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to Lucy-Charlotte, dau. of the late Rev. George late Adm. Billy Douglas.--At Lechlade, the J. Cornish, Vicar of Kenwyn and Kea, Corn- Rev. Alan B. Cheales, grandson of the late Sir wall. -At St. Michael's, Chester sq. R. J. Alan Bellingham, Bart. of Castle Bellingham, Elrington, esq. 10th Hussars, to Eleanor, dau. to Fanny-Louisa, second dau. of the Rev. H. of Robert Hand, esq. of St. George's road, Carnegie Knox, Vicar of Lechlade.--At Little Eccleston sq.--At Bath, the Rev. John Chas. Brickhill, Bucks, the Rev. James Charles Lett Keate, Rector of Hartley Westpall, Hants, to Court, M.A. second son of Major Court, of Clara, dau. of William Hadlestone, esq.- Castlemans, Berks, to Rosa-Emma, dau. of At Camberwell, John Price Hilton, esq. to the late Rev. William Spry --At Queenstown, Frances, dau. of the Rev. John Hurnall, of Cork, Henry Jermyn Montgomery Campbell, Peckham Rye.

Lieut. R. Art. to Louisa-Sydney, dau. of Rear22. At St. Peter's Eaton sq. Capt. Robert Adm. Sir W. F. Carroll, K.C.B. - At St. Fitzroy, R.N. second son of the late Lord Mary's Kensington, Frederic-John, only son Charles Fitzroy, to Maria-Isabella, third dau. of Frederick P. Keeling, esq. of Colchester, to of John Henry Symth, esq. of Heath hall, for- Mary-Davinia-Stuart, dau of David Stuart merly M.P. for the University of Cambridge. Galbraith, esq. of Machrihanish and Drumore

At Clapham, Benjamin Williams, esq. of house, co. of Argyll. --At Bangor, Sir John the Lodge, Hillingdon, J.P. Middlesex, to Judkin- Fitzgerald, Bart. of Lisheen, to MarCatherine-Amelia, dau. of the late Spencer garet, widow of Samuel Banks, esq. of New Hogan Forde, esq. of Glanmyre, Cork.

Ferry, Cheshire, and dau. of the late William 23. At Barbados, Fitz Herbert Alleyne, esq. Warner, esq. of Kitwell, Worc. -At Clifton, second son of Sir Reynold A. Alleyne, Bart. to Frederick, eldest son of the Hon. George King, Anna-Maria-Best, second dau. of Sir R. Bow. of Fryern, Sussex, late Capt. of the 27th Ennischer Clarke, C.B. Chief Justice of Barbados killens, to Charlotte-Mary-Heriot-Maitland, and St. Lucia,

dau. of the late James Heriot, esq. of Ra25. At St. Leonard's-on-Sea, Robert Drum. mornie, Fifeshire. --At Clifton, James Au. mond, esq. eldest son of Charles Drummond, gustus Caley, esq. Ceylon Civil Serv. to Fanny, esq. of Charing cross, to Augusta-Charlotte, only dau. of the late James J. Campbell, esq. youngest dau. of Col. Fraser, of Castle Fraser. At West Brompton, Wm. Geo. M'Clure,

