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salvation of the heathen, and the result shall be, not weakness and difficulty, but strength and prosperity amongst our home churches.

Touching this subject, will you permit me to conclude with an extract from the “Sword and Trowel" for June, 1870, and which is in reply to a mioister who thinks his people will be strained and impoverished by numerous foreign appeals for help, and who deems it wiser to "shut the door against all outsiders and look at home ?"

“Nonsense, brother! Let your people give till they get into the habit of it. It does not injure bees to have their honey taken from them; they only set to work and make the more. If the sheep are sheared, it is no trouble to them, for another and cleaner coat is sure to grow. It does not hurt cows to milk them; let them be milked dry, they will give the more next time. Nor is there anything lost by dipping a spring dry; it will fill again with water even more fresh and sweet than the first. If we do not clear out the old mercies they will grow musty, and will prevent the new ones from being sweet when they come. Old misers and covetous people dry up and die, having known only old and stale blessings; they never, by parting with the old, prepared the way for God to replenish, refresh, and bless them as He does the benevolent with new manifestations of His faithfulness.

Moreover, brother, those who try to reserve their strength for home work usually grow weaker and weaker. The heart would not be strengthened if it were to store up the blood, but by sending it forth as it comes in, it abides in a healthy condition. • There is that scattereth and yet increaseth.'

Generosity is economy.
Selfishness is not thrifty."
Believe me, yours sincerely,

Barton Fabis, Sept. 7, 1870.

excluded Bible. In anticipation of the change that bas occurred, the committee bad sent directions, many weeks since, to their agent for Italy to be prepared to enter Rome the earliest moment it was practicable to do so, and to place colporteurs ready for immediate service. It appears that their wishes have been fulfilled, and as soon as the gates of the imperial city admitted the Italian troops, the work of the Bible Society commenced. Mr. Bruce, writing under date September 22, remarks :

“It is with no small thankfulness and gratitude to the good Lord that I am able to announce to the committee that at last the Bible is in Rome, and that four, if not six, of their colporteurs are in this city.

Having marched with the soldiers from beyond the frontier, they entered with a portion of them on Tuesday, soon after a breach had been made in the walls by General Cadorna. The first to get in—and he was determined to be the first-was Frandini, who was exiled in 1860, and who was keen to see his parents once more, and to carry the Bible back with him to bis native city. I have not seen all the men yet, but expect to do so this evening.

"It is premature to say what reception the Bible may receive from those to whom it is is offered for the first time; but from the little I saw when with one of the colporteurs at Viterbo, Corneto, and Civita Vecchia, the prominent feeling in the minds of the people is disgust at all that is ‘Sacra.' Such prejudice, such confounding of the false with the true, will, I trust, soon give way to feelings and views that are wiser and more enlightened.

“As you may suppose, this city is in a state of great excitement.

" It is exactly ten years this very day since the Bible was openly offered to the Neapolitans in the city of Naples."

In a later communication reference is made to some difficulties that were experienced, but as the circumstances pleaded in explanation of those difficulties have passed away, it may be presumed that there will be no further interference on the part of the authorities, and that from one end of Italy to the other the Bible will be free. It is gratifying to observe that priests are found amongst the purchasers of the Scriptures.

“From my two letters I think you would gather that seven colporteurs

THE BIBLE IN ROME. From the Monthly Reporter of the

British and Foreign Bible Society. It is with no ordinary joyfulness that the committee make the above announcement. Strange it is that in a few weeks after the formal declaration of Papal infallibility, with a solemn anathema against all who withhold assent from the blasphemous dogma, the Pope should find himself stripped of bis temporal soverignty, and the territory over which he ruled thrown open to the long

accompanied the troops in their march to usual—so that we shall not, I hope, lose this city, and that on the 20th ult., at much time. The excuse is that the the first possible moment, six of them priests are ready to make a handle of entered Rome with the Bible, but not all anything to get up a disturbance. Soon at the same time, nor yet at the same I expect we shall be able to begin the gate. Five entered by Porta Pia, and work' in rigbt earnest. Four of the men one by Porta S. Giovani. Three of the have applied for leave to have a table in men, finding it unsafe where they were, four of the most frequented squares, and retreated to the fields, and returned to in a day or two we shall have the answer Rome next morning. A few days after of the municipo. I am glad to say that they were joined by the youth from among the purchasers of the Bible here Civitia Vechia, so that there were seven have been several priests," men with Bibles together in the Seven- But even after the votes had recorded hilled City. I had quite made up my such an overwhelming majority in favour mind to be in Rome before the colpor- of Victor Emmanuel, and the laws of teurs, but could not accomplish it. I Italy had become applicable to the tercame on the 22nd, by the first train by ritory recently under the rule of the which civilians were allowed to travel, Pope, some other difficulties were raised so I consoled myself with thinking that, to the free circulation of the Scriptures after all, it was only right that the Bible in Rome. Fresh supplies on arriving should be first carried into Rome by Dio. were detained at the Custom House, and dati’s fellow-countrymen, who, brought the colporteurs were forbidden to exerup in the errors of Papacy, had learned cise their calling. These interruptions to value it, and had, I trust, received are now happily at an end. Full perinto their hearts its saving truths.

