Regime Change: U.S. Strategy Through the Prism of 9/11

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JHU Press, 30 янв. 2007 г. - Всего страниц: 406

The 9/11 terrorist attacks starkly recast the U.S. debate on "rogue states." In this new era of vulnerability, should the United States counter the dangers of weapons proliferation and state-sponsored terrorism by toppling regimes or by promoting change in the threatening behavior of their leaders? Regime Change examines the contrasting precedents set with Iraq and Libya and provides incisive analysis of the pressing crises with North Korea and Iran.

A successor to the author's influential Rogue States and U.S. Foreign Policy (2000), this compelling book clarifies and critiques the terms in which today's vital foreign policy and security debate is being conducted.

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Regime Change Redux

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Robert S. Litwak is director of the Division of International Security Studies at the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars. He formerly served as director for nonproliferation on the National Security Council staff.

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