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Entered according to Act of Congress, in the year 1839, by Thomas H. GALLAUDET, in the Clerk's office of the District Court of the Southern District of New-York.

Right of publishing transferred to the American Tract Society.


CHAP. 32.-Encampment near Mount Sinai. The

covenant. The people to sanctify themselves,

Chap. 33.-The Israelites at the foot of Sinai. God

descends. Moses and Aaron go up the moun-

tain. The ten commandments,

Chap. 34.-Communications from God to Moses.

Moses descends. The covenant ratified,

Chap. 35.—Moses, Aaron, Nadab, Abihu, and the

seventy elders ascend Sinai. They see God. Mo-

ses there forty days, receiving divine commu-


Cuap. 36 — The two tables of stone. The golden calf.

Aaron's guilt. Moses intercedes for the idola-

trous Israelites,

CHAP 37.-Moses and Joshua descend. Moses destroys

the golden calf. Three thousand of the idolaters

are slain. Moses again ascends the mountain,

Chap. 38.-Moses is directed to proceed from Sinai.

He descends. The tabernacle of the congrega-

tion. God's accompanying presence promised,

Chap. 39.-Moses ascends Sinai. The divine glory

passes before him. He is there another forty days.

He descends. The building of the tabernacle,

Chap. 40.—The tabernacle being completed, God

descends, and fills it with his glory. Nadab and

Abihu destroyed,
Chap. 41.-Additional laws. The son of Shelomith.

Promises and threatenings,

Chap. 42.-The Israelites numbered. Manner of en-

camping, and marching,

Chap. 43.-The priests and

Levites. The first-born.

Offerings of the princes,

Chap. 44.- The departure from Sinai. General fea-

tures of the regions between Sinai and Canaan,

CAAP. 45.–Taberah. Murmurings. Seventy elders

chosen to assist Moses. Quails sent. Plague at


Chap. 46.-Hazeroth. Aaron and Miriam sin against

Moses. Kadesh-barnea. The spies sent to sur-

vey Canaan,

Chap. 47.—The spies return. Discouragement at

their report. Joshua and Caleb faithful. The

divine denunciations,


APR 27039


CHAP. 48.—Many of the Israelites destroyed, while

attacking the Canaanites. They turn back into

the wilderness,

Chap. 49.-Destruction of Korah and his party,

CHAP. 50.—Murmurings. A great plague. Budding

of Aaron's rod,

Chap. 51.–The Israelites arrive again at Kadesh.

Death of Miriam. Sin of Moses and Aaron.

Its punishment,

Chap.52.-Route aster leaving Kadesh. Mount Hor.

Death of Aaron,

CHAP. 53 —Fiery serpents sent. The brazen serpent;

a type of Christ,

CHAP. 54.--Valley of Zered. Destruction of the

Amorites, and of Og and his army,

Crap. 55.--Encampment on the plains of Moab.

Balak and Balaam,

CHAP. 56.- Account of Balaam,

CHAP. 57.–Balaam. His blessing on the Israelites,

Chap. 58.--Balaam's prophecies. His character,

CHAP. 59.--The sin of the Israelites with the Moab.

ites. Zimri. The people numbered. Moses

warned of his approaching death,

CHAP. 60.-Joshua appointed to succeed Moses. De-

struction of the Midianites and of Balaam,

CHAP. 61.—Reuben and Gad. Apportionment of

Canaan. Cities of refuge,

CHAP. 62 —The parting counsels of Moses. His ex-

hortations and warnings,

CHAP. 63.-Further exhortations of Moses,

CHAP. 64.--Moses continues his counsels. Promises

and threatenings. The prediction of Moses re.

specting Christ. Gerizim and Ebal,

Chap. 65 — The ratifying of the covenant. Moses en-

courages Joshua, and delivers to the priests and

elders copies of the law. Divine communications

to Moses,

CAAP. 66.—The song of Moses. He is summoned to

leave the world. His last blessing. He ascends

mount Nebo,

CHAP. 67.—Moses reaches Pisgah, and from it is per-

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mitted to survey the promised land. He dies,

and is buried by the Lord,

CHAP. 68.—The character of Moses. Conclusion,



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