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The principal navigations, voyages, traffiques & discoveries of the ... Richard Hakluyt

mmortalis honor Regnem, cui non tsilit atas

Olla prior, veniens nec feret illa parem ,
Sofpite quo nunquam terras habitare Britannas

Destnet aime Ouies, Lustitia atque Fides,


Ques ipse tantum fuperant reliqua omnia regra,

Quantum, tu maiør Regibus es, reliquas,
Vue precor felix tanti in moderamine régni,

Dum tibi Rex Regum calica regna paret.

1 246.

all be in one company, but in manie and severall bandes, not very farre distant one from another. They which give the first encounter must sende one band before, and must have another in a readynesse to relieve and second the former in time convenient. They must have spies also on every side to give them notice when the rest of the enemies bandes approch. For therefore ought they alwayes to send forth band against band & troupe against troupe, because the Tartar ever practiseth to gette his enemie in the midst and so to environ him. Let our bands take this caveat also, if the enemie retire, not to make any long pursuit after him, lest peradventure (according to his custome) he might draw them into some secret ambush: for the Tartar fights more by policie then by maine force. And againe, lest our horses bee tired : for we are not so well stored with horses as they. Those horses which the Tartars use one day, they ride not upon three or foure dayes after. Moreover, if the Tartars draw homeward, our men must not therefore depart and casseir their bandes, or separate themselves asunder: because they doe this upon policie, namely to have our armie divided, that they may more securely invade and waste the countrey. And in very deede, our captaines ought both day and night to keepe their armie in a readines : and not to lie out of their armour, but at all assayes, to bee provided for battell. For the Tartars like divels are alwaies watching and devising howe to practise mischiefe. Furthermore, if in battell any of the Tartars be cast off their horse backes, they must presently bee layd holde on and taken, for being on foote they shoote strongly, wounding and killing both horses and men.

Of the journey of frier * John unto the first plame Carpiri. guard of the Tartars.

Chap 19.
E therefore by the commaundement of the sea

apostolique setting foorth towards the nations the East, chose first to travel unto the Tartars,



we feared that there might be great danger imminenr 275 upon the Church of God nest uz zem, bo ier 2 invasions. Proceeding on therefore, we came Ite king of Bohemia, who being of our fam buaintance, advised us to take our journey through Prionia and Russia. For we had kinsfolkes Pricmai whose assistance, we might enter in Russia. Hasing given us his letters, hee caused ocz charges asc II defrayed, in all his chiefe houses and ca. I we came unto his nephew Boleslaus cete ci Sissia, wie bere sa also was familiar and well known tato us. Tie tie favour he shewed us also, all we came into Conraís duke of * Lautiscia, unto whome ther: 5 Gocs especail La favour towards us lord Wasilico Cuke of Rissa vas come, from whose mouth we heart more at a concerning the deedes of the Tartars: for the tad sent ambassadours thither, who were returned backe unto him Wherefore, it being given us to understand, that we mus bestow giftes upon them, we caused certaine smes of bevers and other beastes to be bought with a de that money, which was given upon almes to suecours by the way. Which thing duke Conradus and the duties Grandes of Cracow, and a bishop, and certaine souldiers being a vertised of, gave us likewise more of the same siis Ant to be short, duke Wasilico being earnesty regtested for me duke of Cracow, and by the bishop behalfe, conducted us with him, unt there for certaine daies, entertained to the ende that we might refrest when, being requested by us, resort unto him, we be admonishing them

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