to be Port Captain Hughes, retired. of Table Bay, Cape of Good Hope.

June 5. John Price, esq. to be Inspector. May 30. Henry Puget White, esq.late Captain General of Penal Establishments and Hulks Madras army, to be one of the Corps of Gen- for the colony of Victoria.- William G. B. tlemen-at-Arms, vice Foote Macdonald, retired. Shepstone, esq. to be Civil Commissioner and

Denbighshire Yeomanry Cavalry, Capt. Resident Magistrate for the division of QueensCharles John Tottenham, Jate of 2d Life town, Cape of Good Hope. Guards, to be Second Major.---Gloucestershire June 6. 3d West India Regt. Major Samuel Gunt. MAG. VOL. XLII.


Hood Murray to be Lieut.-Colonel ; Capt. ranks by the brevet of Nov. 1846.-19th Foot, G. B. T. Colman to be Major.

Major-Gen. William Rowan, C.B. to be Colonel. June 8. Henry Marquess of Anglesey sworn -84th Foot, Major-Gen. G. A. Wetherall, C.B. Lord Lieutenant and Custos Rotulorum of to be Colonel. -35th Foot, Major Edw. Hely the county of Anglesea, and Edward - John Hutchinson to be Lieut.-Colonel; brevet Major Lord Hatherton Lord.Lieutenant and Custos Charles Beamish to be Major.-Major-Gen. Rotulorum of the county of Stafford.—James the Hon. George Anson to have the local rank Laurie, esq. to be one of Her Majesty's In- of Lieut.-General in the East Indies. spectors of Schools.-17th Foot, Major-Gen. June 21. Granville-George Earl Granville T. J. Wemyss, C.B. to be Colonel.-94th Foot, sworn Chancellor of the duchy of Lancaster. Major-Gen. Henry Thomas, C.B. to be Colonel. June 23. William H. Draper, esq. one of the

June 9. Knighted, Lieut. Col. Frederick Puisne Judges of Canada West, Robert Bald. Abbott, C.B., late of Bengal Engineers, and win, esq. and Edmund Campbell, esq. both of Lieut.-Governor of the East India Company's Canada, to be Companions of the Bath (civil Military College at Addiscombe; and George division).-6th Dragoons, Major H. D. White Maclean, esq. Commissary-General to Her to be Lieut.-Colonel; Capt. Charles Cameron Majesty's Forces.-73d Foot, Major Thomas Shute to be Major.-35th Foot, Lieut.-Colonel Ross, from 90th Foot, to be Major, vice Major W. R. Faber, from 72nd Foot, to be Lieut.-Col. R. P. Campbell, who exchanges.--2d West vice Lieut.-Col. James Fraser, who exchanges. India Regiment, Major H. W. W. Wynn to be June 26. Royal Artillery, to be Colonels, Lieut.-Colonel; Capt. Thomas Gibbings to be R. B. Rawnsley, R. Hardinge, R. Andrews, Major.-Brevet Capt. A. F. Blyth (Adjutant of Browne Willis, T. G. Higgins, T. Fox Stranga cavalry depot), h. p. 6th W. I. Regt. to be ways, J. Eyre, C. Otway, W. C. Anderson, Major in the Army. - Royal Marines, Col. R. S. Armstrong, R. Clarke, and W. Furneaux. Second Comm. Thomas Wearing to be Colonel -To be Lieut.-Colonels, W. H. Askwith, F. Commandant ; Lieut.-Col. H. I. Delacombe to Dunlop, F. Dick, A. Tylee, C. J. Dalton, D. E. be Colonel Second Commandant; brevet Major Wood, H. M. T'inte, F. M. Eardley Wilmot, A. B. Stransham to be Lieut.-Colonel.

