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fect his own popularity ; being at ters; but a fear which implies the same time totally regardless love and reverence. It is a dread of what is injurious or useful, of offending God, because, he is right or wrong. The man who great and good. In the posses, is desirous to be good, rather than sion of this feeling, the soul is to seem good, is fit for promotion. not in bondage, but enjoys that

But it is triumphantly alleged, freedom and happiness, which that even Solomon has said, “a are peculiar, to the children of good name is better than precious God. This fear of the Lord is ointment,” & has thus sanctioned heaven begun in the soul. It is the love of praise. There needs that purity of heart, which sees not, however, much perspicacity, God, that singleness of eye, to see an essential difference be- which makes the whole body full tween the good name of the of light; that spiritual discern, scriptures, and the honour of the ing, which apprehends the things world. The one can be attained of the Spirit of God. As many by every man, however humble as have this fear are prompt in bis station or talents; the other acknowledging the greatness of requires brilliant powers of mind, God, and the vileness of their and a splendid stage of action ; own characters. Under the inthe one tends to the happiness of fluence of this fear, the patriarch, all; the other looks at the ag. Jacob, was led to exclaim, I am grandizement of a few; the one not worthy of the least of all the injures no man, depresses no mercies, and of all the truth, which man, tramples on no man, the thou hast showed unto thy servant, other exalts only by compar. They, who possess the fear of ative degradation ; the one has the Lord, have that revealed to the promise of the praise of God, them, which may with propriety and the other strives, though with be called a secret. On finding many disappointments, for the this remark, will not a certain praise of men. Wise, then, is class of readers begin to reason their choice, and happy their por, in their hearts, and to say, “ Are tion, who neglect the boasted there secrets in that religion, treasures of this world, and look which we are called upon to em for durable riches and righteous brace? If there are, we may ness; who disregard earthly pro well proceed with cautious motion, which is so uncertain and steps ; for it is hard to subscribe dangerous, in hopes of glory, to conditions, which we do not honour, and immortality in heav, understand. We are unwilling en.

C. Y.A, to bear the Christian name, until

we have obtained a knowledge of

all the peculiarities of Christiani“ THE SECRET OF THE LOND IS ty. If there are secrets, we wish WITH THEM THAT FEAR AIM;

to know what they are ; and we AND HE WILL SHOW THEM HIS have a boldness in making this COVENANT."

The true fear of the Lord is The writer of this essay, haypot a slavish fear, such as ser- ing introduced the idea, that they Fants have of their cruel, mas, who fear, the Lord have that re

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Fealed to them," which is hidden they knew God, they glorifed him from the wicked, feels an obliga- not as God, neither were thankful, tion to be more explicit ; and is but became vain in their imagina. led to observe,

rions, and their foolish heart was 1. They have no secrets re- darkened. They, who fear the vealed to them, as truth is red Lord, stand ready to acknowlspected. The word of God, edge, that there is no new reve. which is their only guide, and to lation made to them, and that, as Which they look to know what truth is respected, they are enfruths to believe, is open to the trusted with no secrets. The Inspection of all. The mind of same doctrines, which to their a Christian does not dwell on a own hearts are so interesting and single truth, respecting the way comforting, they can freely pre. of salvation, which the sinner has sent to sinners, without any colhot opportunity to examine and during or disguise. They can weigh for himself. The com- invite them to search the same fhands, the calls, the invitations; Bible, which has their daily atthe promises and the threaten- tention, and to behold the same ings of God, to which the Chris- displays of God's character in iian takes heed, and which have his works, on which they look an influence on his conduct, are with so much pleasure.' It is, precisely the same with those; therefore, plain, that there are no which are exhibited to the mind secrets in the creed of those, who of the sinner. Truth' is uni- fear the Lord. They pretend to form; the same at all times, and none ; for the sources, whence in all parts of the world. The they derive their instruction, are great source of moral truth is free of access to the wicked. the Bible, to which the gospel 2. They, who fear the Lord, sinner has'as free access as 'the are entrusted with no secrets in Christiań. God has revealed noth- regard to the motives of God in ftig respecting his character, his creating and governing the holy law, or the way of salvation world, and in providing a Saby the blood of his Son, which is viour for lost men. These monot open to the full examination tives are explicitly avowed in the of the wicked, as well as of the holy scriptures, and they are as tighteous.

