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his own impress. Well may the urchins behind turn from their studies, with wondering and incredulous gaze, to hear two half-animated mummies talk of the wild delights of boyhood.

The other, the police office, is equally well designed.It is strange what intuitive quickness of perception those destined to excel in the limning art exhibit. Who would imagine that a mere child (for he is no more) could acquire such a close intimacy with the details of a police office as this etching displays ? But, (after the extraordinary groups which made a part of the late exhibition at the Society of Arts, and in which figures, both of men and animals, were brought together in countless but still novel and natural combinations-confused but not confounded, distinct in the figures and defined in the groupings,) we must not wonder at any conception or execution of this young phenomenon.

In the volume (which must now speak for itself) there are two articles, which in their very nature involve political discussion. In preparing them for publication, the writer did his utmost to avoid giving offence to those who differ with him in opinion. Not because of the support given to his little work by persons of opposite sentiments (though that would be sufficient motive) but that he thinks the only way in which to win men to your views, if they be just, is by calmly and dispassionately supporting them. If he has succeeded in his attempt to do this, he has gained one of the objects he particularly aimed at.

CORK, Feb. 9, 1833.

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