mission is given for the sale of the Scrip“I am sorry to say that for the tures, but the authorities enjoin upon present our operations are suspended. the colporteurs to act with prudence, Yesterday the police took away the and avoid giving unnecessary offence to books from two of the colporteurs, and anyone; advice which the committee have given orders that none are to be feel assured the colporteurs will scrusold until after the citizens have de- pulously respect. It is intended to open clared by vote that they wish to be under a public depôt in Rome, and efforts are, Victor Emmanuel. The plebiscito comes being made to secure a suitable locality. off to-morrow-on the Lord's-day as

FOREIGN LETTERS RECEIVED. CUTTACK.-T. Bailey, Aug. 31; J. Buckley, Aug. 24; Sep. 7. PIPLEE.-W. Brooks, Aug. 17; Sep. 10.


Received on account of the General Baptist Missionary Society, from

September 18, to October 18, 1870.

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Subscriptions and Donations in aid of the General Baptist Missionary Society will be thankfully received by T. HILL, Esq., Baker Street, Nottingham, Treasurer; and by the Rev. J. C. PIKE and the Rev. H. WILKINSON, Secretaries, Leicester, from whom also Missionary Boxes, Collecting Books, and Cards may be obtained.





THE GENERAL BAPTIST CREED OF 1770. On no point is the difference be- God. Mr. Voysey is only a little in tween the religious life of the pre- advance of many in the State Church sent age and of the times of Dan when he flings a "stone” from his Taylor and his colleagues so marked sling” at every remnant of those and decisive as on Creeds. A hun- doctrinal times : and Mr. Spurgeon dred years ago the churches of this has lately uttered some ominous country had not much to boast of, words as to the drift of thought and but of their treasures they guarded feeling amongst Nonconformists. It none so zealously as the hoary and is not, indeed, too much to say that honoured forms of faith received by indiscriminate defence of articles of tradition from their predecessors. religion has given place to unreasonNow tens of thousands of the dis- ing hostility; accurate definition ciples of Christ are supremely indif- to impalpable sentiment; careful ferent to articles of theological belief, analysis to theological blubber; and not a few others persistently catechisms to “religious stories ;' deny that they have any value at ali. well-knit and compact bodies of The religion of the last century was divinity to elegant vacuities “all led captive into the land of formula, wind and tongue.” Not a few think and it proved to be “a wilderness, a that as indolence was the demon of land of deserts and pits, a land of the church of the eighteenth, so is drought and of the shadow of death.” definition of the church of the nineTo-day the merest tyro in the faith teenth century, and as immense declares himself a Moses, and waits, good resulted from casting out the staff in hand, to guide us to the former, so nothing but advantage will Canaan of free thought, meanwhile follow from getting rid of the latter. fiercely hurling cruel anathemas It is, no doubt, exceedingly simple against all creeds, as though they on our part, but we cannot apprenever could be anything else than ciate this creed-denouncing fever. tyrannical Pharaoh's slaying the The hectic flush is a beautiful and masculine offspring of unfettered lovable," but after all it is an unminds. Dr. Gill, John Wesley, and favourable symptom.

The pulse their fellow-workers were extremely beats with fearful rapidity, but not tenacious of dogmas, and sought to with the regularity and steadiness of express, with logical precision and perfect health. T'he intense thirst systematic fulness the convictions for sentiment and emotional excitethey held concerning the Word of ment is a surer proof of increasing


disease than of growing vigour and demonstration ? If the botanist multiplying strength. Creeds, arti- cannot show that the oak of a cencles, and formularies of faith obtain tury is only an expanded leaf, and in their substance wheresoever the that trunk, branch, and spray, are mind acts with freedom and energy. all built up on the type of that leaf, Science does not denounce them. and that every acorn is still that Art does not eschew them. Why, same leaf compressed and bound up then, should they be excluded from within an admirable envelope, will a province worthy to engage the you say there is no botanical science ? noblest faculties of man in their The beautiful theory is only a brilloftiest and most sustained endea- liant intuition flashed from the poetic vours ? Have Kepler's laws no value mind of Goethe, but it is reasoned to the minds of the disciples of back to and shown to be explanatory Newton and Herschel ? Do they of the facts of the vegetable world, despise the truths that have been and therefore held to be true. Again, systematized and precisely expressed has any wonder-working chemist concerning revolving planets and demonstrated the famous atomic shining stars ? Has the chemist no theory ? Certainly not in any other creed? Open your Miller, or Roscoe, way than showing that it explains or Williamson, and you will find the laws of definite proportions your answer in the leading princi- existing among bodies better than ples clearly enunciated and the laws aught else. Moreover who has made abundantly proved. The botanist, known to us the inscrutable quality geologist, political economist, each by which matter attracts matter? Is matures his thinking on the facts of it known because it is named? In nature and life, and the experiments every science, in every art, as in he conducts or observes, until that theology, the intellect of man having thinking has taken the most com- travelled far and mastered much, prehensive range and is expressed in comes to a point beyond which he exact and communicable language. cannot penetrate. It is not difficult He will not be satisfied till he dis- to demonstrate what water is comcovers the bond which connects his posed of, or that sin leads to suffacts together, and lays hold of the fering ; but the higher the truth law or truth which accounts for all. the greater the mystery. The And why should not the Christian highest truth is always too high thinker do the same ? Has he no

