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the offence of one Adam, all who both of the wisdom and knowlwere in his loins were involved in edge of God! how unsearchable condemnation ; so by the sole are his judgments, and his ways obedience of the second Adam, past finding out! For of Him, the justification of life comes up- and through Him, and to Him, on all who are in him by sfiiritual are all things: to whom be glounion, i. e. by living faith. ry forever. Amen." In verse 20, the apostle tells

ZUINGLIUS. us that the law entered that the offence might abound.” That is, that men might be sen

THE DOCTRINE OF THE TRINI. sible how their sins of heart and life, of commission and omisson, are multiplied; and what a mass

(Concluded from p. 493.) of guilt they make up. How necessary this was, and is, to Who by searching can find make way for a due reception of out the Almighty to perfection? the gospel, and to hide pride Secret things belong not to us; from man, is very obvious. but things revealed belong to us

But, says the apostle, “ Where and our children. As the knowlsin abounded, grace did much edge of God is the foundation of more abound.” The illustration all religion ; as ignorance of God of this is found in the abundant is the source of fatal error and pardon and exaltation to favour, deiusion, it becomes us not only which blesses every penitent sin- to contemplate the works of crener, and the chief of sinners a- ation, and to trace the footsteps mong the rest, whenever he re- of divine Providence; but to turns to God. And it is found search the pages of inspiration, in the enlargement of the sys- that we may learn, who he is

, tem of love to man, from what that giveth life, and reason, and the primitive constitution exhibe immortality to man. ited ; and the occasion taken of God is so established in the from the fall, and multiplied sins public mind, that we now say of mankind, to open a constitu- nothing to confirm this doctrine, tion, by which grace should far but inquire whether the scrip inore than countervail the 'tures of the Jews and Christians wretchedness and ruin introduc- do not explicitly declare a filurcled by sin ; and by which the ily of persons in the Godhead, human nature, in all the heirs of and whether the Persons are not mercy, should, by: silue of three. its union to Christ the second Our first inquiry is whether Adam, through living faith, be the scriptures teach a plurality of exalted : far 'above the height persons ia God. from which it fell by transgres- In the following passages in sion, And thus, as sin hath the original, the name of God is reigned unto deatli, so grace plural, and connected with news, shall reigns through righteous- pronouns, and verbs plural. ness, unto eternad !ifes by Jesus Gen, i. 26, “ And the Gods said, Christ our Lord. 1. " the depth of the riches See Parklıurst's Hebrew Lexicon.


Let us make man in our image, Old Testament. If necessary it and after our likeness.” Here would be easy to multiply quotathe Creator is plural, connected tions of this kind. The words E. with pronouns in the plural. Lohim or Aloim, and Adonai, which Hence may be inferred the plu- signify Gods, the Lord thy Gods, rality of persons in Deity. In are used thirty times in Genesis, the same chapter, verse 27, it is one hundred times in the Law, said, “ So the Gods created and five hundred times in the man." This agrees with anoth- Old Testament.* er important passage of scrip- Whatever may be said conture, Ecclesiastes xii. 1. “Re- cerning the idiom of the Hebrew member thy CREATORS in the language, these texts will shew days of thy youth.” Do these that the sacred style of inspired passages, literally translated, truth permits us to speak of Deiteave any doubt whether a plural- ty in the plural number. ity of agents accomplished the We are secondly to show that work of creation ? Similar pase the persons of God are Three: sages are numerous. See Gen. The first proof of this, which xi. 7. “Let us,” said Jehovah, “go we mention, is the appearance of down, and there confound their Jehovah to Abraham. “ He liftlanguage.” This passage in our ed up his eyes, and looked, and English translation is conclusive lo three men stood by him.” Acin support of doctrine. cording to Witsius, who was of Were Gen. xxxi. 53 exactly the same opinion, the pious antranslated, it would read thus. cients considered these the ador« The Gods of Abraham, and the able Trinity. That God himself Gods of Nahor, and the Gods of appeared to Abram is certain, for their father judge betwixt us." he calls him Jehovah ; he adWould any other phraseology dresses him in importunate and make a plurality of persons more reverential prayers.

