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Now Publishing in Monthly Numbers, Price 3s. 6d. Illustrated with Four

beautiful Engravings, coloured from Nature, M EDICAL BOTANY; or, Illustrations and Descriptions of the

MVI MEDICINAL PLANTS of the London, Edinburgh, and Dublin Pharmacoprias.--Including a Popular and Scientific Description of POISONOUS PLANTS. By John STEPHENSON, M.D., Graduate of the University of Edinburgh ; and JAMES Morss CHURCHILL, F.L.S., Member of the Royal College of Surgeons, and Fellow of the Medico-Botanical Society of London.

TESTIMONIALS. “ This work certainly merits high commendation."--Dr. Johnson's Medico-Chirurgical Review.

“ The plates are well executed, and the letter-press is recherché and sensible.”— Edinb. Journal of Medical Science.

“ This undertaking will receive the countenance of the profession.”—Medical und Physical Journal.

“We can conscientiously recommend this work ; it promises to be one of great professional utility."- Medical Repository.

" This work will prove a valuable addition to the libraries of medical practitioners." Lancet.

"This work will prove a great acquisition to every ciass of the profession.”—Gazette of Health.

“ The figures are equal, if not superior, to those of any other botanical periodical." Louden's Gardener's Magazine.

“This work is not surpassed, in point of graphic execution, in this or any other country.”- Dissector.

“ This work has a strong claim to the attention of the Medical world.”—New Monthly.

The New Edition of the first Numbers is now ready, and the work may be had complete from Numbers I. to XXII. at 3s. 6d, each.

*.* Students are informed that a koowledge of this Science is required by the College of Surgeons, and by the Army Medical Board; and that this work is recommended by nearly all the English and Scotch Teachers of Materia Medica.

London: Published by John Churchill, Leicester-square.

Published every Saturday Evening for the Country, and Sunday Morning for London

Price Nine Pence, THE SPECTATOR; containing the completest Record of pass

1 ing Events, and the greatest variety of Original Observations to be found united in any Weekly Newspaper. Politics are treated only historically, and with an impartial exhibition of all the leading Facts and Arguments on each side. All the new Books of note are reviewed and Specimens given. The Drama is reviewed in a spirit of benevolent though free Criticism; and Music is treated at once scientifically and popularly as an elegant Art. University, Clerical, Military and Mercantile Information of all kinds. The “ SPECTATOR” being elegantly printed in Sixteen Pages, fooiscap folio, will, when bound, form the handsomest Volume for the Library, as on grounds of morality and taste it aims at being thought worthy of preservation, and of receiving the especial patronage of respectable Families.

F. C. WESTLEY, 159, Strand.

Just published; fitted up in a neat Case, price 108. od.

PANORAMA OF THE RHINE, and of the adjacent Country A from COLOGNE to MAYENCE. Drawn from nature by F. W. DelkesKAMP, and engraved by John CLARK, To which are now added Maps, shewing the Routes from Calais, Ostend, and Rotterdam, to Cologne; and from Cologne to the Sources of the Rhine ; together with

THE STEAM-BOAT COMPANION, describing the Principal Placee between Rotterdam and Mayence : also a Table of Distances, calculated by the towing-path of the River; and an Account of the SteamBuats, Coches d'Eau, Expense of conveying Horses, Carriages, &c.

** This Panorama is 7 feet 6 inches in length, and 9 inches in breadth. It affords a complete View of both Banks of the most beautiful portion of this celebrated River, and in the style of execution far exceeds any work of the kind that has hitherto appeared.

London : Published by SAMUEL LEIGH, 18, Strand; of whom may be obtained a Variety of Works for I'ravellers on the Continent.


XII. price 58. 6d. is just published.
Vol. I. to XI. in boards, price 21. 199. 60.; half-bound, 31. 178.

Engravings, 6s. 6d. boards; half-hound, 8s.

The TALES of the GENII, 27 Engravings, price 2s. Bd. buards.

PLUTARCH'S LIVES, with 50 Portraits, 2 vols. price 13s. 6d. boards; half-bound, 169.

The MYSTERIES of UDOLPHO, price, in boards, 4s,

COOK'S VOYAGES, with 28 Engravings, 2 vols. 8s. boards; balf-bound, 10s.