-At All Souls' Langham place, Robert B. esq. M.D. third son of the late Geo. M'Clure, Lawes, only surviving son of Robert Lawes, esq. R.N.'to Lydia-Le-Messurier, sixth dau. of esq. of Stanhope terr. Hyde park, and Kingston J. G. Moyle, esq. Iate President Bombay Med. hall, Surrey, to Emma-Selina, dau. of the late Board.--At Thornhill, Capt. Towgood, 33th Rev. Edward Murray, and granddau. of the Bengal N. Inf. to Adelaide-Mary-Anne, second late Lord George Murray. —At Wbichford, dau. of the late Wm. Stansfeld, esq. of the Warwicksh. the Rev. G. A. Walker, Curate of Manor house, near Wakefield. At Launces. Pattisball, Northamptonsh. second son of John ton, the Rev. Samuel W. Tagert, Curate of Walker, esq. of Westbourne st. Hyde park, to Trewen, Cornwall, youngest son of Samuel Catherine-Amelia, eldest dau.; and, at the Tagert, esq. barrister-at-law, Dublin, to Elizasame time, the Rev. Vernon Blake, Curate of beth, eldest dau. of Henry Badcock, esq. of St. Wo: n, Oxon, son of Capt. Blake, R.N. Gen- Stephen's by Launceston.-At Annahílt, Ire. tleman-Usher to H.R.H. Prince Albert, to land, the Rev. J. Clement Govett, son of the Anna, second dau. of the Rev. R. B. Pinniger, Rev. R. Govett, Vicar of Staines, Middlesex, Rector of Whichford. --At Streatley, Berks, to Marianne, dau. of the Rev. Edward Leslie, J. I. P. Moody, esq. Town-clerk of Scarbo- Rector of Annabilt. --At Castle Eden, Durrough, to Martha-Anne, only child of William ham, J. W. Wedderburn, esq. late Capt. 420 Kipling, esq. of Mill house. --At Newcastle- R.H. only son of the late John Wedderburn, upon-Tyne, William-Hamilton, second son of esq. to Margaret-Anne, only dau. of the late the late Sir Hedworth Williamson, Bart. of Thomas Whaite, esq. Lieut. 94th Regt. At Whitburn, to Mary, eldest dau. of the late Ipswich, Stephen, eldest son of the late Postle Robert William Brandling, esq. of Low Gos- Jackson, esq. of Ipswich, to Catherine, dau. of forth, Northumberland. At Barton-upon- Frederick Cobbold, esq.-At Amwell, Herts, Humber, the Rev. T. P. N. Baxter, M.A. Fellow the Rev. Charles Grayson Pickthall, Curate of of St. Catharine's hall, Cambridge, and Curate Shudy Camps, Cambridgesh. to Ellen-Louisa, of Barton-upon-Humber, to Helen G. only only dau. of Peter Christie, esq. of Hoddesdau. of Capt. Howe, R.N.--At St. Pancras, don, Herts.---At Devonport, Richard-Winter, Thomas-Olinthus, eldest son of Professor only son of the late Rev. Richard Winter Donaldson, of Bolton gardens, Russell sq. to Hamilton, LL.D. D.D. of Leeds, to Charlotte. Maria, second dau. of s. Nethersole, of Ja. Amelia, only surviving dau. of E. M. Leigh, maica.-At Christ church, St. Pancras, the esq. of Collumpton.--At St. Pancras, Loveli Rev. Edmund Dickie Kershaw, of Southam, Langslow, esq. second son of Capt. Langslow, Warwicksh. to Helene, eldest dau. of John Bengal Est. of Hatton, Middx. to AugustaYoung, esq. of Highbury park.At Biggles. Julia, eldest dau. of J. C. Mason, esq. of Meck. wade, Beds, James, eldest son of Robert Chad. lenburgh sq.--At Isle of Jersey, Henry Badwick, esy. of High bank, Prestwich, Manches- cock, esq. of Birdhill, co. of Tipperary, to ter, to Laura-Janet-Emma, third dau. of Chas. Hannah-Maria, youngest dau. of the late James Barnett, esq. of Stratton park, Beds.--At Leche, esq. formerly Capt. 86th Regt. of Foot. Wolverhampton, the Rev. W. Venables Wil- -At the British Embassy, Frankfort-onliams, B.A. of Rhuabon, to Annie-Eleanor, Main, the Rev. W. S. Turnbull, M.A. of St. eldest dau. of Edward Morris, esq.--At Ches. John's college, Curate of Carlton-in-Lindric, ter, the Rev. Cecil Jervis Clarke, B.A. Corate Notts, to Agnes-Mary, eldest dau. of the Rev. of Éccleston, near Chester, to Margaret, young- C. G. Smith, Rector of Carlton-in-Lindric.est dau. of the late J. W. Hulme, esq. Medlock At Firbeck, the Rev. Henry J. Ellison, Vicar vale, Lanc. ---At Cheltenham, John Daniel of Edensor, to Mary. Dorothy, eldest dau. of Williams, esq. 28th Bombay Nat. Inf. to Har. Lieut.-Col. Jebb, Surveyor-General of Prisons, riet-Henrietta-Amelia, eldest dau. of the late --At Newport, Barnstaple, Edward Lach. Capt. A. J. Ormsby, Madras Army. -- At mere, esq. of Nottingham, to Selina, dau. of West Shandon, Dumbartonsh. Graham Wilkin, the late Thomas Heathcoat, esq. and niece of esq. son of John Wilkin, esq. of Spring gar- J. Heathcoat, esq. M.P. for Tiverton. dens, to Isabella, youngest dau, of Robert 28. At Hampstead, the Rev. John Walker, Napier, esq. of Glasgow.

