The Poetical Register, and Repository of Fugitive Poetry for 1801-11, Том 1

Передняя обложка
F.C. & J. Rivington, 1815

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Стр. 403 - That from beneath the seat of Jove doth spring ; Begin, and somewhat loudly sweep the string. Hence with denial vain, and coy excuse ; So may some gentle Muse With lucky words favour my destined urn ; And as he passes turn, And bid fair peace be to my sable shroud.
Стр. 244 - Oh, sire of storms! whose savage ear The Lapland drum delights to hear, When Frenzy with her blood-shot eye Implores thy dreadful deity — Archangel! Power of desolation! Fast descending as thou art, Say, hath mortal invocation Spells to touch thy stony heart?
Стр. 344 - Why, Damon, with the forward day Dost thou thy little spot survey, From tree to tree, with doubtful cheer, Pursue the progress of the year, What winds arise, what rains descend, When thou before that year shalt end ? What do thy noontide walks avail, To clear the leaf, and pick the snail, Then wantonly to death decree An insect usefuller than thee ? Thou and the worm are brother-kind, As low, as earthy, and as blind. Vain wretch! canst thou expect to see The downy peach make court to thee?
Стр. 244 - And gently on the orphan head Of innocence descend. — But chiefly spare, O king of clouds ! The sailor on his airy shrouds ; When wrecks and beacons strew the steep, And spectres walk along the deep.
Стр. 280 - For sure from some enchanted isle, Where Heaven and Love their Sabbath hold, Where pure and happy spirits smile, Of beauty's fairest, brightest mould : From some green Eden of the deep, Where pleasure's sigh alone is heaved, Where tears of rapture lovers weep...
Стр. 243 - When first the fiery-mantled Sun His heavenly race began to run, Round the earth and ocean blue His children four the Seasons flew. First, in green apparel dancing, The young Spring smiled with...
Стр. 283 - O ! sacred to the fall of day Queen of propitious stars, appear, And early rise, and long delay, When Caroline herself is here! Shine on her chosen green resort Whose trees the sunward summit crown, And wanton flowers, that well may court An angel's feet to tread them down...
Стр. 190 - To Lucasta, Going Beyond the Seas IF to be absent were to be Away from thee; Or that when I am gone You or I were alone ; Then, my Lucasta, might I crave Pity from blustering wind, or swallowing wave. But...
Стр. 271 - LEAVE this barren spot to me ! Spare, woodman, spare the beechen tree ! Though bush or floweret never grow My dark unwarming shade below ; Nor summer bud perfume the dew Of rosy blush, or yellow hue ! Nor fruits of autumn, blossom-born, My green and glossy leaves adorn ; Nor murmuring tribes from me derive Th...

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