much open to the examination It may also be remarked, that of the wicked, as of the right the exhibition of truth from eous. God declares that he creGod's toorks is made with equal ated, and that he governs the ctearness to the saint and the world, for the purpose of glorifysinner." This was urged by the ing his own excellent name. To apostle Paul, in his reasoning promote the same end, he gave With the Romans, particularly his Son to die on the cross. The othen he said,? Por the invisible righteous never pretend to have things of him from the creation of any other views of the intentions the world are clearly seen, being of God, in all his great operaunderstood by the things that are tions, than what they have learnt inade; even Iris eternal power and from the oracles of truth. Of Godhead so that they are with course, in regard to the overs out excuse. Because that, when tures, which God makes to men,

through the mediation of his 1. That the loveliness of truth Son, there are no secrets. Noth- is one of the secrets revealed to ing is kept back, which sinners those, who fear the Lord. may consider as desirable for The Christian discerns that in them to know.

God's character, to which the une, 3. They, who fear the Lord, believer is totally blind ; ale; art entrusted with no secrets, as though they both look, at the to the manner of having the gos- same character, and acknowledge pel pressed upon them. In this the same attributes.

What a respect they are not made to dif- mystery is this ! To, what can fer from the wicked. The gos- this mighty difference be owing? pel comes to all men with the Certainly not to a different exhiri same things to recommend it. bition of the perfections of God; God addresses the saint and the for, as has been observed, truth sinner with the same clearness, is uniform.: It is owing to the and with the same earnestness. different tastes of the persons. Heaven and hell are exhibited to. The Christian loves the charac. the view of each, and the conse- ter of God, because it is excel quences of believing and rejecte lent and lovely. The sinner ing the gospel are stated with- sees the same character, but such out any reserve ; so that neither is the corruptness of his heart, the one, nor the other, will be that he discerns no loreliness in able to plead ignorance of these it. As to what is truth, respectthings. They, who fear the ing the divine character, they Lord, and they, who fear him may see alike; they differ in re not, have opportunity to hear gard to the beauty and loveli. the gospel proclaimed from the ness of truth. The same obser, sam e preachers. As to the vations may be made with re, manner in which the gospel is gard to the divine law, the char, recommended to their accept- acter of the Mediator, and the ance, there is no difference. whole system of divine truth, The engagedness, which the Christians are entrusted with an Christian discovers in those, who important secret ; and the whole are set for the defence of the secret, important as it is, con gospel, the sinner has full oppor- sists in their discerning , moral tunity to notice. They are both beauty, where the sinner disconversant with the same afflic- cerns none. They have eyes to tive and instructive providences. see, and ears to hear; and when As far, therefore, as instruction the great system of divine truth and the manner of communicating is exhibited, whether in one genit, are respected, the Christian is eral view, or in its parts, it is not exalted above the sinner. food to their souls. But it is The conclusion, therefore, is ob- not so with the wicked. They vious, that the secret of the have eyes, but they see not ; Lord has no respect to any ex- ears have they, but they hear ternal advantages.

not. By these expressions, it is These things being premised, meant, that there is an awful with a view to take from the sin- blindness in their minds, or in Der all ground for caviling; it other words, that their hearts are may be remarked positively, totally corrupt.