J. W. Fitzmayer, G. R. H. Kennedy, G. SandJune 12. Lord John Russell declared Lord ham, and C. V. Cockburn.---Royal Engineers, President of theCouncil.-Henry-Pelham Duke to be Colonels, M. A. Waters, P. Cole, E. Matof Newcastle and the Right Hon. Sir George son, and J. C. Victor.-To bé Lieut.-Colonels, Grey, Bart. sworn two of Her Majesty's Prin- W. E. Delves Broughton, R. J. Nelson, G. cipal Secretaries of State (the former for the Burgmann, and E Aldrich. new War Department, and the latter for the June 27. Ist Life Guards, Major and Lieut.Colonial Department).-Sir Charles Augustus Col. and brevet Colonel Richard Parker to be Fitz-Roy, Knt., Governor of New South Wales, Lieut.-Col. and Colonel; brevet Major Lord and Sir John Fraocis Davis Bart., some F. A. Gordon to be Major and Lieut.-Colonel. time Governor of Hong Kong, to be Knights ---3rd Light Dragoons, Major Walter Unett to Commanders of the Bath (civil division). - be Lieut.-Colonel ; Capt. G. Forbes to be Major. Peter Smith, esq. Chief Clerk of the Office of -9th Light Dragoons, Major A. Little to be Secretary of State for the Colonies, and Major Lieut.-Colonel, brevet Major J. R. H. Rose to George Balfour, East India Company's Service, be Major.-11th Light Dragoons, Major John to be Companions of the Bath (civil division). Douglas to be Lieut.-Colonel ; Capt. Edmund - Frederic Bernal, esq. to be Consulat Madrid. Peel to be Major.-Grenadier Foot Guards,

June 14. Margaret Gordon M.Pherson, a Major and brevet Colonel Thos. Wood to be minor, dau. of Alex. M‘Pherson, of Garbity, co. Lieut.-Colonel; Captains and Lieut.-Colonels Moray, M.D. in compliance with the last will of and brevet Colonels J. R. Craufurd, W. ThornAlex. Grant, sometime of Jamaica, and late of ton, and the Hon. F. G. Hood, to be Majors; Arlington-street, esq. to take the surname of brevet Majors E. G. Wynyard, the Hon. R. W.P. Grant after M'Pherson.

Curzon, and Lieut. and Capt. J. Reeve to be June 16. James Misick and Daniel T. Smith, Captains and Lieut.-Colonels. - Coldstream esqs. to be Members of the Council of the Guards, Capts. and Lieut.-Colonels and brevet Turks and Caicos Islands.

Colonels the Hon. G. F. Upton and Gordon June 19. Major-General H. R. H. the Duke Drummond to be Majors; Lieuts. and Capts. of Cambridge, K.G. to be Lieut.. General in C.L. Cocks, J. C. M. Cowell, and James Halkett the Army. - The Rev. Philip Pennington, M.A. to be Captains and Lieut.-Colonels. - Scots to be Chaplain, and C. Francis Berens Daw- Fusileer Guards, Captains and Lieut.-Colonels kins, esq. to be Superintendent of Police for and brevet Cols. Geo. Moncrieffe and E. W.F. the Island of Mauritius. - William Young, Walker to be Majors; brevet Majors R. MoorLewis M. Wilkins, Alexander Campbell, and som and F. C. A. Stephenson to be Captains Stephen Fulton, esqs. to be Members of the and Lieut.-Colonels.-29th Foot, brevet Lieut.Executive Council, and Lewis M. Wilkins to Col. Matthew Smith to be Lieut.-Col.; brevet be Clerk of the Executive Council, for Nova Major John Power to be Major.–53rd Foot, Scotia.-George Montagu, esq. to be Surveyor- brevet Col. H. Havelock, C.B. to be Lieut.General for the district of Natal.-William Colonel ; brevet Major W. H. H. F. Clarke Henry Doyle, esq. to be a Member of the to be Major.--60th Foot, Major John Jones to Executive Council for the Bahama Islands.- be Lieut.-Colonel; brevet Major F. R. Palmer Malcolm Glassford, John Young, and James to be Major.-99th Foot, brevet Col. J. N. Welsh, esqs, to be Members of the Executive Jackson to be Lieut.-Colonel; brevet Lieut.Council for Honduras.--Robert Gordon, esq. Col. G. M. Reeves to be Major.-Brevet, brevet M.D. to be a Member of the Legislative Coun- Lieut.-Col. Eardley Wilmot to be Colonel 3 cil for New Brunswick.--Charles Douglas Lieut. and Capt. P. L. C. Paget, Scots Fusileer Stewart, esq. to be a Member of the Council Guards, to be Major.--3rd Drag. Guards, Capt. for the Ísland of St. Vincent.

