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LONGMAN, Rees, Orme, Brown, and Green, London.

I Divisions and Boundaries carefully Coloured; constructed entirely from New
Drawings, and Engraved by Sidney Hall. Parts I. II. and III. printed on Elephant
paper, price 10s. 6d. each. To be completed in Seventeen Monthly Paris.

*** For the perfect satisfaction of the Subscribers to this New Atlas, every Map will
not only include all discoveries and changes to the day of its publication, but further,
should any discovery or change of sufficient importance take place during the publica-
tion of the work, corrected duplicates of such Maps as shall on this account become
imperfect, will be given gratis in the last number, so that the entire work may possess a
correctness on its completion which is without precedent.

The EDINBURGH REVIEW; or, Critical Journal. No. XCII.
price 6s.

Contents:-Mr. Burke and Dr. Laurence. State of German Literature. --Royal So-
ciety : President's Discourses.- Private Theatricals. Remarks on the Financial Situa-
tion of Great Britain.-Spirit of Party.-O'Driscol's History of Ireland.–Palgrave's
Rolls of Parliament: Record Commission--Natural Death of Slavery.-Travels in the
Mining Districts of South America.—Natural Theology, Society of Useful Knowledge,
&c. &c.

A TREATISE on the STEAM-ENGINE; Historical, Practical,
and Descriptive. By JOHN FAREY, Engineer. In Quarto, illustrated by numerous
Wood-cuts, and 25 Copper-plates, engraved by Wilson Lowry, from Drawings by
Messrs. Farey, price 51, 5s. bds.

SCOIT, Bart., now first collected. In 6 Vols. 8vo. Price 31. 12s, boards.

of “ A Tour in Switzerland," " A Tour in Great Britain,” &c., in 1 Vol. 8vo.

compared with ARTILLERY: showing the various Applications of this Weapon, both
for Sea and Land Service, and its different Uses in the field and in Sieges. Illus-
trated by 12 Plates of the principal Exercises and Cases of actual Service. By Major-
General Sir W. CONGREVE, Bart., M.P., F.R.S., &c. In 4to. price 17. 18. bds.

sident of the Linnæan Society, &c. &c. in 8vo. Vols. 1, 2, and 3, price 12s. each,
boards. Vol. IV. is in the Press, and nearly ready.

*.* The work will be completed in 6 Volumes.
the Natural History of Insects. By WILLIAM KIRBY, M.A., F.R.S., and L. S., and
WILLIAM SPENCE, Esq., F.L.S. In 4 thick, closely printed Vols. 8vo., with Plates,
and Portraits of the Authors, price 37. 188. bds.

*** This work, intended both as a general and popular History of Insects, and to em-
brace every branch of the Scientific Student's Researches concerning them, comprises
an account of the injuries they occasion to the human frame, the farmer, horticulturist,
&c.; the benefits derived from ihem; their affection for their young; their food, and stra-
tagems in procuring it; their societies; their habitations; their various metamor-
phoses; their anatomy, external and internal; the technical terms of the science, &c.

(LONGMAN and Co.'s Workscontinued.) An ENCYCLOPÆDIA of GARDENING; comprising the Theory and Practice of Horticulture; Floriculture, Arboriculture, and Landscape Gardening, &c. Illustrated with many hundred Engravings on Wood. By J. C. LOUDON, F.L.S., H.S., &c. Complete in 1 large Vol. 8vo., a New Edition, price 21. extra boards.

By the same Author. An ENCYCLOPÆDIA of AGRICULTURE. In 1 large Vol. 8vo. closely printed, with upwards of 800 Engravings on Wood, price 21. 10s. bds.

The GARDENER'S MAGAZINE, and Register of Rural and Domestic Improvement. Nos. IX. and X. In 8vo. with Engravings on wood, price 3s.6d. each. Also, Vol. I. 138. 6d. bds, and Vol. II. 14s. 6d, bds.

The LONDON MEDICAL GAZETTE; being a WEEKLY JOURNAL of Medicine and the Collateral Sciences.

*. The object of this work is to lay before the public the earliest and most correct information on all subjects connected with Medicine. For this purpose it is intended that the - London Medical Gazette” should consist of Original Papers, in the form of Lectures or Essays-of Critical Analyses of Medical Works—Reports of the most inte. resting Cases occurring at Pub' c 'Institutions, both at home and abroad, and all such Medical Intelligence as may be calculated to excite interest.

Nos. I. to V.price 6d.; or stamped (for Country Circulation by post) price 10d.



In 2 Vols. 8vo. price 21. in boards,

Second Edition, greatly enlarged, and illustrated by Engravings.

London: published by John and Arthur Arch, 61, Cornhill.

In royal 8vo. illustrated with Engravings, price 11. 7s. boards, AN ANALYSIS of the EGYPTIAN MYTHOLOGY, designed

to Illustrate the Origin of Paganism, and the intellectual History of Mankind in the first Ages; to which is subjoined, a Critical Examination of the Remains of Egyp. tian Chronology.

Author of " Researches into the Physical History of Man."

