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(H. COLBURN's Works-continued.)

XI. SIR MICHAEL SCOTT. A Romance. By ALLAN CUNNINGHAM. In 3 vols. post 8vo.

XII. TRAVELS in AMERICA and ITALY. By the Viscount de CHATEAUBRIAND, Author of “Travels in the Holy Land," “ Beauties of Christianity," &c. Editions in French and English, in 8vo.

XIII. BURKE'S DICTIONARY of the PEERAGE and BARONETAGE of the United Kingdom. Handsomely printed in one thick volume, crown 8vo. with upwards of 1500 Engravings of the Arms, &c. &c. A New Edition, price 11. 113. 6d.

*** It is presumed that this work will be found the most accurate, comprehensive, and concise, which has hitherto appeared upon the subject; an unprecedented mass of information having been obtained from the highest sources. The lineage of almost every house is deduced from the earliest era, and the genealogical details are interspersed with many interesting anecdotes of the various families. The Baronets of Scotland and Ireland, with their armorial bearings, &c. form a new feature in this Edition; and an Essay upon the origin of titles of honour in England, with Engravings of the various orders of nobility and knighthood, considerably augment the interest of the whole.

XIV. THE TRAVELLER'S ORACLE; or, MAXIMS for LOCOMOTION. By WILLIAM KITCHENER, M.D., Author of the “ Cook's Oracle," “The Art of Invigorating, and Prolonging Life," &c. &c. Second Edition. In 2 pocket vols. 15s.

“ Mirth and motion prolong life.” “These two volumes abound in practical instruction of a rare and useful kind.”

“ We recommend the “Traveller's Oracle' as a very amusing and instructive publication-it is worth buying and reading, and will become, we doubt not, a popular book.” -Atlas,

XV. The REMINISCENCES of HENRY ANGELO. 8vo. 148. *** This work comprises Memoirs of the elder Angelo, his friends, and connexions, from his first arrival in England in 1750. It will contain numerous original anecdotes and curious traits in the personal history of many noble and illustrious characters. But the book will abound, not only in piquant matter relating to persons of rank, but of talent also—for the elder Angelo's intimacy with Englishmen, as well as foreigners, professors of all the fine arts, &c. made his house, in Carlisle-street, for many years the rendezvous of Sir Joshua Reynolds, Garrick, the Sheridans, the Linleys, Gainsborough, Foote, Bach, Abel, &c.

XVI. BLUE-STOCKING HALL. A Novel. 3 vols. post 8vo. 278.

XVII. REUBEN APSLEY. By the Author of “ Brambletye-House," “The Tor Hill,”' &c. Second Edition. In 3 vols. post 8vo. 31s. 6d.

Fie on ambition ! Fie on myself! that have a sword, and yet am ready to famish. These five days have I hid me in these woods, and durst not peep out, for all the country is laid for me."-Shakspeare.

(H. COLBURN's Works-continued.)

XVIII. An OCTAVO EDITION of the DIARY and CORRESPONDENCE of Samuel Pepys, Esq., F.R.S., Secretary to the Admiralty in the reigns of Charles II. and James II., and the intimate friend of the celebrated John Evelyn. Edited by RICHARD, LORD BRAYBROOKE. In 5 Vols, embellished with Portraits and other Engravings.

“ There is much (in Pepys's Diary) that throws a distinct and vivid light over the picture of England and its Government, during the ten years succeeding the Restoration.

“ If, quitting the broad path of history, we look for minute information concerning ancient manners and customs, the progress of arts and sciences, and the various branches of antiquity, we have never seen a mine so rich as the volumes before us. The variety of Pepys's tastes and pursuits led him into almost every department of life. He was a man of business ; a man of information, if not of learning; a man of taste; a man of whim; and, to a certain degree, a man of pleasure. He was a statesman, a bel-esprit, a virtuoso, and a connoisseur. His curiosity made him an unwearied, as well as an universal learner, and whatever he saw, found its way into his tables."- Quarterly Review.

TALES of the WEST. By the Author of “ Letters from
East, &c.” 2 Vols. post 8vo.



CONFESSIONS of an OLD MAID. In 3 Vols. small 8vo. “ Now, good maids, you do me wrong: marry, do you, if you think I could say aught to shock your self-love ; trust me, I respect your delicacy too much to be guilty of such misdoing."-Old Play.

XXI. TALES of an ANTIQUARY, chiefly illustrative of the Traditions and Remarkable Localities of Ancient London. In 3 Vols. post 8vo.