T. T. S. Carlyon to be Major.
June 20. By Brevet of this date, 58 Lieut..
Generals are promoted to be Generals, 73 Major-
Generals to be Lieut.-Generals, 108 Colonels

NAVAL PROMOTIONS. to be Major-Generals, 201 Lieut.-Colonels to be Colonels, 129 Majors to be Lieut.-Colonels, May 26. Rear-Admiral E. W. Hoare to be a 183 Captains to be Majors. The brevet in- Vice-Adm. on the Reserved List; Rear-Adm. cludes all those Lieutenant-Generals, Major- Jobn Coode, C.B. to be Vice-Adm. of the Blue ; Generals, Colonels, Lieutenant-Colonels, and Capt. Michael Seymour to be Rear-Admiral of Majors who were promoted to their respective the Blue.

June 16. Lieutenant Roderick Dew, of H.M. Rev. J. Murray, Wroxton V.w. Balscott C. Oxf steamship Encounter, to be Commander. Rev. G. Murray, Dedham V. Essex.

Rev. J. T. Oldrini, Beeston V. Notts.

Rev. J. R. Owen, Llanverres R. Denbighshire. William Thornely, esq. to be Distributor of Rev. W. Quekett, Warrington R. Lancashire. Stamps at Liverpool.

Rev. H. B. Sands, Northwood P.C. Middlesex. W. S. Kirkes. M.D. to be Assistant-Physician Rev. H. F. Seymour, Barking V. Essex. of St. Bartholomew's Hospital.-Mr. Coote to Rev. I.G. Smith, Tedstone-de-la-Mere R. Heref. be Assistant-Surgeon.

Rev. J. B. Smith, Sotby R. Lincolnshire.
Rev. J. G. Smyth, North Elkington V. and

South Elkington V. Lincolnshire.
Members returned to serve in Parliament. Rev. T. Williams, St. George (or Kegidog) R.
London-Lord John Russell, re-el.

Denbighshire. Morpeth.--Rt. Hon. Sir George Grey, re-el.

Rev. J. St. G. Williams, Thomastown R. and

V. dio. Kildare.

Rev. W. Willock, Cleenish R. dio. Clogher. ECCLESIASTICAL PREFERMENTS.

Rev. J. H. C. Wright, Wolferlow V. Heref. Right Hon. and Right Rev. Earl of Auckland,

To Chaplaincies. D.D. (Bishop of Sodor and Man), Bishopric Rev. W. B. Arthy, H.M.S. Imperieuse. of Bath and Wells.

Rev. W. Field, Royal Asylum of St. Ann's Hon. and Rev. H. Powys, Bishopric of Sodor

Society. and Man.

Rev. F. E. Gutteres, H.M.S. Vengeance. Hon. and Rev. G. Wellesley, Deanery of Wind- Rev. W. R. Jolley, H.M.S. Amphion. sor; also, to be Domestic Chaplain to the

Rev. F. Lear (R. of Bishopton), to the Bishop Queen.

of Salisbury. Rev. R. Barton (R. of St. George), to the Sub- Rev. H. Maclean, to the Union, Caistor.

Deanery of the Cathedral Church of Christ, Rev. T. E. Meredith (and Naval Instructor) Dublin.

H.M.S. Algiers. Rev. T. C. B. Stretch, Archdeaconry of Gee- Rev. P. Pennington, Colonial, Island of Maulong, dio. Melbourne.

Rev. R. Wickham (V. of Gresford), Arch. Rev. J. S. Robson, H.M.S. Leander.
deaconry of St. Asaph.

Rev. J. H. Sheppard, at Wiesbaden.
T. E. Headlam, M.A.(M.P. for Newcastle-upon.
Tyne), Chancellor of the diocese of Ripon.

Collegiate and Scholastic Appointments. Rev. L. T. Lewis, Vicarship-Choral in the J. Conington, M.A. Professorship of the Latin Cathedral Church of St. Asaph.

Language, University of Oxford. Rev. W. Allsord, Folke R. Dorset.

Rev. 8. Plater, Head-Mastership of the GramRev. M. Anstis, Cubington R. Bucks.

mar School, Newark, Notts. Rev. H. Atkinson, Edermine Prebend and Rec.

J. Waley, M.Á. Professorship of Political Ecotory, dio. Ferns.

nomy, University College, London. Rev. W. A. Battersby, Chapel of Ease, Derry. Rev. E. Bowen, Little Wigborough R. Essex. Hon, and Rev. G. T. O. Bridgeman, Blymbill Rev. H. G. Bunsen (V. of Lilleshall), Lecture. R. Shropshire.

