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light closet. Then he returned to his seat, and looked at Lord Wil

fred, with his head a little on one “ONE of the pleasantest kings I side. know," said Lord Wilfred.

“Setter,” said his Lordship," the rington, you prefer a hansom. infallible consequence of my setting Hi!”

eyes on your venerable person is, Up drove an empty cab. Lord that I feel impelled to make moral Wilfred got in. “Come," said he remarks - in fact, to moralise.

Good morning, my lord,” said Nothing is so unsafe as success." Guy. “I am going the other way. “No one is better acquainted Cab!” and he, too, got into a with that fact than myself,” said hansom.

Mr. Setter. “I think, too, that “Where to, sir?” said Lord that is

my thunder, if


will Wilfred's driver. “ To!"-said allow the observation. I know the his Lordship, "eh? to Parliament- ear-mark." street."

“ Take it, and welcome," said Lord Wilfred gracefully de- Lord Wilford. “Remembering scended from his vehicle at the door the origin of the term ear-mark, I of the office of Mr. Setter, which freely abandon to you all and was on the first floor, over a shop. every to which the adjective apHe walked quietly upstairs, hum. plies. I see you are busy. Good ming an air from the reigning day." opera. He walked through the “Good day,” said Setter. "I'm room occupied by one or two always busy clerks without any reply to their “Ănd not one single interrogainquiries as to who he wanted tive?" said Lord Wilfred. except a friendly nod, and he I never waste words," said opened the door of the sanctum Setter. “ When

you have invented of Mr. Setter.

what you came to say you will say That gentleman was seated in a it.” round, cane- e-backed but leather- “When I say that success is bottomed chair, at an open bureau. dangerous," resumed Lord Wil. Close by him was a man with some- fred, “I mean this-Setter, have thing of the aspect of a game- you a demi-verre at hand ?” keeper, who was reading out of a Mr. Setter supplied the want red memorandum book.

out of some convenient receptacle. “ Wait till you're disengaged, Fil en quatre,” said Lord Setter,” said Lord Wilfred, care- Wilfred, tossing off the little glass lessly.

Mr. Setter rose with an alacrity “When you find that a plan, the more remarkable on account originated by genius, matured by of his bulk.

“ Come this way a counsel, incepted under the hapminute,” said he, plunging his piest auspices, triumphant up to country friend into a sort of cup- the last minute but one of its execuboard or closet, to which he gained tion, collapses at that last half entrance through a door covered minute, then you will admit the with green baize. The door had propriety of the remark." no lock, only a brass handle ; but "I saw that it had collapsed," it had a small brass bolt outside, said Setter. which Mr. Setter noiselessly slipped And you utter now the natural when he had seen the countryman language of that exemplary bird seated on the only chair in the the raven," said Lord Wilfred.

of cognac.

Well, Setter, it was true. The the Princess. Damme, Setter," one gift which men say is so divine, broke out Lord Wilfred, “ if I had which did so much for a fellow an empire, I should fling it at that named Shakespeare, has been the woman's feet!” bane of my life.”

“Better without it, then," quoth “Integrity ?” said Mr. Setter, Setter. with no expression at all on his Lord Wilfred gave vent to a little face.

splutter of expletives, just to cool “Imagination,” said his Lordship. himself. “Well," he resumed, “Pictoribus atque poetis. Never the long and the short of it is, did I so inspire myself. Setter, all

Master Wheyface

was in

the went on exactly as you pointed seventy-seventh heaven, and just as out. I was airing myself before I was wanting to get off-for your the fire for there was a fire, friend keeps up the etiquette of actually,” said Lord Wilfred. dismissingone—what must he do?Morning damp, I suppose. I was I could laugh even now to rememairing myself before the fire with a ber his face-but asks the Most newspaper for a parapet, when Christian who was the Duke Matdown he comes, looking like4like thieu de Montmorency."

a very highly developed goose. “H'm,” said Setter. He begins, in a helpless way, to “It seems he died in 1826,” said attempt to supply the wants of Lord Wilfred. “Might have got nature. A sudden inspiration over the name, you know ; but hang urged me. A coup worthy of your- me if the Most Christian did not self. “The Duc de Montmorency?' improve the occasion for a lecture saysI. No, I beg pardon, I thought on genealogy, cast up all the Lavals it was never saw two men more and devils to Adam, and concluded alike.' Setter, I tell you he fell so that there were only four old men plump and dead into the trap that on crutches, for one of whom I I felt ashamed of myself for setting could have mistaken Miss Guy.” my brain against that of such an “Awkward,"


Setter. exceedingly domestic young gen- “How did he take it?" tleman."

like you, Setter,” “ Well ?" said Mr. Setter.

groaned Lord Wilfred.

“ As if “ Well! I wish it was well !" con- nothing had happened. Was just tinued his Lordship. “ It was not thinking he was too much flabberonly well, but unsurpassable, at gasted by the Princess to have first. Capital breakfast — lively heard, and revolving further movechat-France and Frenchmen talked ments when, as I got into the cab, of quite naturally. • Le Roi 'Good day,' says he,'I'm going the d'Yvetot' slid on the tapis so that other way, and left me planté .you would not know how he came “And now," said Lord Wilfred, there : immense greenhorn interest

“I have made a clean -hansom cab—and the killing breast of it, and I suppose


may civility of old Beaupreau.”

go to the devil.” “Well," continued Lord Wilfred, “ Wilfred,” said Mr. Setter, with holding up the liqueur glass be- great tenderness of manner, tween his eye and the lightnot said before, I am extremely busy upright, but so as to look down just now; but if you would make into it as if it were a telescope. it convenient to look in a little “Still, all was superb. The Most before six, I am going to take your Christian was extremely condescend- advice and dine at Greenwich, and ing, fired his gun, and summoned it will give me great pleasure if

“ Like a

after a pause,

as I for me.

you will go down with me. You the cabman impose on you; it's fifty looked hipped, and it will do you yards under the five mile from good. Shall I send down and pay Beaufort House here. Don't wait your cabman?"

Ta, ta.” “ Setter," said his Lordship, “Curse his impudence," subwringing his hand, "you are in. joined Lord Wilfred, between his fernal good fellow after all. I've teeth, as he leisurely descended the half a mind to come. Don't let stairs ; “I'll Wilfred him.”

(To be continued.)

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