The WORKS of MRS. RADCLIFFE, in 2 vols. Price 10s. boards.

J. LIMBIRD, 143, Strand, London, and all Booksellers.



This day is published, in 8vo. RICHARD BAYNES'S SUPPLEMENT to his CATALOGUE 10 for 1828, of Books in all Languages and Classes of Literature ; with the Library of a celebrated Mathematician; of a Divine, and other recent Purchases :-also, Works on Botany, Agriculture, the Arts, Natural History, Astrology, French Books, a large quantity of Sermons, odd Volumes, &c, on Sale at the very low prices affixed, by RICHARD BAYNES, 28, Paternoster Row.

Boch Parts of the Catalogue, cɔntaining 10,000 articles, may be bad in boards, price 58.

FOREIGN GRAMMARS AND DICTIONARIES. Published and Imported by Boosey and Sons, Broad-street, Royal Exchange.


28. 60.
Næhden's German Grammar, 12mo. 11s.
Bailey's German and English Dictionary, 2 vols. 30s. sewed.
Eber's German and English Dictionary, 5 vols. 8vo. 41. 10s, sewed.
Burckhard's German and English Dictionary, square, 12s.
Rowbotham's German Grammar and Exercises, 12mo. price 7s.

Brunnmark's Swedish and English Grammar, boards 5s 6d.
Heard's Russian and English Grammar, Exercises, and Key, 2 vols, sewed, 18s.

Marconi's Key to the Italian Language, bound, 28. 6d.
Anaya's Italian and French Grammar, 8vo. 6s.
Galignani's Italian and English Grammar, 8vo. 88.
Graglia's Italian and English Dictionary, 78.
Botarelli's Italian, French, and English Dictionary, 3 vols. 11. 1s.

De Lara's Key to the Spanish Language, 18mo. 2s. 60.
Connelly's English Grammar for Spaniards, 12mo. 6s.
Whitehead's Spanish and English Grammar, 8s.
Neuman's Spanish aad English Dictionary, abridged, 8s.

De Lara's Key to the Portuguese Language, 28. 6d.
Laycock's Portuguese Grammar, 12mo. 11s.
Vieyra's Portuguese and English Dictionary, 2 vols. 8vo. 11, 16s.
Vieyra's Portuguese and English Dictionary, abridged, 10s. 6d.


Just published, 12mo. boards, price 8s. THE DESOLATION of EYAM; the EMIGRANT. A Tale of

I the American Woods; and other Poems. By WILLIAM and MARY HOWITT, Authors of the Forest Minstrel, and other Poems. Foolscap 8vo.

“ Mary Howitt is a very sweet and accomplished Poetess; and, in our estimation, comes next to Mrs. Hemans. The present volume, indeed, is full of bright and original thoughts, expressed in graceful language."--New Monthly Mag.

“ This little volume displays much talent and equal good feeling.”—Lit. Gazette. “A volume of Poetry of a high order.”—Literary Magnet.

London : Published by Wightman and CRAMP, 24, Paternoster Row.


Where may be bad, PORTRAIT of the CONFECTIONER'S DAUGHTER, price 9s. 6d. Coloured.—Sporting Prints of all Descriptions, French Engravings, &c. &c.





ANNALS of SPORTING; or, A Complete Register or SPORT11 ING SUBJECTS and FANCY PURSUITS, from the Commencement, January, 1822, to June, 1828, containing every Occurrence and Improvement connected with HUNTING, SHOOTING, COURSING, RACING, FISHING, PUGILISM, &c. &c.; accompanied with numerous spirited Engravings by Scott, REINAGLE, COOPER, BARINGER, S. ALKEN, Cooke, T. LANDSEER, HERRING, &c., and handsome cabinet Pictures, beautifully coloured, besides numerous Wood Cuts, by BEWICK, BRANSTON, WHITE, &c.

