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of ripening plums and reddening cherries—find a sweeter cradle any where, if you can ; life rocked in shells, put up in mother-of-pearl, set in ivory, chased with gold, consigned to little graves every where ; laid away in “Patent Burial Cases

- just where Fisk got the idea—and fastened to rails and fence-posts ; life, that, by and by, shall spread wings damp with the imprint of this great Stereotyping Establishment of the Almighty; life standing "on end,” in little boats, and rising into the air, taking to bugle-ing as soon as it is born, and evincing, by the presentation of “ bills” at most unseasonable and unreasonable hours, a decided talent for ledger literature; life sheltering itself beneath the leathern umbrella of the mushroom, revelling in the rose's red heart, drilled into the solid rock, domiciled in mud hovels, along rafters and beneath eaves, " playing in the plighted clouds,” "laid” in a manger, peeping from holes, floating in the air, swinging in the wind, skulking under the chips, burrowing in the earth, darting along rail fences, opening nankeen throats from little baskets of twigs, floating in tatters of green baize on the ponds, advocating Solomon on birch, “poor Will,” talking Greek, "brekekek koax, koax," and practising hydropathy, k'chug ; life in bags and boxes, bundles and

blankets ; in silks, satins and shells; in “ tights,” and flounces, and feathers and flannels; life full dressed and in dishabille ; life knocking from the centre of fallen logs; knocking from the other side of shells white and blue, and mottled and dappled ; and June is

“The delegated voice of God,”

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to bid them “come in, come up, come down, come out,” and be, and do, and suffer; conjugating and inflecting the great active verb—“LIVE.”

Turn over the loam in the fields, and you turn out turtle's eggs by the score. across lots” to the neighbor's, and you find the pearly treasures of the whistling quail by the dozen. Tap a sand-hill lightly, with the toe of your boot, and you will see the ladies to whom Solomon referred sluggards, by the myriad. Shake a bush, and you shake out a bird, or a peep, or a bug, or a bud, or something that's “all alive.'' Pluck a leaf, and you may find on it a crystal drop such as one might dream Queen Mab would shed is “in the melting mood;" but the sun shall “set” on it a few days, and out will come a thing all legs, os wings, or stings—something to hum or drum—to fly or creep, or crawl; something to be something and some body, and count just as many in the great census


of Creation, as he who called the shades of Ashland his, or she who journeyed, of old, to see Solomoncount just as many,“ in words and figures following," to-wit: (1) one.

2 Mystery.

“ THINGS are working " these June days. Things ? Wonders withal. Why, quiet as it is here to-day, with nothing but green and blue in sight—the fields, the woods, and the sky—and not a sound of carpentry, save the incessant hammering upon tree-trunks, of worthies in red caps, there is more going on than one would dream of between the third call and breakfast-time; things that Silliman couldn't do, nor Davy, nor Liebig. Do you see that cherry tree ? Every one of four

There's a ripe one. “pickers and stealers," and pluck it. A cherry-red, ripe and rich. Fragrance and flavor done up in a red wrapper.

Set your cunning men that conjure with crucibles, to make one, and you “set” them of a surety. Depend upon them, and you might, and you would,

bushels upon it.

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“make two bites of a cherry." Yet on that modest tree, “ out of doors,” that article was manufactured. No furnace sighing from morning till night-no workmen in white aprons—no sugar crushed, refined, snowy-no flour superfine-no vermilion in pot or powder-no parade, no bustle ; but there they are, “cherry ripe!"

Winter's cold fingers were lifted from the pulses of the tree, and they throbbed full and strong. Pumps in the earth below, were rigged and manned. Signals were silently set in bud and blossom aloft. Winds came, and swung the branches, and peeped into this and that, and went away. Birds came and looked about, and saw nothing, and went too. Unseen hands were gathering, and moulding, and refining all the while. The sun came up from the Tropic of Capricorn, and looked on—nothing more. The clouds went dripping by, and never stopped, and that was all. ED., or Silas, or some body, planted a cherry stone, four or five years ago, and forgot it; but the

whip” of a tree went right on, and without any help that we can see, set up business, and manufactured Nature's confectionary, all by itself. Last week the cherries were green—now they are tinted with red; not a brush lying about, not a stained finger visible. No advertisements in the newspapers, of “Painting done here ;” no “Apprentices wanted,” for Nature's hands are all journeymen; not a leaf with a capital or an exclamation point on it. Ah! that

May Duke" belongs to the Royal Family ofNature.

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Pumpkins and Enterprise.

Last summer, I remember, a little vine—a Pumpkin vine-came out of the ground in a cornfield, “up the road,' and there it was, in the midst of the corn unseeing and unseen. So there was nothing for it, but to make the best of its way out to the fence that bounded the road, some eighteen or twenty feet distant, where there would be some prospect of its being appreciated, if it could. Could ? But it did, for away it went, vine and leaves, baggage and all, through the corn, this way and that, out to the fence, and up the fence, three rails, and through the fence. And what do you think it did then ? Just unravelled a delicate yellow blossom, and held it there, for every one passing to see, saying all the time, as well as it could—and it could as well as any body—“It's me!

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