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The following splendid ENGRAVINGS have just been Published by

(Successors to Hurst, Robinson, & Co.) PRINTSELLERS TO THE KING, No. 6, PALL MALL, LONDON.

1. The TEMPLE of JUPITER, in the Island of Egina, from the celebrated Picture by J. M. W. Turner, Esq. R.A., in the possession of the Publishers. This Plate is engraved in the very First Style of the Art, by John Pye, Esq. and is dedicated, by permission, to the Right Hon. John Singleton, Baron Lyndhurst, Lord High Chancellor of Great Britain. Size, 25 inches by 19 high. Prints, 11. 11s. 6d. French Proofs, 31, 3s. India Proofs, 4l. 45. Proofs before the Letters, 61. 6s.

2. PORTRAITS of LADY BAGOT, VISCOUNTESS BURGHERSH, and LADY FITZROY SOMERSET, (a Group,) beautifully engraved by J. Thomson, Esq. from the Original Drawing by Sir Thomas Lawrence, P.R.A. Size, 19 inches by 24 high. Prints, 15s. India Proofs, 11, 11s. 6d. Before the Letters, 21. 12s.6d.

3. The SHOOTING PONY, beautifully engraved in the Linemanner by W. Raddon, after a Picture by A, Cooper, R.A. Size, 9 inches by 11 bigh. Prints, 10s. 6d. Proofs (India), 11. 1s.

4. The MARKET PONY, (an exact Companion to the above,) engraved by W. R. Smith, after a Picture by Woodward. Prints, 7s. 6d. India, 10s. 6d. 1

5. THOMAS LANDSEER’S MONKEYANA, Part the Third. Contents—The Fortune. Teller-Beadle of the Parish-Lawyer and Client-Pug-ilists. Price-Prints, 9s. Proofs, 12s. Before the Letters, 1l. 1s.

6. The SPOILT CHILD, engraved by G. H. Phillips, after a Picture by M. W. Sharp. Size, 24 inches by 19 high. Prints, 15s. Proofs, 11, 5s, Before the Letters, il. 11s. 6d.

7. The DANCING BEAR, beautifully engraved by H. Meyer, after a Picture by W. F. Witherington. Size, 25 inches by 20 high. Prints, 11. 1s, Proofs (India), il. 11s. 6. Before the Letters, 21. 2s.

8. SIR ROGER DE COVERLY going to Church, accompanied by the “ Spectator," and surrounded by his Tenantry, engraved by H. Meyer, after Mr. Leslie's celebrated Picture. Size, 25 inches by 20. Prints, 11. 1s. Proofs, 21. 2s.

9. WILL O'THE WISP, engraved by W. Giller, after a Painting by D. Т. Egerton. Size, 17 inches, by 14 high. Prints, 10.. 6d. Proofs, 18s.

10. The DEATH of ROBIN HOOD, engraved by T. Lupton, after a Picture by Thales Fielding. Size, 20 inches by 17 high. Prints, 1l, 1s. Proofs, 11. 118. 6d.

11. JOHN ANDERSON, MY JO, painted and engraved by John Burnet, and forming the Third Plate of his Series of Illustrations to the Poems and Songs of Robert Burns. Size, 12 inches by 17. Prints, 12s. India Proofs, 11. Is. Before the Letters, 1l. 11s. 6d.

** Moun, Boys, and GRAves are preparing for publication a complete CATALOGUE of the STOCK of ENGRAVINGS recently purchased by them from the Assignees of Hurst, Robinson, and Co. The Catalogue will be arranged alphabetically according to the Names of the Painters, and will include a variety of New Works in the course of publication.



(Successor to Mr. Faden,)

1. A NEW MAP of GREECE and the IONIAN ISLANDS, constructed chiefly from original Materials, in which it has been attempted to improve the Ancient and Modern Geography of that Country. One large si eet, price 14s.

In addition to much original information, the Author has availed himself of the very valuable Surveys and Astronomical Observations of Captain W. Smyth, R. N.; the Trigonometrical Surveys of Chabert, Beauchamp, and Gaultier. The Itineraries and Travels of Gell, Colonel Lake, Pouqueville, Dodwell, &c. &c.

II. AN HISTORICAL and TOPOGRAPHICAL MAP of the Eruptions of Mount ETNA, from the Æra of the Sicani to the present time. Intended to shew the Origin, the Direction, and the Age, of each Eruption. Dedicated to the Geological Society of London, by Dr. Joseph Gemmellaro. One sheet, price 10s. 6d. coloured.

III. A NEW MAP of Part of the WESTERN COAST of Africa, extending from the Isles de Loss to Sherbro Island, particularly exhibiting the Discoveries lately made to the N. E. of Sierra Leone, by Surgeon O‘Beirne and Major Laing, compiled from Original Documents in the Colonial Office, with Tables of Latitudes and Longitudes, Trade, Population, &c. &c.; abstracted from returns laid before Parliament (paper No. 520.) One very large sheet, price 14s. coloured.