M.A. of Malton, Yorkshire, to Louisa-Ger27. At Fareham, Hants, John Edward Pad- trude, youngest dau. of Basil George Woodů, don, esq.

to Ann, only dau. of the late Henry esq. of Hillfield, Hampstead. Osborn Douglas, esq. and granddau. of the




Right Rev. RICHARD BAGOT, D.D. In the usual course of events, it might

BISHOP OF BATH AND WELLS. have been presumed that such exciting May 15. At Brighton, aged 71, the circumstances would no more trouble Dr. Hon. and Right Rev. Richard Bagot, D.D. Bagot. Yet there was one more serious Lord Bishop of Bath and Wells.

trial reserved for him ; an attack was Dr. Bagot was born at Daventry in made upon him in the House of Commons Northamptonshire, on the 22d Nov. 1782. by Mr. Horsman, for inducting the Rev. He was the third son of William first Lord W. J. E. Bennett into the living of Frome, Bagot, by the Hon. Louisa St. John, which by law he was compelled to do. daughter of John second Lord Viscount This was the forerunner of that painful Bolingbroke. He was educated at Rugby mental aberration which afflicted Dr. school, which he entered with his elder Bagot shortly afterwards. From this brother Charles (the late Right Hon. Sir period up to the time of Dr. Bagot's deCharles Bagot), under the mastership of cease, the affairs of the diocese of Bath Dr. James, in 1790 ; and thence proceeded and Wells were under the administration in 1800 to Cbrist Church, Oxford. He of the Bishop of Gloucester and Bristol, took his B.A. degree in 1803, and in 1804 by an Act of Parliament passed for that was elected to a fellowship of All Souls, purpose. which he retained until 1806, when he To the private character of the late married Lady Harriet Villiers, youngest Bishop we have heard the most eloquent daughter of George-Bussey fourth Earl of testimony; he was gentle, confiding, and Jersey. He proceeded M.A. on the 7th a lover of peace, was a munificent patron Nov. in the same year, and was created of the Church societies, and a generous D.D. in 1829.

friend to the poor. His Lordship does In 1806 he was presented by his father not appear to have published any other to the rectory of Leigh in Staffordshire, than a Sermon before the Society for the and in 1807 to that of Blithfield, and in Propagation of the Gospel, in 1835, and the latter year he became a Canon of Charges in 1834, 1837, 1842, and 1847. Windsor. In 1817 he was appointed a The Bishop had been for some time Canon of Worcester.

suffering from disease of the heart, which In 1829 he was consecrated Bishop of eventually deprived him of the use of one Oxford ; and in 1845, on the death of of his hands. Amputation was advised by Bishop Law, was translated to the see of his Lordship's medical attendants, and Bath and Wells.