Secretary for the Church Missionary Society, Rev. H. B. Burlton, Farway R. Devon.

dio. Lichfield. Rev. R. W. Burton, All Saints' P.C. Gordon

Rev. E. Day, Lectureship, Limehouse, Middx. Square, London.

Rev. M.M. Dillon, a Mission to 30,000 Fugitive Rev.C.Campbell, St.GeorgeV. Wolverhampton. Slaves in Canada. Rev. J. Cbamney, Meigh P.C. dio. Armagh. Rev. H. T. Whately (R. of Rodington, Salop), Rev. R. Chapman, Normanton R. Lincolnshire.

Lecture-Secretary to the Society for the ProRev. C. C. Collins, St. Mary P.C. Alderman

pagation of the Gospel in Foreign Parts, dio. bury, London.

Rev. H. W. Coventry, Woolstone R. Glouc.
Rev. W. L. Cox, Heywood P.C. Wilts.
Rev. C. B. Dalton, Highgate P.C. Middlesex.

Rev. G. W. B. Daniell, Martin P.C. Wilts.
Rev. J. Davies, Mold V. Flintshire.

May 13. At Molshanger, Hants, Mrs. Wynd. Rev.T.C. Dixon, LL.D. Quarry Bank P.C. Staff. ham S. Portal, a dau.--18. At Moy hall, Rev. E. Du Boisson, Breinton P.C. Herefordsh. Mrs. Mackintosh, of Mackintosh, a son. Rev. J. Fawcett, Cappoquin P.C. dio. Lismore. 19. At Bramford hall, Suffolk, the Hon. Mrs. Rev. W. French, Reydon V. w. Wangford P.C. George Warburton, á day.--21. In Gros. and Henham P.C. Suffolk.

venor sq. the C'tess of Dartmouth, a dau. Rev. O. Goodrich, Humber R. Herefordshire. In Belgrave sq. the wife of the Right Hon. Rev. J. Griffiths, St. Fagan R. W. Llanilterne Sidney Herbert, a son.At Frankfort-on-theC. Glamorganshire.

Maine, Mrs. Edmond St. John Mildmay, a son. Rev. J. Harries, Llaniltid P.C. Glamorgansh. --22. At Harrington square, Mrs. F. W. Rev. J. C. Head, O'Brien's Bridge P.C. dio. Oliphant, a dau.---At Carlton terrace, the Killaloe.

Duchess of Argyll, a dau.-23. The wife of Rev. C. Hensley, Cabourn V. Lincolnsbire. J. Tollemache, esq. M.P. a son. At Tun. Rev. R. C. Hubbersty, Cartmel P.C. Lanc. bridge Wells, the Hon. Mrs. E. Cropper, a son. Rev. E. D. G. M. Kirwan, Wootton-Waven V. -At Greystoke castle, Cumberland, Mrs. w, Ullenhall C. Warwickshire.

Howard, a son.— At Calverley park, TunRev. J. F. Lingham, St. Mary R. Lambeth, bridge Wells, the wife of C. G. Mansel, esq. Surrey,

Civil Service, Nagpore, a dau.—-24. At Rev. J. Lloyd, Llanstephan P.C. Radnorshire. Boulogne-sur-Mer, the Hon. Lady Mostyn, of Rer. H.J. Longsdon, Seacroft P.C. Yorkshire. Talacre, a dau.--25. At Plaistow, Essex, Rev. Sir C. MacGregor, Bart. Swallow R. Linc. Mrs. W. B. Bathurst, a dau.At Edinburgh, Rev. W. P. Mackesy, Langcliffe P.C. Yorksh. the wife of Charles W. Orde, esq. a son and Rev. G. Morgan, St. Paul P.C. Poole, Dorset. heir. --27. At Norton cottage, near ChiRev. H. Morgan, Aberavon P.C.Glamorgansh. chester, the wife of S. P. B. Gybbon MonyRev. J. Murray, North Walsham V. w. Anting- penny, esq. a son.-28. At Windermere, the ham R. Norfolk.

wife of Lieut.-Col. Bellasis, 3d Bombay Eur.