That Christians love and ad- speak to them of all his perfecmire the character of God, is to tions, and by the aid of the holy sinners a great mystery ; be- scriptures, may describe them, cause it is so contrary to their in a just and clear light; but, it own experience. They like not' is not in their power to make to retain God in their knowledge. them appear to the unsanctified That Christians should say, with to be beautiful and excellent. David, Thy law is my delight, is As many, therefore, as are to the wicked a great secret ; for brought to fear the Lord, have a their unsanctified minds are not secret revealed to them. It may 4. subject to the law of God, nei- be said of them, that they know ther indeed can be." That the Lord, in a peculiar sense. Christ appears precious to Chris Agreeably to this sentiment the tians, and that they are willing apostle John says; Every one to count all things but loss for that loveth is born of God, and the excellency of the knowledge knoweth God. He that loveth of him, is a dark and mysterious not, knoweth not God. affair to the wicked; for in their 2. Believers have a secret review, he hath no “ form nor vealed to them respecting sin. comeliness," and when they look The Spirit of Christ, which is in upon his character, they see no their hearts, has taught them the “ beauty that they should desire odious nature of sin. Having him.” In the minds of the their eyes opened, they discern wicked, there is the same blind- that evil in it, of which they ness with regard to the whole could not have a sight by mere system of divine truth. Be- speculation, and which never tween the truth and their hearts, could have been communicated there is no more agreement, than to them by the force of arguthere is between light and dark- ment. Persons, in a state of naness.'. Of course, it is mysteri- ture, may have a conviction, that ous to them, how Christians can an ungodly life exposes them to be pleased with the exhibition of evils ; and when they are made those truths, which are so entire- to realize that these evils are ly crossing to the reigning prin- coming upon them, they wish ciple of their hearts.

they had pursued a different The attainment of the Chris- course.

But, to the mind of tian, in discerning the loveliness the Christian, something more of truth, may be called a secret ; is revealed. He sees that sin is because it is something of which odious in its own nature, aside the unrenewed are as ignorant, as from all the evils to which it ex. the man born blind is of colours, poses him. To bim iniquity and of which they will forever appears to be hateful ; because it be totally ignorant, unless their is opposition to that holy God, hard and Ainty hearts are taken whose character he loves. He from them by 'the power and has been taught, by the Holy grace of God. Christians them- Spirit, to loathe himself. Conselves cannot communicate to scious of his proneness to transthe wicked the idea of the loveli- gress, he is often led to humble ness and transcendent beauty of himself before God, on account God's character. They may of sins, of which no one has

knowledge, but the great Judge of life. Such have been taught of the world, and himself, and of God. Having tasted and seen which have been committed, on- that he is good, they can joyfully in his wicked heart. To have ly commit to his keeping and such feelings in view of sin, es- disposal their own lives and pecially of sins, which are pri- souls, as well as those of their vate, is a secret to those, who children. They believe him to are in unbelief. They may be faithful ; and believing this, have experienced a multitude of they know that all things will evils, in consequence of their work together for the good of transgressions, and their con- those, who love him. They sciences may have often smitten feel assured, that every event is them; yet they are total stran- a part of the great and perfect gers to godly sorrow. They plan of Him, who worketh all have never intermeddled with things according to the counsel the feelings of that heart, which of his own will, and that every has been broken for sin. Of the event, however melancholy in itsecret respecting the odious na- self, will, in some way, promote ture of sin, to which reference is the interest of that kingdom, to now had, the finally impenitent which they have devoted themwill not make the least discove- selves. Truly, they have an inry, after having endured the an- heritance made over to them, guish of being cast off, thou- which is more valuable than all sands and millions of ages. It this world. will be a secret to them forever The Lord open the eyes of and ever.

Nothing but the those, who may peruse these Spirit of the Lord, in his sanc- thoughts, that they may see the tifying influences, will give that beauty and glory of his characSight of sin, which is implied in ter; and, “beholding, as in a brokenness of heart.

glass, his glory, may they be 3. They, who fear the Lord, changed into the same image have a secret revealed to them from glory to glory, as by the respecting his covenant faithful- Spirit of the Lord.”

H. It is recorded, in the sacred volume, of this happy number, that God “ will shew them his

REMARKS ON ORDINATIONS. covenant.” To have confidence To the Editors of the Panoplist. in God, and to learn to commit Gentlemen, ourselves, and all our concerns I HAVE, for many years, seizto him, and to be happy in doing ed every opportunity to attend it, is a great attainment. It is ordinations. To me they have an important art ; yea, infinitely been both solemn and delightful. more important than any art, That they are generally attended which is ever taught by men. with so much order, and that the Through the infinite grace of great Redeemer is pleased, on the Redeeiner, some of our fal. such occasions, to give so many len race are enabled to acquire tokens of his gracious presence this heavenly art; and they are with ministers and churches, is a often found in the lower walks matter of joy and praise. Still,


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