the operation was performed, but the On the appearance of the “Tracts for health of the sufferer gradually declined, the Times,Dr. Bagot was, against bis and for some time past it had become will, forced into prominent notice. He evident that his recovery was not to be ex. was accused of favouring the so-called pected. Romanisers, and was besieged by letters By Lady Harriet, who survives bim, hc from private persons, and by articles in had issue eight sons and four daughters : the daily press, requiring him "to suspend 1. Lieut.-Colonel Edward Richard Bagot, the authors of the Tracts,” and to clear the Lieut.-Colonel of the Westminster Militia, University of Oxford from all but true formerly of the 60th Royal Rifles, and Protestants. On the other side, he was Knight of the Redeemer of Greece ; who regarded as a shield from the indignation married in 1842 Matilda, widow of Oswald of the public. The Bishop deemed it Perkins, esq. and has issue ; 2. Villiers, prudent to require that the publication of who died in 1810, in his second year; 3. the " Tracts for the Times " should cease; Capt. Henry Bagot, R.N. who married in which they accordingly did. So great, 1846 his cousin Wilhelmina-Frederica, however, had the outcry become, that the youngest daughter of the Right Hon. Sir Bishop's charge of 1842, in which he al- Charles Bagot, G.C.B. and has issue ; 4. luded to the circumstances, was the Rev. Charles Walter Bagot, Rector of sidered as an apology for the writers. Castle Rising, Norfolk, Chancellor of the

The excitement of this time and the diocese of Bath and Wells, and Registrar Bishop's failing health, together with the of the diocese of Oxford, who married in desire expressed in certain quarters that 1846 Mary second daughter of Colonel the Bishopric of Oxford should be ad. John Chester, and has issue ; 5. the Rev. ministered by a more vigorous and younger Louis Francis Bagot, Rector of Leigh, co. man, was the cause of his being translated Stafford ; who married in 1848 Catharine, to Bath and Wells, on the death of Dr. third daughter of the late Hon. and Law in 1845.

Rev. John Evelyn Boscawen ; 6. Harriet


Frances, married in 1837 to the Rev. Lord the Rt. Hon. Thomas Grenville for the Charles Thynne, (uncle to the Marquess term of his life, with remainder to the of Bath,) a Canon of Canterbury, and Master of Magdalene and his heirs male; Vicar of Longbridge Deverell, Wilts, and but Mr. Grenville, with that kind and has issue ; 7. Major George Bagot, generous spirit which marked all his ac. Captain in the 41st Foot, and First Aide- tions, at once made over the extensive de-camp to the Lord Lieutenant of Ire- landed property to Mr. Neville, observing land ; 8. Frances-Caroline, who died in that his own means were ample, and that 1840, aged twenty-one ; 9. Richard, who it was too late for him to turn country died in 1840, aged nineteen ; 10. the Rev. gentleman. Upon this gratifying oc. Frederick Bagot, Rector of Rodney Stoke, currence Mr. Neville assumed the name Somerset, and a Prebendary of Wells; 11. and arms of Grenville, pursuant to Lord Emily-Mary, who died in 1853, having Glastonbury's directions. married in 1850 the Hon. and Rev. George In 1846, having been for some time Thomas Orlando Bridgeman, second son one of the Queen's Chaplains, he was of the Earl of Bradford ; and 12. Mary- appointed Dean of Windsor, without any Isabel, married in 1843 to Lord Viscount solicitation on his part, by Sir Robert Downe, and has issue.

Peel, on the death of Dr. Hobart. He

diligently applied himself to the discharge The Dean of WINDSOR.

of the duties of his high station, and acJune 10. At bis seat, Butleigh Court, quired the confidence and regard of every near Glastonbury, in his 65th year, the person connected with St. George's Chapel; Hon. and Very Rev. George Neville but, his health failing, he had for some Grenville, Dean of Windsor and Registrar time been obliged to abstain from active of the Order of the Garter, M.A.