Regt. a dau. -At Arklow house, Connaught 25. At Madeira, William Cossart, esq. of place, Lady Mildred Hope, a dau.—29. At Lennard

pl. St. John's wood, to Elizabeth, fifth the rectory, Campsey-Ashe, Suffolk, Mrs. Jer. dau. of Thomas H. Edwards, esq.--At Plymyn Pratt, a son.--At Newport, the wife of mouth, Lieut. John James Douglas, R.M. Capt. Henry Hall Dare, of the 23d Royal Welsh second son of John Douglas, esq. of Walmer, Fusileers, a dau.--31. At Dorking, the wife to Margaret-Jane, eldest dau. of G. A. Barbor, of George Cubitt, esq. a son.-At Worcester esq. Capt. late 8th Bengal Light Cavalry: park, Surrey, the wife of Sir Frederick Currie, April 4. At Chollerton, the Rev. James Bart, a son.

Allgood, second son of Robert Lancelot AllJune 2. At College house, St. Helier's, Jersey, good, esq. of Nunwick, Northumb. to Isabella, the wife of the Rev. W. G. D. Henderson, third dau. of the late C. A. Williamson, esq. D.C.L. a son. At Milford, Lymington, of Balgray, Dumfriesshire. Hants, the wife of Lieut. William Charles 6. At Goring, Sussex, Wm. Newton Warren, Geary, R.N. a son.--3. At Sussex gardens, of Lincoln's inn, barrister, to Elizabeth, dau. of Hyde park, the wife of Lieut.-Col. Crofton, a Levi Bushby, esq. of Field pl. near Worthing. son. At Halkin-st. West, Mrs. Baring, a At Inverness, Alfred-Róbert, fourth son of son.--6. In Burwood place, the Hon. Mrs. the late Col. Harry Gough Ord, R.A. of Bexley, Spencer Ponsonby, a son.--At Queen street, Kent, to Belissa-Jane, third day. of the late May-fair, the Hon. Lady Vayasour, a dau.- Rev. W. Smyly. -At Gibraltar, Lieut. John In Grosvenor-st. the wife of Capt. Sir James Henry St. John, 92d Highlanders, to Margaret, Clark Ross, R.N. a son. At High Park, dau. of Lieut.-Col. Warren, 55th Regt.-At N. Devon, the wife of Paul Wilmot, esq: a Naples, Richard C. Naylor, esq. of Hooton son.--—7. At Boulogne-sur-Mer, Lady Louisa hali, Cheshire, to Caroline, second dau. of the Alexander, a son. - 8. At Whittingham, late Rev. R. Tredcroft, of Tangmere, Sussex. N, B. Lady Blanche Balfour, a son.--9. At 8. At Hampstead, George Morgan Patmore, Rawcliffe hall, Mrs. Creyke, a dau.- -11. At esq. late of Demerara, to Georgiana, youngest Penshurst castle, Kent, Lady De l'Isle and dau. of the late Rev. Edward Andrews, LL.D. Dudley, a son. At Norfolk crescent, Hyde of Walworth. -At St. Mark's Kennington, park, the wife of Captain Tyler, R.E. a son. Thomas Hanslip, esq. son of the late Capt.

-13. At Connaught pl. the C’tess of Rosse, Hanslip, of Norman cross, Hunts, 66th Regt. a son.---At Southampton, the Hon. Mrs. to Charlotte-Ann, second day. of the late John Stretton, a dau.

Laurie, esq. of Hadley, Middlesex.--At Chel.

tenham, Henry Gibbon, esq. of Great James MARRIAGES.

street, Bedford row, to Mary, second dau. of

Robert Jacomb Hood, esq. of Bardon pk. Leic. Dec. 8. At Melbourne, William Newman 10. At Monkstown, William Richard Cros. Shadwell Keen, M.D. second son of the Rev. bie, esq. only son of the late Edward Crosbie, C. T. Keen, of Aylsham, Norf. to Jessie-Mar. esq. of Dublin, and grandson of Sir Paul Cros. garet, eldest dau, of the late William Macleod, bie, Bart. to Catherine, only dau. of the late esq. H.E.I.C.S. of Calcutta, and Brixton.- Rev. Samuel Madden, of Kilkenny. 28.

At St. Kilda, near Melbourne, William 12. At Kingstown, Sir Lionel Smith, Bart. Crawford, esq. Lieut. R.N. third son of the 71st Light Inf. to his cousin, Fanny, fourth late Lieut.-Gen. Robert Crawford, to Mary- dau. of the late Thos. Pottinger, esq. of Mount Ann-Winthorp, youngest dau. of the late Adm. Pottinger, co. Down. Sir Lawrence W. Halsted, G.C.B. and grand- 13. At Cheltenham, Capt. Cracknell, R.M. dau. of the first Lord Exmouth.

to Kate, youngest dau. of the late G. H. DanFeb. 20. At Bombay, Alfred Cotton Way, sey, esq. of Ludlow. esq. 28th N. Inf. son of E. Way, esq. of New- 15. Åt Pimlico, Walter-Milbanke, youngest port, I. W. to Bessie-Charlotte, only dau, of son of J. A. Walmisley, esq. of Bessborough Capt. H. Y. Eager, H.M. 90th Light Infantry. 25. At Cochin, E. I. John Simpson, esq.

