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Changed conditions in war upon the sea continually introduce new problems in international law as in other branches with which a naval officer is expected to be familiar. The Naval War College has planned from year to year to consider some of these problems. The topics for discussion in 1906 were formulated by the lecturer on international law, Mr. George Grafton Wilson, professor in Brown University, in consultation with the president and staff of the Naval War College, and these together with the officers in attendance at the Conference of 1906 considered and discussed the topics as fully as the limited time permitted. The course followed in the Conference was that described in the preface to the volume for the year 1905. The conclusions are those accepted by a majority of the Conference, and have a value corresponding to the thoroughness of its methods and the experience of its members.

This summary of the discussions, prepared by Professor Wilson, is published for the information of the naval service.


Rear Admiral, U. S. Navy, President. U. S. NAVAL WAR COLLEGE,

Newport, R. I., March 20, 1907.


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