business, though he continued to reside at He was a younger son of the second Lord the Deanery great part of the year. In Braybrooke, by Catherine one of the justice to his memory, itcannot be too widely daughters of the Right Hon. George known that his charities, dispensed in the Grenville, and brother to the present peer. most delicate and unostentatious manner, He was born the 17th of August, 1789, were as munificent as his means were educated at Eton and Trinity College, ample. At the close of his long incumCambridge, and nominated in 1813 by bency, he left Hawarden with the blessings his father as owner of Audley End to the of the poor on his head; and at Butleigh, Mastership of Magdalene College in that of which parish he had for a short time University. This appointment he held been Vicar, there was scarcely a dry eye for 40 years with great credit to himself when it became known to the villagers and advantage to the Society, whose in that their benefactor had passed from terests he was always most anxious to them for ever. In the same spirit, during promote; and, when it became evident the time the Dean and his family resided about six months ago that his increasing at Windsor, many a desolate fireside was infirmities would no longer admit of his made cheerful by the exercise of his residence at Cambridge, he reluctantly bounty, and his consideration for the sick gave up to dahip, to the great concern poor of the district was proverbial. Withof all

ith whom he had been so out any pretensions to deep scholarship, long

notably connected. the Dean had acquired a good deal of

ille Vice-Chancellor, the general information, and his vivacity and M

alene und the honour of courteous manners rendered him a very the Duke and Duchess of agreeable member of society. He also ou the Princess Sophia Ma. possessed a tender heart and generous ocension of his Royal High- disposition, and was greatly beloved by visit to the University after his his numerous family, for whom he enterto the Chancellorar.

tained the warmest affection. From his 1814, Mr. Nevill presented to earliest years he had paid great attention Itectory of

in Flintshire, to his religious duties, thus laying the his brother-in

Sir Stephen foundation for that Christian and unFichard Glynn

ia living he re- affected piety which marked his long and ignod in 1

his nephew the useful career. wing during the The Dean married in May, 1816, Lady with that parish suc- Charlotte Legge, the second daughter of

additional churches George third Earl of Dartmouth, K.G. anciea of the scattered by whom, who survives him, he has left pilation, and contributed four daughters and six sons :-Ralph, the undertaking from his own eldest, who succeeds to the family estates, u 1895, Lord Glow

and assumes the surname and arms of hi estates to her

Grenville, espoused in 1845 Julia Roberta


fourth daughter of Sir Robert Frankland, Beroey, esq. of Barbados, daughter of B. Bart, and has issue four sons and two Smith, esq. of Islington. daughters; William-Frederick, Vicar of He entered the navy in 1782, on board Butleigh, married in 1847 Fanny Grace the Union 90, and in the same year was daughter of William Blackwood, esq. and present at the relief of Gibraltar, and in has five children ; Seymour, a Minor Lord Howe's partial actions with the com. Canon of Windsor ; Edward, Captain in bined fleets of France and Spain.

He the Fusileer Guards, now on the Staff in afterwards served in the Elizabeth 74, Cul. Turkey, Glastonbury, Lieutenant R.E. loden 74, Carysfort 28, Leander 50, Bullserving in Nova Scotia ; William-Wynd- dog 16, Alfred 74, and Victory 100; on ham, a scholar of Magdalene College, the Home and Mediterranean stations. Cambridge. Of the daughters two only He received his first commission June 29, are unmarried. The eldest, Frances. 1793; and at the occupation of Toulon Catherine, in 1849 became the wife of the in August that year he served on shore. Rev. Edmund Peel, Vicar' of Wargrave, Early in the following year he contributed Berks; and the youngest, Harriet-Louisa, to the reduction of Corsica, where helanded in 1854 married the Rev. Arundell St. at the taking of the tower of Mortella, and John Mildmay, Rector of Lapworth, witnessed the capture and destruction of Warwickshire.

the French frigates Minerve and Fortunée. The late Dean's remains were deposited In the same ship he participated in in the family vault at Butleigh Church, Hotham's action of the 15th July 1795; on Saturday June the 17th, the funeral and in bringing out of Tunis bay, on the being plainly and unostentatiously con. 9th March, 1796, of the Nemesis 28, and ducted, and attended only by the nearest Sardine 22. He was next appointed to relations of the deceased, and the tenantry the Mahonesa 40, Hector 74, Blenbeim and servants on the estate.