Jamese to Emma, eldest dau. of the late

Burrows, esq. of Lower Belgrave place. Lieut. 48th M.N.I. eldest son of J. A. Simpson, At Pentonville, J. W. Leslie-Jinks, late esq. of Montague pl. Russell sq. to Sophia, of St. John's coll. Camb. to Charlotte, elder eldest dau. of Capt. Welch, 26th Madras N.I. dau. of C. Falcke, esq. --At Meerut, John Henry Norman, esq. 17. At Frankfort, Francis Bayley, esq. Calcutta, to Emily-Elizabeth, second dau. of youngest

son of late Rt. Hon. Sir John Bayley, the Rev. George Carter, Minor Canon of Nor. Bart. to Charlotte, day. of late Mons. Frederic wich.

Roulet, of Neufchatel.–At Guernsey, John 27. At Port Elizabeth, Cape of Good Ilope, Blackwood De Butts, esq. Royal Eng. youngest the Rev. H. Badnall, M.A: Chaplain to the son of the late Gen. Sir A. De Buits, K.C.H. Bishop of Cape Town, to Sarah, dau. of J, O. to Katharine-Carterette, second dau. of Capt. Smith, esq.

R.C. M'Crea, R.N-At St. George's Hanover March 2. At Bombay, T. Tristram Piers, square, Alfred-George, second son of William esq. 29th Bombay N.I. to Charlotte-Mary, Tarte, esq. of Eaton sq. to Emily, dau. of the eldest dau. of the late Rev. H. B. Tristram, Jate William Dunlop, esq. of Lewisham. Vicar of Eglingham, Northumberland.

At Paddington, Robert Canning, esq. of Helli3. At Hongkong, Henry Donne Brown,

esg. don house, Northamptonsh, to Harriet-Sarah, to Ellen, eldest dau. of Sir J. A. Douglas, R.N. youngest dau. of the late George Anslow, esq.

7. At Mercara, in Coorg, James Douglas of Brewood, Staffordshire. Robinson, esq. Madras Civil Serv. to Gertrude, 18. At Brighton, Edmund Jones, esq. M.D. eldest dau, of the Rev. Alfred Fennell, B.A. of Ross, Heref. to Elizabeth, widow of J. E.

8. At Allahabad, Edward Harris Greathed, Eckley, esq. of Credenhill, and eldest dau. of esq. of Uudings house, Dorset, Major 8th Regt. the late w. C. Brandram, esq. of Gower st. to Louisa, relict of George Archer, esq.

At Boultham, near Lincoln, Charles Coningsby 10. At Bombay, John Lodwick Warden, Waldo Sibthorp, esq. late Capt. 1st Royal Draesq. Bombay Civil Serv. eldest son of John goons, second son of Col. Sibthorp, M.P. to Warden, esq. Member of Council, to Emily, Charlotte-Elizabeth-Mary, elder dau. of Lieut.dau. of Charles Ducat, esq.

Col. Richard Ellison, of Boultham hall.21. At Nice, Nicolas, only son of the late At Tunbridge, the Rev. Gorges Richard Dallas Frederick Blonmer, of the Russian Corps Walsh, Chaplain to the Dow. Lady Vivian, to Diplomatique, to Anne-Catherine- Franciska, Helen-Catherine, dau. of the late Lieut.-Gen. second dau. of Crofton Vandeleur Fitzgerald, Middlemore, C.B.Colonel. --At Thirsk, Major esq. of co. Clare.