XXII. MEMOIRS of the LIFE, WRITINGS, and OPINIONS of Dr. Samuel Parr. By the Rev. W. FIELD. 8vo. with Portrait.

XXIII. · HISTORY of GEORGE GODFREY. Written by Himself. 3 Vols.

IN THE PRESS, THE DIARY of a MEMBER in the PARLIAMENTS of the PROTECTORS, OLIVER and RICHARD CROMWELL, from 1656 to 1659, now first published from the original Autograph Manuscript, in the possession of William Upcott, of the London Institution. Interspersed with several curious Documents and Notices, Historical and Biographical. By JOHN TOWELL RUTT, Esq. In 4 vols. 8vo. with Plates.

This Work will include a variety of Original Papers, tending to illustrate the Parliamentary Debates, which form the principal subjects of the Diary, and to fill that chasm, so long existing in our Parliamentary History. The new facts and arguments contained in these Volumes, will serve especially to develope the project of Cromwell for the assumption of the Royal dignity; the real extent of his power as Protector ; the manner of his Administration, and the rapid decline and speedy extinction of that power under the short Protectorate of his Son.


On the 1st of January was published, THE FOURTH NUMBER of the QUARTERLY JOURNAL

of Science, Literature, and Art. (New Series.) Edited at the Royal Institution of Great Britain. By W.T. BRANDE, Èsq., F.R.S., Prof. Chem. R. I., &c.

*** This work will in future be conducted upon a more extended and popular plan than "hitherto; and, instead of being chiefly confined to the abstract Sciences, and prin. cipally addressed to the proficient, it is proposed to render its contents more suitable to the general reader; for it cannot be denied that the elements of many of the Sciences, when treated in a popular manner, are as interesting in the perusal, as they are useful and important in their results. The subjects discussed will, accordingly, consist chiefly of such Sciences and Arts as are cultivated more or less in domestic circles, and which consequently number, among their Students, a large body of Amateurs of both sexes in various classes of society, particularly in the highest; as, for example, Chemistry, Botany, Horticulture, Geology, Astronomy, Natural History, in all its divisions (especially the very attractive one of Zoology), Music, Painting, Sculpture, and Architecture. Popular Treatises on the Medical Art will also be included, particularly as it relates to Diet, Air, Exercise, &c.

Another portion of this Journal will be devoted to the Biographies of Scientific Men, and to Reviews of such Publications as may be considered to have relation to the general design of the work; including Voyages and Travels, Books connected with Antiquities, &c. &c. A full Quarterly Abstract will also be given of all that relates to the General Progress of the Arts in this and other Countries. The Proceedings of Learned Bodies, and of Scientific and Literary Institutions, will thus form a department, in which an opportunity will doubtless be offered of furnishing much that is new and interesting. The Transactions of the Members of the Royal Institution especially, will form a prominent article, and, from their varied nature, may be expected to confer a useful and distinctive character upon the Quarterly Journal of Science, Literature, and Art.

Communications for the Editor are requested to be addressed to the Royal Institution, Albemarle Street.

Priuted for Henry Colburn, New Burlington Street, London.


This day is published, No. I., to be continued, of A CATALOGUE of OLD BOOKS in various branches of LiteA rature, which are now selling at the Prices affixed. CATALOGUES are delivered gratis upon application, or forwarded in town, by leaving the address, or into the country at the expense of a single postage, by M. A. Nattali, 24, Tavistock-street, Covent Garden.

Of whom may be bad, in 8vo. boards, price 88., with Two Portraits and a Map, MEMOIRS of the REBELLION of 1745 and 1746. By the CHEVALIER DE JOHNSTONE, Aide-de-Camp to Prince Charles.

Also, in 8vo. price 36. sewed, An INTRODUCTION to the METRES of the GREEK TRAGEDIANS. By a Member of the University of Oxford.

This day is published, in 2 vols. post 8vo. price 11. 1s. SKETCHES OF MODERN GREECE. By a YOUNG ENG. N LISH VOLUNTEER in the GREEK SERVICE.

Printed for Hurst, Chance, and Co., 65, St. Paul's Church-Yard.


Just published, in 8vo. price 128. A SECOND EDITION OF A TOUR IN JAMAICA. By

C. R. WILLIAMS, Esq. “A more amusing and a more interesting book has not lately been written about these most remarkable and interesting countries.”—London Magazine.

London : Hurst, Chance, and Co., 65, St. Paul's Church-Yard.