90, and Diadem 64, and to the command

of the Ready gun-brig, which he held for Sir John GERARD, BART.

thirteen months. On the renewal of hosFeb. 21. At Lower Grove House, Roe. tilities, after the short peace of 1802, Mr. hampton, aged 50, Sir John Gerard, the Dyer joined, on the 5th July, 1803, the twelfth Bart. (1611), of New Hall, Lanca- Sea Fencibles at Rye ; where he remained shire, a Deputy Lieutenant of that county. until appointed, July 3, 1805, First Lieu

This representative of an old Roman tenant of the Vesuvius bomb. Catholic family, which was one of the first In Nov. 1805, Rear-Adm. Sir William raised to the dignity of Baronet by King Sidney Smith, meditating an attack upon James the First, was born on the 8th Dec. the flotilla in Boulogne roads, issued a 1804, the eldest son of John Gerard, esq. general notification of the intention of of Windle Hall, co. Lancaster (third son Government to reward any signal acts of of Sir Robert-Cansfield the ninth Baronet), bravery that might be performed during the by Elizabeth, daughter of Edward Ferrers, approaching operations. Influenced by esq. of Baddesley Clinton, co. Warwick. this announcement, Mr. Dyer volunteered

He succeeded to the title on the death the command of a boat with only nine of his uncle Sir William, the eleventh hands ; and presently had the good fortune, Baronet, on the 20 August, 1826. He was at a distance of four miles and a half from appointed Lieut.-Colonel of the 3d Lanca- the British squadron, to blow up, by means cashire militia in 1842, but resigned in of a carcass expressly prepared, and in the 1852; and in 1848 Major commandant of centre of 26 of the enemy's vessels, one of the Lancashire Hussars.

the only two that were destroyed on that He married, Dec. 3, 1827, Monica, occasion. Six of his men were wounded; daughter of Thomas Strickland Standish, but he received no other acknowledgment of Standish Hall, co. Lanc. and Sizergh, of this very gallant exploit than that of co. Westmerland, esq. but had no issue. being personally complimented by the Rear

He is succeeded by his brother Robert, Admiral. born in 1808, who married in 1849 a After a brief attachment to four other daughter of Edward Clifton, esq. of Dor- ships, Mr. Dyer, a few days subsequent to set-square.

bis removal tol'Athénienne 64, was wrecked

near Tunis on the 27th Oct. 1806, on wbich SIR Thomas S. DYER, BART. occasion the Captain (Robert Raynsford) March 17. At Dartmouth, Devonshire, and 396 of the crew perished: and he aged 83, Sir Thomas Swinnerton Dyer, the suffered a loss of property to the amount sixth Baronet (1678), Commander R.N. of 2761. which he never recovered.

He was born on the 4th Nov., 1771, the He next served in the Pompée 74, bearing eldest son of Thomas Dyer, esq. (second the flag of Sir W. S. Smith, and Jane 32, son of Sir John Swinnerton the fourth until paid off on his return to England Baronet,) by Mary, widow of William in July, 1807. He afterwards held the GENT, MAG. VOL. XLII.


command for a short time of the Centurion Thurlow, Lord High Chancellor of Engreceiving-ship at Halifax; and on the 12th land; which lady died in 1816. He mar. July, 1810, he was at length, through the ried secondly, in 1817, Gertrude, daughinfluence of H.R.H. the Duke of Kent, ter of William Kempton, esq. of Ampthill, promoted to the rank of Commander in co. Bedford ; and became a second time a the Driver 18. He paid off that sloop on widower in 1842. By the former marriage the 8th Jan. 1811; and was not subse. he had issue five sons and two daughters : quently employed. He was admitted to The former were 1. Edward Thurlow the out-pension of Greenwich Hospital on Cunynghame, esq. who died in 1825, aged the 24th April, 1837.