Sanders, K.C.S. to Jane, widow of William Henry Bayntun, esq.--At Blunham, Charles Parke, 61st Regt.-At St. George's Hanover Livias Grimshawe, esq. of Fenlake Barns, Bed- square, Edward S. Dendy, esq. of Arundel, fordshire, to Emily. Mary, eldest dau. of Sir Secretary to the Earl Marshal, to Mary-CaroCharles Gillies Payne, Bart. of Blunham house. line, only dau. of the late Charles Fitz-William

-At Hawstead, the Rev. Frederic Cheere, Wbite, esq. of Croydon, and adopted child of third son of the late C. M. Cheere, esq.of Pap. Thomas R. Burt, esq. of East Grinstead. worth hall, Camb. to Marianne-Emily, day. of At the church in Gordon sq. John Barclay, the late Robert Hood, esq. of Farmly, co. Kil- esq. M.D. of Leicester, to Emma-Mary-Anne, kenny-At Froxfield, Joseph Thorlby, esq. eldest dau, of John Bate Cardale, esq. of Bed. of Helpingham, to Emma, second dau. of the ford house, Tavistock sq.At St. Pancras, late Rev. J. H. Duke, M.A. of Demerara. the Rev. Lancelot Capel Bathurst, Incumbent

19. At Rotherfield Greys, Oxon, William of Wytball, Worc. to Ellen, eldest dau. of Stephens, esq. of Maidenhead, to Mary-Anne. George Hodgkinson, esq. of the Grove, Kentish Melloney, youngest surviving dau. of the late Town. --At St. Pancras, George-William. Rev. George Scobell, D.D. Rector of Brattleby, Bryant, eldest son of George Fred. Riallmark, Linc.—At Newport Pagnel, John llopkinson esq. of Fitzroy sq. to Clari-Sopbia, youngest Boot, M.D. of Sleaford, to Catherine-Ann, se- dau. of Benj. Caff Greenhill, esq. of Knole ball, cond dau. of the late Wm. T. Dawson, esq. of Som.-At Offord D'Arcy, Hunts, Harrison, Leverton house. -At St. George's Hanover second son of the late Henry Hayter, esq. of square, the Rev. Henry C. Porcles, M.A. of Eden Vale, Wilts, to Eliza-Jane, eldest dau. of Oriel coll. Oxford, to Emily-Caroline, dau. of the Rev. T. Walker, Rector of Offord D'Arcy. the late Rev. Allen Cooper, M.A. Perp. Curate At Blackburn, the Rev. K. Atherton Rausof St. Mark's, North Audley st. --At Colches- thorne, of Hutton hall, Lanc. to Cecilia, second ter, Thomas George Vereker, esq. 12th Regt. dau. Joseph Feilden, esq. Witton house. to Eliza; also, the Rev. Edward F. Ventris,

At Cheddon Fitzpaine, Taunton, the Rev. M.A. to Rose, daus. of the late Thomas Fisher, Francis John Kitson, B.D. Rector of Hemyock, esq. of St. Osyth.---At Bloomsbury chapel, Devon, to Isabella, dau. of the late William James Alexander Campbell, esq. of Glasgow, Speke, esg. Jordans, Ilminster.----At Witney, eldest son of Sir James Campbell, of Stracathro, Frederick, second surviving son of William Forfarsh. to Aun, second dau. of Samuel Mor- Hogge, esq. of Thornham, Norfolk, and Bigton Peto, esq. M.P: — At Southampton, the gleswade, Beds, to Alice Georgiana, youngest Rev. G. W. Phipps, M.A. Curate of Husband's dau. of the late Tomkyns Dew, esq. of Witney Bosworth, Leic. eldest son of Lieut.-Col. P. court, Herefordsh.--At Liverpool, the Rev. Phipps, of Oaklands, Clonmel, to Agoes-Bertha, Charles Heathcote Carr, Incumbent of St. dau. of John Witt, esg. J.P.--At Stratford John's, Limehouse, third son of the late R. L. St. Mary, the Rev. Thomas James Bewsher, Carr, esq. to Diana, youngest dau. of Anthony of Great Holland, Essex, to Eliza-Margaretta- Swainson, esq.- At St. Hilary, Glam. Hamil. Wilsford, eldest dau. of William Hewer, esq. ton, youngest son of Evan H. Baillie, esq. of late of Guernsey.--At West Ham, Essex, the Gloucester pl. Portman sq. to Ellin-Maria, Rev, Alfred Deck, B.A. Trinity coll. Camb. eldest dau. Of the late Rev. George Traherne, Curate of St. Thomas, Winchester, and young. Rector of St. Hilary.