IV. A NEW MAP of TURKEY IN EUROPE, one sheet, price 6s. 6d.

V. A NEW MAP of the COUNTRIES extending from the river Pruth to Constantinople; shewing the Course of the Danube, the Principalities of Wallachia, Moldavia, &c. Two sheets, price 8s. coloured.

A VIEW of the VARIOUS LEGISLATIVE REGULATIONS on the Export and Import of Grain since the Act of the 22nd of Charles II. c. 13., and the 1st of William and Mary, to the present time, exhibiting by Scale the Variations from year to year in the price of Wheat from 1700, to 1827, with the average prices in the several periods of War and Peace, by the Rt. Hon, the Earl of Lauderdale, on two sheets, price 2s. 6d.

Preparing for Publication by Subscription, by R. Ackermann, 96, Strand, A PICTURESQUE TOUR of the RIVER THAMES, from

Oxford to its Mouth ; illustrated by Twenty-four coloured Views, a Map, and Vignettes, from Original Drawings taken on the Spot, by MR. WILLIAM WESTALL. Forming a Companion Work tu Ackermann's Picturesque Tours of the Rhine, the Seine, and the Ganges.

CONDITIONS. The Picturesque Tour of the Thames will be printed in Elephant Quarto, corresponding with the Picturesque Tours of the Rhine, the Seine; and the Ganges.

Each Number will contain four culoured Views, and from three to four sheets of descriptive Letter-press.

The Work will be completed in Six Monthly Numbers, beginning the first of May, 1828, price 14s. each Number.

A few Copies will be printed on large paper, price 11. 1s. each Number.

After the Publication of the Fourth Number, the Price of the Work will be raised to Non-Subscribers,

*** Orders are resquested to be forwarded early, to R. ACKERMANN, 96, Strand, or to any respectable Bookseller.


In 2 vols. 8vo. with Portrait, and numerous Plates, Plans, Map, &c. price 11. 11s. 6d.

boards. A PILGRIMAGE in EUROPE and NORTH AMERICA : A leading to the Discovery of the Sources of Bloody River and the Mississippi, by J. C. BELTRAMI, Esq.

In 8vo. price 30s. boards, the two first of four volumes of The LIFE of NAPOLEON BONAPARTE, by WILLIAM HAZLITT.

In 1 vol. small 8vo. price 10s. 6d. boards. The ORIENTAL MISSIONARY, being some Account of a Mission, undertaken with a View to the Propagation of Christian Knowledge in Arabia, and on the Banks of the Euphrates, during the Years 1824-5, by the Rev. C. JUDKIN.

A NEW YEAR'S GIFT. (Second Edition.) In 1 vol. 12mo. price 5s. boards. The CHILDREN'S FIRE-SIDE, being a Series of Tales for Young Persons, consisting of “ The Smugglers"-"The Shipwreck”-“ Town and Country"-" The Witch"_" and “Disobedience ; or the Spanish Soldier.” The latter Tale contains the Notes of an original Spanish Melody, by ISABELLA JANE TOWERS.

The SPORTS and PASTIMES of the PEOPLE of ENGLAND, by JOSEPH STRUTT. Edited by William Hone. Illustrated by 140 Engravings. To be completed in 10 Monthly Parts, in 8vo. price 1s, each ; royal 8vo. 2s, coloured 3s.

** Parts I. and II. are published.

Just published, in 8vo. price 4s. 6d. ON RENT of LAND, and its Influenceon Subsistence and Population ; with Observations on the operating Causes of the Conditions of the Labouring Classes in various Countries, by THOMAS HOPKINS.


In 1 vol. 8vo. 3s. in boards. OBSERVATIONS on, and Plain Directions for all Classes of People, to prevent the fatal effects of the Bites of Aninials labouring under Hydrophobia, by HENRY SULLY, M.D.

MR. BENTHAM'S WORKS. RATIONALE of JUDICIAL EVIDENCE, especially applied to English Practice. From the Manuscripts of JEREMY BENTHAM. In five thick vols. 8vo. price 60s in boards.

CODIFICATION PROPOSAL; addressed by JEREMY BEN. THAM to all Nations professing Liberal Opinions. In 1 vol. 8vo. 4s.

CONSTITUTIONAL CODE. In 1 vol. 8vo. boards, 12s.


Published by J. VINCENT, Oxford. 1. NATURAL THEOLOGY, by WILLIAM PALEY, D.D. illustrated by a Series of Forty-one Plates, and Explanatory Notes. By JAMES PAXTON, Member of the Royal College of Surgeons, London. To which, is added, BOTANI. CAL THEOLOGY, by Joan SUUTE DUNCAN, M.A. Fellow of New College, Oxford. 2 vols. 8vo. Price 11, 88.

“ Mr. Paxton has executed the task in a manner so satisfactory, as well deserves the thanks of the public.

“ We are the more particular in recounting the nature of the illustrations, because we are desirous of recommending Mr. Paxton's work; and knowing the reluctance of most purchasers of a work to take a new edition, which seems thereby to render their former pufchase useless,—but our author has very properly accommodated these unwil. ling buyers, by publishing a series of his prints, with letter-press descriptions, in a separate form. It is therefore to be hoped that no reader of the original book will be without it."--Edinburgh Review, October, 1827.