On the 1st of January, 1828, in 1 vol. 8vo. price 108. 6d.; illustrated by an elegant

Vignette Title; an ominous Hieroglyphic of the Signs of Heaven, and two other beautiful Engravings;

1. A MANUAL OF ASTROLOGY; or, THE BOOK OF THE A STARS. Containing a complete System of foretelling future Events by the Aspects and Influences of the Heavenly Bodies : in a manner hitherto unattempted by any Author, and free from the Errors and Superstitions of the dark Ages. By RAPHAEL, Author of “The Astrologer of the Nineteenth Century," “ The Prophetic Messenger," &c. &c.

II. THE BOOK OF FATE; formerly in the Possession of Napoleon. Fifteenth Edition. Price 58. boards.

“This work has great ingenuity in its composition ; and we confess that we should rather introduce it to an evening party, as a source of an hour's amusement, than a pack of cards or a bagatelle table.”—Gazette of Fashion.

“We strongly advise all those careless and laughing circles, which we hope will be gathered round many happy firesides in the ensuing winter, to provide themselves with this volume, which we can venture to promise will be an increase to their stock of cheerfulness, and will not often fail in its promise of admitting them into the secrets of futurity.'" - British Critic.

III. THE ORACLE OF HUMAN DESTINY ; or the unerring Foreteller of Future Events, and accurate Interpreter of Mystical Signs and Influences, through the Medium of common Cards. By MADAME LE NORMAND, Professor of the Celestial Science at Paris. With a large coloured Plate. Second Edition. Price 5s, boards.

Published by C. S. Arnold, 21, Tavistock Street, Covent Garden,


This day is published, 2 vols. royal 8vo. price 11. 8s. extra boards, COMMENTARY ON NEWTON'S PRINCIPIA, with a Supplement; designed for the use of Students at the Universities.

BY J. M. F. WRIGHT, A.B. Late Scholar of Trinity College, Cambridge; Author of “Solutions of the Cambridge

Problems, &c. &c. London: Printed for Black, Young, and Young, Tavistock Street; and J. and J. Deighton, Cambridge.



On the First of February, 1828, will be published, No. V. of THE PASSES of the ALPS, containing the PASS of the GREAT

SAINT BERNARD. To be had of the Author, 11, Caroline-street, Bedford-square ; Black, Young, and Young, Tavistock-street; Rodwell, New Bond-street; J. and A. Arch, Cornhill; and Colnaghi and Son, Pall-Mall East.

Nos. 1, 2, 3, and 4, containing the Passes of the Little Saint Bernard, the Mont Genevre, the Mont Cenis, and the Mont Saint Gothard, may be had as above.

Price : Imperial 8vo., 168.; Royal 4to., plain, 11. 45.; Royal 4to., India, 11. 11s. 6d. ; Imperial 4to. before the Letters, 21.28.; and Colombier Folio, with Etchings, 57. 58.

Published by John CUMBERLAND, 19, Ludgate Hill.

Sold by Simpkin and Marshall; Sherwood and Co.; J. Cumming, Dublin ; J. Suther

land, Edinburgh ; and all other Booksellers,

1. THE PERCY ANECDOTES, complete in Forty-one Parts, at

1 28. 6d, each, or 20 vols., Cloth, 51. 58. 2. CUMBERLAND'S BRITISH THEATRE, in One Hundred and Nineteen Numbers, at 6d. and ls. each, or 17 vols., bound, 31. 9s. 6d.

3. CHAUCER’S CANTERBURY TALES, Portrait, Vignette Titles, and 20 Engravings, 2 vols., Cloth, 128.

4. FIELDING'S PROVERBS, PASTIMES, HOLIDAYS, and CUSTOMS, neatly bound in Roan, 58.

5. HUME, SMOLLETT, and BURKE'S HISTORY OF ENGLAND, with One Hundred and Forty Engravings, 21. 148.

6. IRELAND'S LIFE OF NAPOLEON BUONAPARTE, vols. 8vo. with 24 Coloured Engravings by George Cruikshank, and fine Portraits of Maria Louisa and Young Napoleon, engraved by George Cruikshank, C. Taylor, and R. G. Reeve, 31. 68.

7. LIVES and PORTRAITS of PUBLIC CHARACTERS, with Eighty-seven Engravings by Cooper, 3 vols., Cloth, 11. 4s.

8. LIFE IN PARIS, with Twenty-one Coloured Engravings by George Cruikshank. 8vo., boards, 11. ls.

9. BELSHAM'S CHRONOLOGY of the REIGNS of GEORGE THE THIRD AND FOURTH, complete to the present Time, 58.

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