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Page 194 - High-gleaming from afar. Prime cheerer Light ! Of all material beings first, and best ! Efflux divine! Nature's resplendent robe! Without whose vesting beauty all were wrapt In unessential gloom; and thou, O Sun!
Page 158 - ... the angle of reflection is always equal to the angle of incidence, the image for any point can be seen only in the reflected ray prolonged.
Page 53 - ... wheel is allowed to pass. Now, if this wheel has sixty teeth, as is common, it will just turn round once for sixty beats of the pendulum, or seconds; and a hand fixed on its axis, projecting through the dial-plate, will be the second hand of the clock.
Page 63 - ... time that the axle describes a small one, therefore the power is increased in the same proportion as the circumference of the wheel is greater than that of the axle. If the velocity of the wheel is...
Page 148 - H, extending outside of the boiler, and which is managed by the engineer. The operation of the machine is as follows : The steam being generated in great abundance, in the boiler, and being unable to escape out of it, acquires a considerable degree of elastic force. If, at that moment, the cock, V...
Page 146 - The trunk of an elephant that can pick up a pin or rend an oak is as nothing to it. It can engrave a seal, and crush masses of obdurate metal like wax before it, — draw out, without breaking, a thread as fine as gossamer, and lift a ship of war like a bauble in the air. It can embroider muslin, and forge anchors, — cut steel into ribands, and impel loaded vessels against the fury of the winds and waves.
Page 146 - By his admirable contrivance, it has become a thing stupendous alike for its force and its flexibility, — for the prodigious power which it can exert, and the ease, and precision, and ductility, with which that power can be varied, distributed, and applied.
Page 280 - By these eclipses also, it has been ascertained that light is about eight minutes in coming from the sun to the earth. For, an eclipse of one of these satellites appears to us to take place sixteen minutes sooner, when the earth is in that part of its orbit nearest Jupiter, than when in the part farthest from that planet.
Page 188 - The spectrum, formed by a glass prism, being divided into 360 parts, it is found that the red occupies 45 of those parts, the orange 27, the yellow 48, the green 60, the blue 60, the indigo 40, and the violet 80...
Page 79 - But a bottle filled with water, or any other liquid, may be let down to any depth without damage, because, in this case, the internal pressure is equal to the external...

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