twenty-three ; 2. Sir David-Thurlow, his He succeeded to the baronetcy April 12, successor ; 3. Robert-S.-Thurlow, who 1838, on the death of his cousin Lieut-Gen. died in 1828; 4. Francis-Thurlow; and 5. Sir Thomas Richard Swinnerton Dyer, Bart. Arthur-Thurlow. The daughters, 1. Mary

He married April 14, 1814, Mary, dau. Frances-Thurlow, married in 1828 to of John Davis, esq. and has left no issue. Lieut.-Col. the Hon. Augustus Frederick He is succeeded by his nephew, now Sir Ellis, younger son of the first Lord Sea. Thomas Dyer, formerly of the Royal Ar- ford, and brother to the present Lord tillery, son of the late Lieut.-Colonel Sir Howard de Walden, and who died in John Dyer, K.C.B. He married in 1832, 1841, leaving issue; and 2. Carolinea daughter of Colonel J. A. Clement, R. Anne-Thurlow. By his second wife Sir Art.

David had further issue, three sons, 6.

Henry-Sidney-Myrton ; 7. William-Au. Sir David CUNYNGHAME, BART. gustus - Charles - Myrton; 8. AugustusMay 19. In Jersey, in his 86th year, Myrton; and one daughter, 3. JuliaSir David Cunynghame, the fifth Baronet Myrton, married in 1844 to Frederick of Milncraig, co. Ayr (1700), a Colonel William Kirby, esq. second son of R. C. in the army.

Kirby, esq. of Blandford-square. He was born in the Canongate, at Edin- The present Baronct, who was lately a burgh, on the 14th August, 1769, the Captain in the 12th Lancers, was born in elder son of Sir William Augustus Cun- 1803, and married in 1833 Annie third ynghame, the fourth Baronet, by his first daughter of the late General the Hon. wife Frances daughter and heiress of Sir Robert Meade, and granddaughter of John Robert Myrton, Bart. of Cogar, Mid first Earl of Clanwilliam. Lothian.

He was appointed Ensign in the 92d Sir Robert HERON, BART. Foot Nov. 14, 1781, Lieutenant in the May 26. At his residence, Stubton, co. same regiment Feb. 6, 1783, Captain in Lincoln, aged 89, Sir Robert Heron, the the 95th, on the 20th March following; second Baronet (1778), a Deputy Lieuteand in the 3d Foot Guards May 3, 1786. nant of Lincolnshire. With the last regiment he was engaged in He was born at Newark on the 27th several of the actions fought during the Nov. 1765, the only son of Thomas Heron, campaign of 1793, including those of esq. of Chilham Castle, Kent, Recorder of Fimars and St. Amand, the siege of Valen- Newark, by his first wife Anne, daughter

8, where he was thirty-five times in of Sir Edward Wilmot, Bart. M.D. Phy

hes, and the storming of the bat. sician to King George III. He succeeded of Lincelles, where he was very se- to the baronetcy in Jan. 1805, on the death

vounded. He was promoted to of his uncle the Right Hon. Sir Richard . on the 26th Jan. 1797, and Lieut.- Heron, some time Chief Secretary of Ire1 Jan. 15, 1794, and received the land, upon whom the dignity had been t of Colonel June 26, 1797. In May, conferred, with remainder to the male 18, in the action at Ostend, he was taken issue of his brother. e risoner, I was relieved about a In comparatively early life Sir Robert

0, the 16th August, became a politician, and afterwards took

Lieut.-Colonel of an active part in some of the election conthe 7th Feb. 1800, tests for Lincolnshire. In 1812 he thought

60th ; and on the of standing for the county, but abandoned changed to the half- that intention, and canvassed Grimsby, for consequence of family which borough he was returned, and he nis presence in England. first spoke in the House of Commons on Ionel was stationary; and the Catholic question, his maiden speech

y years been at the head of being complimented by Bankes, Plunkett, 1e officers of that rank.

and Whitbread, and as he himself said in si Cunyoghame was twice mar- his “ Notes," "privately by Canping,

in 1801, to the Hon. Mary who afterwards abused him publicly.” At laughter of Edward first Lord the general election in 1818, Sir Robert

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