Foreign-Born African Americans: Silences Voices in the Discourse on Race

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Nova Publishers, 2005 - Всего страниц: 196
In this book, immigrant minorities from Africa and the Caribbean tell their unique stories. These new Americans recount their travels in the American maze, and thus, allow their voices to be heard. Who really cares for these voices? They do care and Americans should care! Foreign born African Americans frequently find themselves in precarious situations. They confront three intriguing questions: How Black are they? How much racism do they endure? And how do they survive in spite of the odds? In reality, they are Blacks who are Black enough to encounter problems that other Blacks in America experience. However, they also understand that they must succeed in a competitive complex society like America. On the one hand, they are grateful to be in America; but on the other hand, they wonder why they must cross so many rubicons to achieve their goals. This book is unique! Never before have voices of Africans (from Africa and the Caribbean) been heard in this manner!! These voices provide multidimensional cases for scholars, educators, program planners, community leaders, and politicians. education, intercultural education, and multicultural education. It could also be a supplementary text for courses in general education and African/American Studies. In fact, it should be on the reading list of every American interested in making our world a better place to live.

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Between a Rock and a Hard Place My Journey in the American Maze
Reflections of an AfricanBorn Immigrant Story of Alienation
In Spite of My Problems I Still Survived
Prince Gordon the Dishwasher? My American Journey
My Experiences as a NigerianBorn American
Immigrant Survival in America My Journey
Twenty Years in the Belly of the Great Whale My Survival in Mainstream America
The Caribbean Connection
Journey to the Wild
Making it Happen My Survival in America
The Challenge of Fitting In
My Journey as an Afro Caribbean Woman to Americas Ivory Tower
From Montserrat to Mississippi United States My Journey
Many Tunnels and Many Lights My Experiences as an Immigrant Minority
My Journey From Barbados to the United States

Coming to America with Eyes Wide Shut

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Стр. xxi - We have been believers in the new Jerusalem. We have been believers feeding greedy grinning gods, like a Moloch demanding our sons and our daughters, our strength and our wills and our spirits of pain. We have been believers, silent and stolid and stubborn and strong. We have been believers yielding substance for the world.

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