We cannot by searching, facts ? Does human life offer no with mere intellect attain to it. It equivalent for experiment ? Has is so for Tyndall as for Calvin, for the Bible no central principles ? Huxley as for Arminius. All these Without doubt! Why, then, should workers come to principles which not the best methods of investiga- they cannot really reason out or tion, and the most useful and ac- fully demonstrate. Therefore the ceptable forms of making known parallel does not fail, and the method the results of investigation, be for discovering connecting principles adopted with regard to religion and “ fundamental doctrines” ought as well as in the realms of art and to be adopted in theology as well as science ? Because, it is said, the in the science of wealth or the art of parallel does not hold good. Theology painting. is not a science, some say, in any But the bitterest hostility to creeds sense ; for its truths are beyond the is due to the grievously mistaken test of human reason, and no amount uses to which they have been put, and of mental effort can ever demonstrate the false functions they have been set them. Indeed! Is there, then, no to discharge in the church of the Lord science save where there is universal Jesus Christ. However, serious as

for us.

[blocks in formation]

these errors are, if they are preven- to Lyell ; why should that greater tible, they cannot be held by rational book, our Scriptures, be supposed to men as a sufficient reason for the have given up all its treasures to extinction of all forms of faith. the noble spirited Arminius ? Till Misuse is not always conclusive of the human mind is equal to the utter unfitness for human service. divine it is competent to us to exBecause creeds have been abused pect, with Robinson, that “God has and made to do work for which they yet more truth to break forth from were never intended, it does not His holy Word.” Further investifollow that they can render no aid to gation will confirm the cardinal men in their warfare with wrong.

truths of all creeds, and bring out If a man seeks to cut down the with greater distinctness the broad oaks of Sherwood Forest with a lines in which our systems coincide, razor instead of an axe, the Sheffield and yet show more and more of the people are not forthwith forbidden fulness of the revelation of Him to make razors. Because iron is who filleth all in all. manufactured into murderous swords Scarcely less serious is the error we do not prohibit its use for the of treating creeds as cures for doubt. roads on which the civilizing steam The physician does not send his sufmay run its journeys of beneficence. fering patient to Page’s Outlines of Gas is a most dangerous article, but Geology, or Lindley's Botany, in carefully guided it illuminates our order that his enfeebled body may cities and towns, and aids our police. be invigorated and his failing So if creeds have been made into strength renewed: but religious millstones and hung about the necks teachers, who should be wise to win of heretics, or into missiles to be souls, have often put before doubthurled from the catapults of church ing troubled men their hard and intolerance against those who, like stiff logical forms, built up together Paul, have been resolved to main- in faultless style, but repulsive as a tain their liberty in Christ Jesus, charnel house, and tantalizing as yet this will not hinder us from stones for bread and scorpions for using them as instruments for lead- eggs. Keble writing concerning the ing feebler minds to see the immense youthful Arnold when the latter was range and glorious harmony of the distressed with religious doubts, revelation of God.

said, “I am inclined to think that The great mistake is to imagine the wisest thing he could do would that any creed is final, or that any be to take John M. (a young pupil) system of theological truth exhausts and a curacy somewhere or other, the Bible, or forms an exact equiva- and cure himself not by physic, i.l., lent for the Scriptures. Creeds never reading and controversy, but by diet can have finality. They are always and regimen.” Yes, as the doctor progressive. Because revelation is

says to the invalid, “ Get face to face closed it does not follow that any with nature. Let the breezes blow scheme for explaining it is infallible on you. Welcome the sunshine, and even though it receive the approba- obtain the stimulus of appropriate tion of councils and the sanction of exercise;" so to the doubter we say, learned men. Nature refuses to be • Come face to face with God in His exhausted by the mind of Newton word. Get into the light of the or Darwin. Why should the Bible Sun of Righteousness, and attempt have nothing left in it after a the actual work of Christian men.' greatly gifted youth of twenty-six Creeds are bad medicine for doubters, years of age has dug Calvinism out poor food for men hungering for the of it? The Great Stone Book, our truth of God. earth, has not revealed all its secrets In fact their main work is educa

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