2. A SERIES of THIRTY-SIX ENGRAVINGS, with descriptive Letter-press, illustrative of Paley's Natural Theology. 8vo. boards, price 15s.

3. A SERIES of THIRTY-SIX LITHOGRAPHIC PLATES, with descriptive Letter-press, illustrative of Paley's Natural Theology, 8vo. boards, price 12s.

MAPS AND PLANS, Dedicated, with permission, to the Rev. Dr. Russell, Head Master of the Charter

House School, London. 4. MAPS and PLANS, illustrative of THUCYDIDES. 8vo. boards, price 10s. 6d.

5. MAPS and PLANS illustrative of HERODOTUS. 8vo. boards, price 10s. 6d.

“ The collection before us is chiefly selected from D'Anville, Barbie du Bocage, Rennel, and Gail, and forms an excellent Geographical Note Book for the student. Besides the general Maps included in that portion of history, it includes Plans without which it is impossible to understand those authors thoroughly. We allude particularly to the track of Darius Hystaspes in Scythia, the pass of Thermopylæ, the siege of Platæa, and battles in the Crissæan Gulf, etc. Similar illustrations of Livy, Polybius, and Xenophon, are announced, and a General Ancient Atlas is promised.

« We earnestly recommend to the classical student an immediate acquaintance with the Maps under review."--Classical Journal, December, 1825.

6. MAPS and PLANS illustrative of LIVY. 8vo. boards, price 12s. 7. MANUAL of DIVINITY. Price 6s. Containing,

An Historical Connection between the Old and New Testaments.
A Prophetical Connection between the Old and New Testaments.
A Summary of the New Testament.
A Summary of the Evidences of the Christian Religion.
The Harmony of the Old and New Testaments.

The Articles of the Church of England, with Notes and Scripture Proofs. 8. QUESTIONS on DIVINITY. Price 4s. Containing, Questions on the Old Testament.

-New Testament.

- Articles of the Church of England. Answers to the Questions on the Articles.

(J. Vincent's Workscontinued.) 9. QUESTIONS on HERODOTUS. Second edition. Price 4s. boards,

10. QUESTIONS on THUCYDIDES. Second edition. Price 4s. boards.

11. QUESTIONS on LIVY, Book 21 to 30. Price 1s.

12. A TABULAR VIEW of VOLCANIC PHENOMENA, comprising a List of the Burning Mountains, which are either now in action, or have existed in former periods throughout the G'obe; together with the Dates of their respective Eruptions, and of the principal Earthquakes which they have occasioned. By CHARLES' DAUBENEY, M.D.'F.R.S. Professor of Chemistry in the University of Oxford. Intended as a Companion to the Lectures on Vulcanos, by the same Author. Price 7s. 6d. coloured.

“The 'Tabular View of Dr. Daubeney presents at a glance a well-arranged, accurate, and comprehensive view of much that is interesting in volcanic history and description, and therefore we do not hesitate recommending it to the attention of the geologist.”

Edinburgh New Philosophical Journal, September.


Wilderness, designed and engraved in Mezzotinto, by JOHN MARTIN, Esq. Prints 10s. 6d. each. Proofs 158., and Proofs on India Paper 21s.

“Can we given a bigher praise to these Engravings than by avowing, that they remind us, at once, of Salvator Rosa, and Rembrandt."- Athenaum,

Published by $. PROWETT, 55, Pall Mall.

NEW EDITION OF DODSLEY'S OLD PLAYS. A SELECT COLLECTION of OLD PLAYS, with Additional Notes and Corrections, by the late Isaac Reed, Octavius Gilchrist, and the Editor, Beautifully printed on Yellow laid paper, 12 vols. crown 8vo. price 5l. 8s, and large paper, 8vo. 8. 8, uniform, wità Gifford's Ben. Jonson.

to The New Edition of Dodsley in 12 vols. recently finished, is one of the most useful and valuable Dramatic Works of the Age.”—Literary Gazette.

Published by S. PROWETT.


J. S. BUCKINGHAM. This Journal is now published every Wednesday and Saturday Evening; so as to include both Gazettes, and all intelligence useful or necessary to Country Residents. The Debates in both Houses of Parliament are fully reported, and accompanied with notes on the speeches by the Editor ; besides which, the Sphynx contains a greater mass of original writing than any Newspaper now published. Among other interesting Original Papers may be particularly specified a series of Parliamentary Portraits, which are continued in each number of the Sphynx. It likewise comprises the leading articles of the principal Daily Journals, an ample detail of Foreign and Domestic News, Law and Police Reports, the Money Market, &c., a variety of original articles on the political events of the day, correspondence with the Editor on subjects of general interest, jeux d'esprit, miscellanies, &c. &c.

This new Journal contains Sixteen Royal Quarto Pages, price 7d. only, free of postage. Published for the Proprietors by W. Lewer, at the Office, 147, Strand, near Somerset House.

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