Printed for John and Arthur Arch, 61, Cornhill.

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This day is published, in post 8vo. price 9s. 6d. in boards, with a Map of the Island of

Madeira, RAMBLES in MADEIRA, and in PORTUGAL, during the early 1 part of 1826. With an Appendix of Details, illustrative of the Climate, Produce, and Civil History of the Island. Printed for C. and J. Rivington, St. Paul's Church-Yard, and Waterloo-Place,

Pall-Mall, London.

Of whom may be had, TWENTY-SIX VIEWS IN THE MADEIRAS, executed on Stone, by Westall, Nicholson, Villeneuve, Harding, Gauci, &c. From Drawings taken on the Spot, by the Rev. J. Bulwer. Price 31.38.; or Proofs on India Paper, 41. 48.

Published by Moon, Boys, and Graves, (successors to Hurst,

Robinson, and Co.) 6, Pall-Mall, London.

In 8vo., price 10s. 6d. bds, carefully revised and corrected, and beautifully printed, a

New Edition of

1. R. JOHNSON'S DICTIONARY of the ENGLISH LANGUAGE; to which is prefixed, A Grammar of the English Language.


The only complete Edition, in 8vo. of AINSWORTH'S DICTIONARY, improved by Dr. JAMIESON, and containing all the Latin Words of the 4to. Edition, price 15s. bound; a specimen of which may be had (gratis) of every Bookseller in the kingdom,

III. FORTY-THREE PLATES, to illustrate the Novels, Tales, and Romances of the “ Author of Waverley," from Drawings by Leslie, Allan, Westall, Cooper, Corbould, Brockedon, Wrights, &c., engraved in the line manner, by Charles Heath, and other eminent artists, price 31. 3s. the set.

IV. THIRTY-TWO PORTRAITS, to illustrate the above Series of Novels, beautifully engraved by Cooper, &c. Prints, 8vo. 21. 2s. the set ; Royal 8vo. India, 21. 148. : Proofs, 4to. India, before letters, 41. 14s. 6d.

MOON, BOYS, and GRAVES, Printsellers and Publishers (successors to Hurst, Robinson, and Co.) 6, Pall Mall, are also preparing for Publication, a complete CATALOGUE of the STOCK of ENGRAVINGS recently purchased by them from the Assignees of H., R., and Co.'s Estate. The Catalogue will be arranged alphabetically according to the Names of the Painters, and will include a variety of New Works in the course of Publication. It will also include complete Lists of Ep. gravings contained in the Musée François-Boydell's large and small ShakspeareForster's British Gallery-Tomkins's British Gallery of Old Masters, &c. &c.


This day is published, in 2 vols. 8vo. with two large Maps, price 11. 4s. in boards, T HE ROMAN HISTORY. By G. B. Niebuhr. Translated 1 from the German

By F. A. WALTER, Esq., F.R.S.L.,

One of the Librarians of the British Museum. “ The History of Niebuhr has thrown new light upon our knowledge of Roman affairs, to a degree, of which those, who are unacquainted with it, can scarcely form an adequate idea." Quarterly Review, July, 185.

“We have no hesitation in recom nending the Translation now before us, which is executed in a vigorous style, and with a degree of fidelity and accuracy highly creditable to Mr. Walter.”—Monthly Review, April, 1827. Priated for C. and J. Riviugton, St. Paul's Church-yard, and Waterloo-place,


BOOKS published by
J. HATChard and Son, 187, Piccadilly, London.

SEVENTEEN SERMONS. By the Rev. HUGH M'NEILE, N A.M., Rector of Albury, Surrey ; Chaplain to his Excellency the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland, and to bis Grace the Archbishep of Dublin. 8vo. 12s. boards.

RELIGIOUS THOUGHTS. By MARY ANNE KELTY, Author of the Favourite of Nature,” &c. 12mo. 78, boards,

MICHAEL, the MARRIED MAN; or, the Sequel to the History of Michael Kemp. By the Author of “Shades of Character," “ History of Michael Kemp," &c. &c. 2 vols. 12mo. 8s. boards.

PRACTICAL SERMONS: to which are added, FAMILY PRAYERS. By the Author of “ Practical Sermons for every Sunday in the Year." 12mo. 58. 6d. boards,

FAMILY SERMONS. By the Hon. and Rev. GERARD T. NOEL, M.A., Curate of Richmond, Surrey, and late Vicar of Rainham, Kent. Second Edition. 8vo. 108. 6d. boards.

SERMONS, preached in the Parish Church of Richmond, Surrey, By the same Author. 8vo. 10s. 6d. boards.

SERMONS, chiefly PRACTICAL. Preached in the Parish Church of Clapham, Surrey. By the Rev. WILLIAM DEALTRY, B.D., F.R.S., Rector of Clapham, and of Watton, Herts; and late Fellow of Trinity College, Cambridge. 8vo. 10s. 6d. boards.

CAROLINE and HER MOTHER; or, Familiar Conversations for Children, principally upon Entomological Subjects. By a LADY. 12mo. 48. 6d. boards.