St. Amcertain ? Joshua xxiv. 19 may brose says, « Abraham saw three be thus rendered, “ Ye cannot and adored one, because there is serve the Lord, for he is the ho- one Lord, one God, and one ly Gods; he is the jealous Gods." Spirit. There was a unity of We only add the following pas-honour, because a unity of powsages, which may thus be trans- er.” Musculus says, “ this paslated. Job xxxv. 10.“ But none sage was usually quoted in the saith, Where is God my Mak- church when the mystery of the ers?And Isaiah liv. 5. “ Thy sacred Trinity and unity was disMakers are thy husbands." cussed.” Munster says,

These texts we hope render it is certain that Abraham saw sufficiently certain that God the three, and addressed himself to Creator, that JEHOVAH, who one." “ Oh my Lord, if I have alone stretched out the heavens, found favour in thine eyes.” Had is spoken of in the plural number. not Abraham acknowledged the These texts show that this stylc mystery of the Trinity, he would was not peculiar to one remark- have said, “ Oh my Lords, if I able passage, or to one ter, but was common to different

See Dr. Boudinot's excellent writers in various parts of the work, “The Age of Revelation."

Vol. I. No. 12. W w W

" this

have found favour in your eyes.” serted, and that of the Father is The ancient Latin and Greek not denied. This is not the fathers produced this passage in gloss or opinion of a writer unproof of the Trinity. Why taught ; but the comment and should Abraham speak in the assertion of an apostle and evansingular number when addressing gelist, inspired by God himself. Three ? To account for this by Some learned critics in the saying that one appeared in a Hebrew language have supposmore august form than the other ed, that the prophets employ a two is to speak without book, with- style, or mode of address, which out any kind of evidence, without implies, the doctrine was well any shadow of proof. The name known and believed among the Jehovah Abraham constantly ad- people whom they instructed. dressed to these persons, and Without giving any notice or when iwo of them arrived in Sod- explanation, they often use exom, Lot addressed them with re- pressions, which have little proligious honours.

priety or meaning, unless the A remarkable passage in Isa- doctrine of the Trinity be underiah very plainly represents the stood. Of this description are divine Trinity. The seraphs the following passages. Isaiah eried one to another and said, xli. 4. “ I the Lord, the first and “Holy, Holy, Holy, is the Lord with the last, I, He.” In this of hosts. Also I heard the voice literal translation three personsof the Lord, saying, whom shall speak, wbile Jehovah speaks in I send, and who will go for US?” his own name; “1, I, He." A- plurality is certain from the The same mode of expression plural pronoun us; the Trinity is found Isaiah xliü. 11." I, I, may be expressed by the triple the Lord, and beside me there is address of holy, holy, holy. no Saviour.” Ver. 35. I, I, He, “ Who will go for us,” us three, that blotteth out thy transgres. whom the seraphs have individ- sions." Here three persons ually addressed ?. That this, is constitute the “ Saviour," and certainly the meaning of the text are united in blotting out transmay be inferred from John xii. gressions. Finally, chap. li. 12. 41, where the evangelist applies “ I, I, He, that comforteth you.' this very passage to Jesus Christ. These are more literal transla« These things said Esaias, tions of those passages. They when he saw his glory and spake are very strange and unaccountof him ;" and froin Acts xxviii. able phrases, unless we suppose 25, where the apostle applies the Trinity a doctrine of the Bithis passage of Isaiah to the Ho- ble ; but adopting this doctrine, ly Ghost; “ Well spake the Ho- they are intelligible, proper, and ly Ghost by Esaias the prophet forcible. unto the fathers." Thus what In John, chap. i. we read, Isaiah declares that Jehovah said “ The Il'ord was made fiesh and to him, John ascribes to Christ, dwelt among us; and the Word and St. Paul to the Holy Ghost.. was God." Perhaps it would This is all the evidence we not be easy to arrange words, need; the divinity of the Son more explicitly to declare the and Holy Spirit are direcly as- divinity of Jesus Christ. In di


Tect terms the divinity of the we may add the constant and Holy Spirit is asserted, Acts v. familiar introduction of the Fa34,“ Why hath Satan filled thine ther, the Son, and the Holy heart to lie unto the Holy Ghost? Spirit in every part of the New Thou hrast not lied unto men, Testament, and the constant asbut unto God." They had“ lied cription of divinity to all three. to the Holy Ghost;" they had These evidences, displayed by “ lied unto God." In what lan- "the.pen of a ready writer or guage could the proper-deity of the tongue of the learned,” the Holy Spirit be more explicit- would most certainly confirm iy declared ?

the wavering, silence gainsayers, At the baptism of Jesus Christ and convince the most obdurate. was an astonishing display of all These arrows, in the hands of the persons in the Trinity. The the mighty, would subdue all opSon comes up from Jordan ; the position. It is hoped, however, Holy Spirit descends from hea- that the sacred truths of this feeven in the form of a dove; a ble sketch may give comfort and voice from the Father proclaims, satisfaction to candid and serious * This is my beloved Son." inquirers, concerning this in

The formula of Christian bap- finitely important doctrine, the tism is thought conclusive evi- TRINITY. dence of the divine Trinity.