-At Birch, Essex, the est son of the late Mr. I. Deck, Camb. to Annie, Rev. Henry Nicholas Gwyn, of Cally, Kirkcud. eldest dau. of J. A. Chalk, esq.At West brightsh. to Charlotte-Louisa, eldest dau. of Brompton, John, only son of John Philips the late Rev. Henry Freeland, Rector of HasPhilips, esq. of the Wray, Grasmere, to Rosa- keton, Suffolk.--At West Meon, Hants, the Elizabeth, widow of the Rev. J. S. Money Rev. William Preston Hulton, second surviving Kyrle.--At Lockwood, near Huddersfield, son of the late Henry Hulton, esq. of Bevis the Rev. T. E. Espin, M.A. Fellow and Tutor Mount, near Southampton, to Julia-Anne, of Lincoln coll. Oxford, Professor of Pastoral second dau. of the late Rev. John Griffin, RecTheology at Queen's coll. Birmingham, and tor of Bradley, Hants. At Paddington, the Rector of Hadleigh, Essex, to Eliza, youngest Rev. William English, Leamington, to Francesdau. of John Jessop, esq.—At l'opcliffe, Harriet, second lau.of late Rev. John Morgan, Tbirsk, Count Leszczyc Suminski, of Tütz cas- Vicar of Burton Dassett, Warw. --At Wenttle, West Prussia, to Ann-Elizabetlı, only dau. worth, Yorksh. the Rev. John Levett, M.A. of George Hudson, esq. M.P. of Newby park, Incumbent of Swinton, to Susan-Octavia, Yorksh.

youngest dau. of the late James Upton, esq. 20. At Romsey, the Very Rev. George Henry of Great Russell street, Bloomsbury. At Sacheverell Johnson, Dean of Wells, to Lucy, Hitchin, Herts, the Rev. George Gainsford, youngest dau, of the late Rear-Adm. Robert only son of G. R. Gainsford, esq. of Brighton, O'Brien. At Norwich, the Rev. R. W. to Annette, fourth dau. of the Rev. Henry Pearse, M.A. and Rector of Gaywood, second Wiles, Vicar of Hitchin.-- At Brighton, son of Brice Pearse, esq. of Ashlyns hall, Herts, Joseph James Maberly, esg. of Harley st. to to Alice-Maria, youngest dau. of the Rev.Canon Rebecca-Dennistoun, youngest dau. of the late Wodehouse.At All Souls' Langham pl. Row- Alexander Lang, esq. of Overton, Dumbarland-Hill, son of David Derry, esq. of Plymouth, tonsh.--At Braith well, near Doncaster, Robanker, to Julia-Margaret, eldest dau of Lewis bert. Peel, eldest son of Robert Peel Willock, H. Chandler, esq. of Berners st. --At Wal- esq. of Barfield house, near Manchester, to tbamstow, the Rev. Shadwell Morley Bark- Sarah-Anne, second dau. of Alexander Lingard, worth, M.A. second son of the late John Bark- €89:--- At Manningham, near Bradford, John worth, esq. of Tranby house, near Hull, to Ellen, Hollings, esq. of West house, to Mary-Janedau. of Alfred Janson, esq. —At Charlton, Hope, eldest dau. of the Rev. W. Mitton.-Kent, the Rev. Arthur "Rawson Ashwell, M.A. At Ramsbury, Wilts, Joseph Henry Clark, esq. Principal of the Diocesan college at Culham, to of Altwood, near Maidenhead, eldest son of the Elizabeth, eldest dau. of J. F. Fixsen, esq. of late Joseph Clark, esq. to Rachel, eldest dau. Blackheath. — At Paddington, Thos. Hunter of William Rowland, esq.--At Dinton, Wilts, Lane, esq. eldest son of the late Dr. Hunter Herbert Barnard, esq. of Portland pl. and Lane, of Brook st. to Catherine, younger dau. Ham, Surrey, to Ellen, eldest dau. of William of the late Robert Bleayard, esq. of Slaidburn. Wyndbam, esq. M.P.--At Canterbury, Wm.

-At Bath, Wm. Cuninghame Cuninghame, Lemon Oliver, esq. of Widcombe house, De esq. 79th Highlanders, to Louisa-Frances, only Beauvoir sq. and Threadneedle st. to Bertha, dau. of John Ormond, esq.At Bath, James youngest dau. of William Mount, esq. of CanJ. Rawlins, Lieut. 44th Bengal N.I. to Emma- terbury. --At Salcombe Regis, Devon, Edw. Augusta-Wilmot, second dau. of the late Major H. Solly, esq. of West heath, Congleton, Chesh,

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