M R, BOHN begs to announce that he has lately published the

I following - Selected Lists," containing some of the Choicest Books in his Collection, which now extends to upwards of Two Hundred Thousand Volumes; and in which almost every book connected with Classical Literature will be found, including some of the rarest Editiones Principes, Aldines, Elzevirs, and Large Papers. As the Catalogue of this Class of his stock is now preparing for press, very few Classics have been inserted in the following selections.

Nos. 1 and 2. Miscellaneous Lists, consisting of Rare, Splendid, and Useful Books, including some of the finest specimens of early Typography and Books of Prints ever offered for sale ; and a choice Assortment of General Literature, both Ancient and Modern.

No. 3. A List of a very extensive and valuable collection of Books printed by the family of ALDUS MANUTIUS, from 1494 to 1596, in which will be found almost every volume in the Series, which can interest the Scholar and Collector.

No. 4 and 5. A Catalogue of SPANISH BOOKS, including most of the standard Writers, many early Chronicles, Romances, Voyages and Travels, Poems, and a very complete assortment of Dramatic Pieces.

No. 6. A MATHEMATICAL CATALOGUE is now at Press. 17, Henrietta Street, Covent Garden.

This day is published, price 9s. DRACTICAL, MORAL. and POLITICAL ECONOMY; or,

I the Goveroment, Religion, and Institutions must conducive to Individual Happiness, and to National Power. By T. R. EDMONDS, A.B., Trinity College, Cambridge.

“ Do unto others as you would they should do onto you." “ In taking leave of the Author, we recommend his work to the attentive perusal of all readers interested in the subject of which it treats."-Vide New Monthly Magazine.

London : Effingham Wilson, Royal Exchange.


BOOSEY and Sons, Broad Street, Exchange, London.

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ITALIAN. IVARCONI'S Key to the Italian Language, 18mo. . . . . 0 2 6 Anaya's Grammar, French and Italian, 8vo. .

. . . . . 0 6 0 Galignani's Italian Grammar and Exercises, 8vo. Graglia's Italian and English Dictionary, 8vo. .

SPANISH. De Lara's Key to the Spanish Language, 18mo. Cubi y Soler's New Spanish Grammar, 12mo. . . . . . 0 9 0 Connelly's English Grammar for Spaniards, 12mo. . . . . 0 6 0 Whitehead's Spanish Grammar and Exercises, 12mo, . . . .08 Newman's Spanish and English Dictionary Abridged . . . 0 9

PORTUGUESE. De Lara's Key to the Portuguese Grammar, 18mo.

0 2 Laycock's Grammar of the Portuguese Language, 12mo. Vieyra's Portuguese and English Dictionary Abridged

2 Vols. 8vo. . . 1 16 0

GERMAN. Boileau's Key to the German Language, 18mo. . . . . . 0 2 6 Noehden's German Grammar, 12mo. . . . . . . . .011

-- Exercises . . . . . . . . . 0 8 Wendeborn's German Grammar and Exercises, 12mo. . . . . 0 6 0 Noehden's German and English Pocket Dictionary .

DUTCH AND SWEDISH. D'Hassendonck's Dutch and English Grammar, 12mo. D'Hassendonck's Grammar for Dutchmen to learn English, 12mo. , 0 6 0 Werninck's Dutch and English Pocket Dictionary .

0 120 Brunmark's Swedish Grammar with Exercises, much improved by Wahlin, 12mo. 5 6

FOREIGN CIRCULATING LIBRARY. Exclusively devoted to Foreign Literature, 4, Broad Street, Exchange. ROOSEY and SONS respectfully inform the Subscribers to their

CIRCULATING LIBRARY of FOREIGN Books and Periodical PUBLICATIONS, they have published a THIRD SUPPLEMENT to their Catalogue. The Library now consists of Five Thousand Volumes of the most esteemed Works in the French, German, Italian, Spanish, and Portuguese Languages.

Class 1.-Subscribers paying 51. 58. the year, 31. 38, the half year, or 11. 168. per quarter, are entitled to eight volumes in town, or sixteen in the country, with new Works and Periodicals.

Class II.—41. 48. the year, 21. 12s.6d, the half year, or 11. 11s. 6d. per quarter, six volumes in town, or twelve in the country, with new Works and Periodicals.

Class III.-31. 38. the year, 21. 2s. the half year, or 11. 58. the quarter, four volumes in town, or eight in the country.

Class IV.-21. 2s. the year, 11. 58. the half year, or 15s. per quarter, two volumes in town, or four in the country.

*** Terms to be had gratis ; also at T. Boosey and Co.'s Foreign Music Warehouse, 28, Holles Street, Oxford Street, where Books will be sent to Subscribers at the West End of the Town.

'This Day is published, in Two large Volumes, 8vo., price 11. 12s. in boards, HTUG'S INTRODUCTIOŇ to the WRITINGS of the New 11 TESTAMENT. Translated from the German, with Notes.

By the REV. DR. WAIT, of St. John's College, Cambridge. Printed for C, and J. Rivington, St. Paul's Church-Yard, and Waterloo-Place, Pall-Mall.

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