Messrs. G. having bought the few remaining Copies from the Assignees of the Publishers, are enabled to offer the above Work to the Public, new and complete, in Seventy-eight Numbers, at the very reduced price of 41. 14s. 6d., published at 91. 158. 6d., or neatly half-bound, in 13 Vols. 8vo. at 51. 15s.6d. The following extract from the Doncaster Gasette, will show the high estimation in which this work is held in the Sporting World :

“ Annals of SPORTING AND FANCY GAZETTE.-Of this very interesting and entertaining Magazine, we cannot better occupy our columns, than by indulging a few minutes' observations on its contents, its embellishments, and the nouvelle manner in which it has been conducted; for the title, taken simply, does not convey a full and adequate notion of the varied pleasures developed in its pages, nor of the finished manner of its execution, as regards the extensive knowledge displayed concerning every species of Sport ; the excellent typography, or the inimitable CABINET PICTURES, two of which, finely coloured, accompany each number. In all these departments a decided superiority over similar publications, is evident and striking ; the Publishers appear to have judiciously employed that peculiar talent that is most au fait in each particular department, and by the aid of talent thus congregated, they have produced a monthly sporting bijou of unusual lustre, brilliant to the eye, pungent to the taste, and to the mind a source and means of instruction, pleasure, and delight."

SPORTING ANECDOTES: Forming a complete Delineation of the Sporting World. By PIERCE EGAN. In

a thick volume. 8vo. Plates, (published at 12s.) in boards. 8s. PARLIAMENTARY DEBATES, HISTORY, &c. &c.

341 Volumes. 8vo. calf. 351.

Just published, A SYNOPSIS of MODERN MEDICAL JURISPRUDENCE, M Anatomically, Physiologically, and Forensically illustrated from the best Autho. rities, for the Use of the Faculty of Medicine, Coroners, Magistrates, Lawyers, aad Jurymen. By J. S. FORSYTH, 12mo, 10s. 6d. buards.

The LAW relating to the ORDERING and SETTLEMENT of PARISH POOR. By J. W. WILCOCK, Esq. Barri ter at Law, 8vo. 183. boards,

W. Bensino, Law Bookseller, 52, Fleet-street.


Farly in January will be published, in two vols. 8vo. THE HISTORY of the CHURCH of ENGLAND. By J. B. S.

I CART WITHEN, B.D. of St. Mary Hall, Oxford; Bampton Lecturer for 1809; and Vicar of Sandhurst, Berks. , Part the First—to the Restoration of the Church and Monarchy in 1660.

London : Printed for Baldwin and CRADOCK.

DR. LINGARD'S HISTORY OF ENGLAND. On January the 10th will be published, in 4to. the Seventh Volume of


London : Printed for Baldwin and CRADOCK : and B. Fellowes, successor to Mr. Mawman.

By whom also is published, the Fourth Edition, price 25. 6d. of A VINDICATION of certain Passages, in the Third and fourth Volumes, with a Postscript in Answer to Dr. ALLEN's Reply.

In royal folio, strongly and handsomely half-bound, price 11. 10s.

THE THIRD EDITION OF MAJOR BELL'S Fourteen CHARTS of UNIVERSAL HISTORY, Ancient and Modern, Synchronistically arranged in collateral Columns ;Four Charts of Authors, of all Nations, Ancient and Modern, also exhibited in collateral Columns; and one Chart of Painters, collaterally arranged in separate Schools, from the Revival of the Art to the present Time; being chiefly from the German of Professor BREDOW, and the private French Notes of Sir MATTHEW VAN BREE.

** This Edition, which brings down the Historical Events to the present Year, gives more copious Prefatory Explanations on the Application of, and the extraordinary facilities afforded by, these Charts than either of the preceding Editions; and embraces a List of Subscribers at Oxford, Cambridge, Edinburgh; at Eton, Harrow, Rugby, the Charter House, and variously elsewhere, for nearly two thousand Copies.

London : Baldwin and CRADOCK.



I LOSOPHY, by RICHARD TAYLOR, F.S.A. F.L.S. Mem. Astronom. Soc. &c. &c. and RICHARD PHILLIPS, F.R.S. F.L.S., &c., contains several Papers on Encke's new Nautical Almanack; to facilitate the use of this important Work by such as do not read German." On the Construction of the new Berlin Astronomical Ephemeris, by ENCKE."" On Calculations for Occultations of Stars by the Moon."“ On Interpolations."—With other interesting Papers on the Figures of the Earth, on the Trigonometrical Survey. &c. &c. by Mr. Ivory, Prof. Airy, Dr. Tracks, &c.

Published at R. Taylor's Printing Office, Red Lion Court, Fleet-street; where may be had, a few Sets of the Old Series at half-price.

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