Go,” saith Christ,” disciple all nations, baptizing them in the We see the importance of name of the Father, and of the searching the sacred scriptures. Son, and of the Holy Ghost.” The Trinity is a doctrine of scripThe three are put on terms of ture, a doctrine known and provperfect equality. To unite God ed no where else. The scripthe Father with two creatures, tures are the field where is found on equal terms; to honour them this pearl of great price. Some as we honour him, is an outrage other doctrines are confirmed by on all the laws of propriety, de- other evidence, this depends encency, and piety. Would it not tirely on the word of God. Tho' shock all our serious feelings to traditions of this doctrine have baptize in the name of God, and extended to all countries and Peter, and Paul ? Would it not ages of the world, as we have be a species of idolatry so to shown in former numbers ; y honour Peter and Paul as we these traditions must have had honour God himself? Would it their origin in divine Revelation. · not be a kind of blasphemy? No wonder, therefore, if those,

The beloved disciple saw four who attend to business or plealiving creatures in heaven, who sure, more than to religion, rest'not day nor uight ; saying, should reject the doctrine ; no “ Holy, holy, holy, Lord God wonder if those, who read books Almighty, who was, and is, and of amusement or science more is to come.” Here three per- than they do the oracles of God, sons are addressed in the same should oppose the doctrine of language, heard by Isaiah hun- the Trinity. dreds of years before, from the 2. From the doctrine of the same throne of glory. To this Trinity we infer, that Deity might enjoy the noblest felicity This was claiming equality with in himself before creation. All God. So would not Paul, nor our feelings, all our observations, Silas, nor any honest man have all our reasonings, teach us, that done. Therefore, he was Goda society is necessary to the feli. The Father also saith unto the city of rational beings. Admit Son, " Thy throne, O God, is ting the simple unity of God, no forever and ever." He is also possible society existed for an in the scriptures of truth, expli. eternity before creation. 'The citly, declared to be “the only universe was an infinite solitude. wise God, our Saviour.” There, No thought was communicated; fore we are required in another no affection was exercised ; love scripture " to honour the Son, and goodness were names un- even as we honour the Father." known. Even now, unless a Were he not the Almighty God, Trinity exist, Deity enjoys soci- this would be idolatry ; but the ety with none, but worms of the scriptures never command idoladust, or creatures chargeable try, therefore Jesus Christ is the with “ folly” in his sight. But Almighty God; those, there three persons of the same rank, fore, who deny his divinity, do the same designs, the same not worship the true God. They characters, may know the most are idolators, elevated joys of rational society, 5. Those, who deny the docof various powers, of united de trine of the Trinity, merely be. signs, of benignity and wisdom. cause it is incomprehensible, sbox

3. Those, who deny the doc- they have no confidence, no faith trine of the Trinity, do, in fact, in God. reject the gospel. The Trinity Because the doctrine is mysteare the three agents in the work rious and incomprehensible,some of redemption. On these gold persons erase it from the articles 'en pillars rests the whole gospel of their belief. This proves church. The Father elects to they have little humility and less eternal life, the Son redeems, the faith. It requires no faith to Spirit sanctifies. All the blese believe what is probable, plain, sings of the gospel are promis. and evident. In such circums ed" in the name and by the grace stances we should believe our of our Lord Jesus Christ, and greatest enemy, the most notothe love of God, and the commu- rious for falsehood. But we nion of the Holy Ghost."

show our confidence in our 4. From the doctrine of the friends, when we believe them, Trinity, we infer, that those, while they assert things improbe who deny the divinity of Jesus able, hard to be understood, and Christ; do not worship the true incomprehensible. If we beliere God. Jesus Christ is evidently God, when he declares his existe one of the three, who constitute ence, this argues no faith in the eternal Jehovah. He him. God; we probably believe this self says, he is one with the Fa. on other evidence. The things ther. In view of his hearers, he seen, every bird, and flower, and made himself“ equal” with God. tree, declare the eternal power He knew this, and did not at- and godhead. But when God tempt to remove the impression. teaches us that he exists in three

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